[Heidi Cullinan] Ç Special Delivery [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Read Online ¾ I ve read this three times now last read was the audio and I ve liked this storyeach time I read it And the audio is AMAZING Iggy Toma is one of my favorite narrators Mitch s drawl was just so freaking sexy This is a kinky read and even though I m normally not one to get all excited if there is sex withthan just the MCs, I loved this one.
I think the reason that this book made it different was that it was Mitch s kink to see Sam with other men And he was always present, I liked that too So when it was clear they really did have something special together, I could get into the mood for the multiple partners thing And we get eased into it, like Sam It s not like Heidi just springs an entire gang bang on us.
Yeah, this was good I loved Sam and his hot trucker.
Well damn This this I did not expect I do not read kink I don t like BDSM But frankly, I don t like any form of D s in my books The only book that has ever worked for me has been Rough Canvas and that s because the power play was a HUGE part of the love and trust relationship between the MC s Most other books I ve read, it s been a game or a throwaway or a trend Special Delivery just kinda kicked my ass To be honest, it s not that I suddenly loved kink and thought m nage and double penetration and public humiliation sexy I just don t think that will EVER happen BUT, what this book did was bring it BACK to what I can get behind again, the love trust relationship between the MC s It wasn t senseless It was a deeply engrained part of who Sam Mitch each were And it made sense And the courage it took to reveal those sides to each other, the strength it took to act openly on their desires served to make their relationship stronger I really, really liked what Heidi Cullinan did in this book It should, despite how raunchy it does get, essentially be any reader s first foray into kink in romance books in my opinion Why Because she walks you through, with great patience, Sam s own questions, doubts, concerns about the why s and how s of kink And I felt like I was being taught, myself, and introduced into it And maybe that s it I think we could all serve to have an introduction before being thrown in And throw you in, she definitely does eventually This book goes places I actually thought I d only read in some seriously twisted books like Flesh Cartel But, then again, I m a self admitted prude and na ve in ways In all honesty, I tolerated the raunchier stuff and approached itas a study than as anything that remotely entertained me or got me hot and bothered You know what did get me fired up Sam Mitch their growing and strengthening relationship Again, the trust The kisses The oddly explored, but true nonetheless romance It wasn t hidden amongst the rest It was as prominent as the spanking and the spreading And it was the basics of the romance itself that worked for me I could have done without the over the top aunt and the increasingly annoying I m stupid s and the frustrating lack of communication between Sam Mitch, and most of all, Randy I know, I know but he just disgusts me But all of that was so minor.
By the end, my emotions ran deep I was so so thrilled with everything between Mitch Sam the bare bones story made me happy and I am shocked to say that, yes, I ahem really, really liked this book Our group review, author interview, and a chance to win the entire series are all here This Edition Is No Longer Available For PurchaseSam Keller Knows He Ll Never Find The Excitement He Craves In Middleton, Iowa Not While He S Busting His Ass In Nursing School And Paying Rent By Slaving Away In A Pharmacy Stockroom But Before His Mother Died, He Promised Her He D Grow Up To Be A Good Man, So He Needs A Stable Career And A Good Husband, Not A Dead End Job And Empty SexThen Sam Meets Mitch Tedsoe, An Independent Trucker Who Makes A Delivery To A Shop Across The Alley Innocent Flirting Quickly Leads To An Affair, And When Mitch Offers To Take Sam On A Road Trip West, Sam Jumps At The Chance For Adventure With His Fantasy Man But Mitch Also Comes With A Past A Threesome With The Other Man In Mitch S Life Would Have Been Just Another Kinky Ride, But Somewhere Between The Mississippi River And The Colorado Rockies, Sam Falls In LoveBut Can A Relationship Born Out Of Escape And Indulgence Become Something That Lasts Will A Fantasy Man Be Willing To Settle Down Into Reality, Or Is The Adventure And Excitement Sam Finds With Mitch Just Another Stop On A Delivery Man S Journey For Better Or For Worse, Eventually Sam Is Going To Discover The Answer, Because No Matter How Far Away He Travels, Eventually All Roads Lead Home 5 HOLY FUCK, WHAT YOU DO TO ME, HEIDI STARSI ve owned the first two books of this series forever and only today read this one, even though I am a slave to Heidi I just knew this book would rip me to shreds And it did I am still reeling from the mind fuck This one ain t for the faint of heart, ladies I m not even remotely prudish I will read ANYTHING But I m kind of a monogamy slut too, especially when I care about the MCs involved, and so I really resisted the whole Randy Vegas thing Like I wanted Old Blue to run off the road forfuckingever, so Randy Mitch s sort of ex would just go away I hated Randy so much at first I wanted to slice him and make him bleed And it s a testament to Heidi s skill in making the MCs, Mitch and Sam, come alive that I wanted to hurt Randy so badly Then I calmed down a little Because the kink and play and edges in this book WORK They work for Mitch, who craves an emotional connectionthan he wants the kink and yet desires the dark and dirty too, and they certainly work for Sam, who needs to feel both used and loved and who so desperately needs to let go of the shame So while the road literally and metaphorically is rugged and painful and full of secrets and dreams, it s a journey worth traveling OK, Randy nearly redeemed himself with that last phone call he made to Sam, much as it pains me to say it And the last bit of the book DEAR GOD, it made my heart swell and SING What a way to end 2013 Bang indeed.
55 starsOh Sam, I loved him There s a sweet innocence about him that s cutely endearing but oh boy what a contradiction, he s flirty, slutty, shy, and mischievous The road trip he embarks on with Mitch is a revelation, every fantasy and erotic dream imaginable is intensified to the max, the eroticism is breathtaking A kinky sexy feast which both men devour every chance they get One sticking point, ugh I disliked Randy, Mitch s ex, who was a creepy sleaze, I couldn t stand him The only positive was that Mitch and Randy were on speaking terms again and Sam was the catalyst in bringing this about Not a huge fan of the threesome, though it did feel right, as if it freed them from whatever bad things had happened in the past Wicked, wicked men, heh I liked itthan I thought I would, the best part for me was those last exquisite moments between Mitch and Sam, beautiful, romantic and just gorgeous Sam was all grown up, this wild ride did him the world of good Recommended for lovers of kinky play.
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The longer I postpone writing this review, thethe Cinderfella glow starts to wear off.
so here we go Despite being into that sizzling hot opening scene from head to toe, most of Special Delivery left me feeling meh ish.
Although I had little trouble finishing Special Delivery, I never felt like I got to know the MCs and their chattering about deceased mothers and mean, homophobic families felt like contrived attempts to force me into the role of a wonderfully nurturing and loving female and go all mushy over the poor guys I had expected kink, good kink, but got Walt Disney instead Compared to Nowhere Ranch by the same author, Special Delivery was a tad disappointing In the first book, the characters seemed actual people and the kink was kinkier never mind that the terrifying ending of that one made the Drion pill seem like an attractive escape option.
Most of my friends gobbled this book up, were able to overlook or even like the 95 sunshines , 17 honeys , 46 peaches and 18 babys , 3 babes and 5 sweeethearts They thought the too insecure to function MC was terribly cute and deserved a chance at happiness, be it in the form of 2 do dirty s or one bad ass trucker with a big, bad blue truck I m with them about the trucker part.
But, oh god, Mitch He kind of lost me halfway with his heavy foreshadowing about a past that turned out to be Kindergarten compared to the stuff I had anticipated by then, his curious behavior around his ex partner in kink.
Which brings me to threesomes and love triangles Raunchy Randy I like assholes figuratively speaking, only with the M M genre do feel the need to clarify I didn t like this particular dude And I m not sure what gives megoosebumps that this creepy bugger was given his own book or that he ll probably be turned into a cuddly teddy bear to fit this author s Cinderfella mold 4.
5 YAP I still don t like Randy Yeah, I know I m in the minority on that one but it is what it is shrugs Iggy Toma even gave him a quasi smarmy voice that definitely did not help the cause either Sam, on the other hand, can still get into my pocket I heart him so He s such a kind soul with some smut tastic desires Bless him I had forgotten how much spreading the ashes of his mother got to me the first time around but when he bought that little box Right.
Feels Mitch is perfect for Sam in so many ways getting him out of his head and stopping his negative self talk and making his desires ok without making him feel slutty in a bad way and, most importantly, making him feel desired and safe Iggy Toma really delivered on Mitch s voice too Spot on I enjoyed the road trip parts just as much as the kinky sex I especially liked the sentence paraphrased where Sam s thinking about Utah and how beautiful it is but it being someone else s beautiful , not his because he missed the green of Iowa That struck a chord because I too love to travel and appreciate the beauty of those other places but there s no place like home Special Delivery is kinky, though, so if kink s not your gig tread lightly Spanking, humiliation, some bondage, DP, public sex and polyamory Even though the whole romance occurs over 10 days, I believed in their love I don t begrudge the Randy aspects and I realize he played a pivotal role in bringing Mitch and Sam together, but still not a fan shrugs againI appreciated Toma s voice and delivery muchthis go round than in Dance With Me He differentiated all the characters with aplomb and conveyed the emotions well Recommend for atypical romance fans.
First of all What happened when this book was read and dissected and reviewed by girls who have different levels of kink tolerance or in my case, also the use of pet names endearments non name nicknames This is a Boys in Our books buddy read READ THE FULL GROUP REVIEW HERE As for my own review, see below Here s the thing I usually separate my smut reading and my romance reading If I read smut a.
a slash porn , I won t bother about characterizations or plot or life issues throw me the kink, I ll enjoy it But if I read romance, I don t like sex substance to take over More sex scenes than story never really works for me I will end up feeling bored, and any book will become, SEX SEX SEX BLAH BLAH SEX SEX BLAH SEX Yes, romance can have smut, of course it can, but for me it has to be significant to the story, like the sex becomes the reward, rather than the accessory.
So here are my issues on this book The main characters were dull Sam was whiny and no, for me he didn t change, well maybe a bit, but it was too late for me to like him Mitch was wishy washy I don t want to hurt you , are you sure about this then he took Sam to do things without asking, then he started again with You re different, I don t want this for you OH GOD MAKE UP YOUR FRICKIN MIND I don t connect with these two at all and I didn t find them interesting Yep, sex over story It was like they wanted to try every eroticism and fantasy out there Might be hot if I never read porn Unfortunately I do read them So yeah, they all became same old same old yawn Again, my problem was, outside the sex, the story was mainly about Sam s insecurities or Mitch s family issues abandonment, again, hello I know that this is supposed to be some sort of personal life journey for Sam But I have NEVER been a fan of touching these personal issues in a story with sex I also didn t understand about Mitch and Randy s fall out but they were ready to pick it up again with Sam in the scene Wait, what about the kink you said Because this buddy read started with, challenging a couple of our blog members i.
e Susan with the kink The kink was okay, it didn t bother me at all I ve read them all, threesome, gang bang, beastiality, DP, BDSM, humiliation, degradation again, for me the enjoyment depends on the context rather than the kink level Maybe I would like this better if Sam was all about finding the joy of kink without having the insecurities or if Mitch is less wishy washy.
And that ending Oh, gosh, that ending I am just going to let rolling my eyes expression explain my feeling Thank you very much.
Do I not have anything good about to say Well, I do I liked the road trip I always loved road trip stories So the part where Sam was awed with the scene on the road trips was my favorites.
And Randy surprisingly, I found himinteresting than Sam and Mitch He was unapologetic, he knew what he wanted and he was willing to flirt, to manipulate, and even to scare the wits out of Sam to get it I thought he added color to this book.
Last but not least, I finished this book by deleting the endearments I HATE excessive, over the top, endearments HATE them So 95 Sunshine , 46 Peaches , honey , baby , sweetheart , babe yeah, not going to work.

75 Stars.
Well this was HOT.
Dirty sex.
Dirty talk delicious ,a bit of kink.
and a three way 2.
5 Are We There Yet Stars Longest Roadtrip Ever.
Town after town Sex, sex andsex I started skimming at about 40%even the sex Shocking, I know At first I felt sorry for Sam.
He had all of these sex kinks that he was embarassed about and ashamed of His mother died and he lived with his aunt and uncle who were heinous, quite frankly He was so insecure and beat down But it just went on and on and on MitchI don t even know Honestly I didn t love him but I didn t hate him Mitch is a truck driver and he and Sam meet when he drops a load off across from the pharmacy where Sam works They end up hooking up and kind of chat long distance for a few days Sam gets in a fight with his aunt and uncle and saysHe calls Mitch to come get him and off they go.
and go.
and go.
and go I think it was only like 10 days but it was a seriously LONG 10 days They meet up with Randy.
aka SkeetMitch s ex Randy was And frankly I just wanted him to Sam started the journey being a lost puppy, not really knowing what to do with himself And ended the journey determined to figure things out on his own To move on from his aunt and uncle and make something of himself The end had me rolling my eyes view spoiler a marriage proposal hide spoiler