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5 Stars Slow Burn Friends to Lovers.
LOVED IT It is what it isFriends stepping over that line they never imagined they d cross I liked the fact that they didn t jump all in right away tho They both felt out everything but when they connected even just the kisses and roaming hands the chemistry was amazing If you re looking for a quick, sweet tender moments but supa hot chemistrycheck out this book Re read March 22While I loved it the second time, I was just a littlebored than when I read it the first time But it s still a very sweet story Absolutely angst free This was an incredibly sweet GFY friends to lovers story I adored this book.
When David falls and hurts his shoulder pretty bad, his best friend Trace is there to help him out Trace simply moves in and takes care of David But what neither men expected was that their friendship would grow into somethingDavid is gay, but Trace has always considered himself pretty straight That is until he is living with his handsome best friend.
I loved it that this book was completely angst free These men face their fears and talk about them No hiding and starting fights These men are close friends and they are willing to make it work And if it doesn t work out they still want to be friends Finally, men who acts like adults This is a very slow burning romance The guys know that it is wise to go slow so that s what they do But don t worry, there s still plenty of smexy timesIt was hot, it was sweet, it was awesomeYou touch me and I melt When David Carmichael Suffers A Migraine And Then A Broken Shoulder, Trace Jackson, His Best Friend, Simply Moves In To Take Care Of Him Their Easy Camaraderie Continues With No Problems Until David Discovers An Undercurrent Of Heat And Tension Flowing Between Them Despite Knowing His Best Friend Is Straight, David Is Slowly Falling In Love What He Doesn T Know Is That Trace Is Struggling With A Similar DiscoveryTrace Has Never Desired Another Man Before He S A Ladies Man With Quite The Reputation, Considered A Top Prize Around Town But His Close, Treasured Friendship With David Makes The Emotion And Arousal Growing Between Them Irresistible Soothing David S Doubts, Trace Makes It Clear That He Wants To Know If They Can Make It Work Because Trace Is Sure He Wouldn T Love Another Man That S Not The Issue He Just Loves David Sickly sweet romance, so sweet it literally made me feel sick Well, I admit that I m not that much of a sucker for pure romances, but that s not the reason I dislike this book so much.
There were so many flaws and discrepancies in that book, it was impossible for me to like it at any point.
God, I wish I could post myreview here, but it s in German and I don t feel up to translate the whole thing right now.
I ll give you a few examples in order to underline what I did say earlier view spoiler David, the gay one, suffers badly from a terrible migraine, so he calls his best friend Trace, the straight one, to bring him some meds Naturally Trace spends the whole time there, next to poor, exhausted, sleeping David, in his bed, working on some stuff on his laptop Well, ok I get that male individuals can be that caring, considerate etc.
, but the way they talk, the way they interact, it is just too much Trace is just the good Samaritan, but not in a good way, if you understand what I mean Trace spends the night at David s or better in David s bed, and how could it be any different, since the couch in the livingroom was just too uncomfortable Any straight man would sleep next to his friend, together in his bed rather than staying ONE night that s what he was assuming at that point on the couch yeah right.
While the migraine is history rather fast, David s newly broken arm shoulder caused by migraine induced dizziness that leads to a fall in the shower swaps places with the earlier physical predicament aka the migraine , so that Trace gets a new reason to stay at David s place and care for him, while the poor guy is INCAPABLE of doing anything Seemingly, a broken arm causes you to be bed stricken for one whole week following the accident and incapable of working the next 8 ones Seemingly, with only one efficient arm left, you rethan incapable of an independent life, in fact you re helpless, like a baby, only worse You re incapable of un dressing yourself, you just can t figure out how to use your other well working arm and hand to open your trouser button, it s just soo impossible In fact, you should thank God that you are still capable of breathing on your own Seemingly your straight best friend, who you only know for a couple of years, who you don t actually meet that often, who doesn t even know THAT YOU ARE GAY while all your other friends do , who you have never ever invited to one of your regular poker games, who didn t even know that they existed, immediately volunteers for the new open job position as your own personal nurse 24 7 undertaking the task of opening the trouser button on a daily basis included placing his own life gladly on hold for the coming 8 weeks, during which he ll share your bed happily just platonically, as two straight men, naturally.
Thinking all that over again it actually starts to make even LESS sense than the first time.
Oh, and did I mention that while you are indeed incapable of anything, while any task and exercise is a NO GO, is simply impossible to handle on your own, if not at all sex actually is not only possible, but a GO GO hide spoiler CAUTION Long Review, SpoilersThis review rated the 2nd Edition which has an additional 15,000 or so words compared to the 1st Edition Plus the 2nd Edition has a better looking cover, imo, by the artist Paul Richmond The One That Got Away is a Gay For You story Readers who dislike the GFY theme should avoid this book Readers who are selective about their GFY story should know this story lack omfg, am I gay identity crisis dramaand, to an extend, drama overall Here s a perfect example.
Trace wasn t so concerned about the bisexual label he was comfortable with himself and he was comfortable with sex in general He wasconcerned that what he had with David would flare and soon burn out, leaving them too uncomfortable to even be friends The thought made his chest hurt so badly that he couldn t sit still, and he had to get up and pace, trying to shake the pain off He didn t want that, not at all He d rather give up the newfound passion than have that happen.
1 GFY isn t very realistic 2 A former straight suddenly crushing on his gay best friend without a barrel of angst and drama isn t very realistic at all Not that such a circumstance is impossible, but it is highly very highly improbable Readers wanting a realistic contemporary mm romance should probably save their money for something else But readers who wants to something drama free, homophobia free GFY I recommend this The homophobia free part on the former straight s side was the hook, line, and sinker for me to read the story.
Sexual ContentThe first 60% of the story was essentially sexual tension Yet, I wasn t frustrated by this because the authors wrote it drama free The best way for me to describe the sexual tension is by comparing it to heating a pot of water The water never boiled to bubbles but it was always simmering.
The last 40% of the story was mainly foreplay scenes that culminated into wanking each other off or blowjobs The foreplay scenes were long and graphic, and they heightened the sexual tension There was only one penetration scene and it was near the ending The transition from sexual tension to action was slow and smooth Never a moment was there any explosive, rough do it hard and fast and many sex As said before in the metaphor, the water never boiled to bubbles.
Even though the last 40% of story was mainly sexual actions and 100% of the story is sexual tension , I never got the impression that story was an erotica The characters were trying to carefully transition from being best friends to being lovers This is why the couple took it slow in their sexual actions The couple were always aware of the delicate nature of their changing relationship Because if one wrong move or thing happen, not only would they stop becoming lovers but their friendships probably wouldn t survive either Both David and Trace needed to know for themselves if risking their friendship was worth developing the love for each other.
Things I Didn t LikeThe ending was abrupt In the second to last chapter, it ended with Trace finally consenting to bottom for David and to a larger extend kind of implied that Trace would move back in with David Then in the last chapter, readers learned some time passed after the previous chapter and we see Trace and David publicly revealing their relationship at a charity event I would have prefer it if there a scene between the two making love or doing something together as a couple after they both finally agreed to be each other s boyfriend To be specific, I wanted another chapter before the epilogue to help me as reader digest the fact in my mind that David and Trace were now officially a couple.
The story was told in 3rd POV, splitting between David and Trace s perspective The story got a little confusing when the authors blurred David and Trace s perspective in the same paragraph moment So it was took some re reading before I could allocate whose thoughts were whose I didn t like this because it interrupted my flow of reading.
I didn t comprehend the title The One That Got Away since no one got away I kind of expected there would be a moment in the plot where the two would be separated and one would go away but later on they would be reunited In short, a reunited scene after much tear jerking drama But nothing like that ever happened, David and Trace were always together and I didn t see any danger that they would call it quits, even when Trace moved back to his home I would be really interested in knowing why the authors or their publisher named the story the way that it is The story had a slow pacing that I didn t care much for The slow pacing combined with the foreplay scenes made the sexual tension great, but sometime I wished the plot would move along already This story didn t have that got to keep reading to find out what happen next mood, there were moments I got bored and just put the book down not once but multiple times Well, on the bright side, at least I always remember what was happening in the book when I pick it back up I didn t like how Trace slightly felt pressured into being a bottom for David MM Romance will function just fine if one lover is a total bottom and the other a total top I think the couple should have a talk over what they prefer in sex so both would be happy with the sex and wouldn t be pressured into doing anything they didn t care to do.
Things I LikedI like David I like Trace I like Matt Basically, I liked all the characters No one annoyed me, even the amusingly wicked Katherine However, I think Patrick and the two straight guys ha, I don t even remember their names in their poker group could have used some character development even if they were only minor characters.
I like how Trace didn t have any homophobic moment when he discovered he may have feelings for a guy I like how he was mostly worry about ruining their friendship if he acted on love and David didn t reciprocate, or if David did reciprocate but the relationship just wouldn t work out at the end.
Because of how easily receptive Trace was with gay love, the story didn t have much conflict or drama or angst Hell, the guy continued to sleep in David s room on David s bed after hearing David confessed to being gay This bugged some peopleALOT, but not me I don t care much for GFY because there s always heartbreak and sad angry drama Not to say I hate drama but I just dislike the kind that goes hand in hand with GFY stories Just once would I like to read a GFY where the drama is something other than homophobia or just no drama at all The One That Got Away served that kind of story to me Sure, it wasn t realistic but for once I didn t give a shit Heh PI like how there wasn t a long, extended, misunderstanding jealousy scene that convinces the couple that they love each other The authors could have totally done this because Matt was David s ex and Patrick was bi which Trace could relate to So very easy for the authors to use the Big Misunderstanding trope to separate the lovers for a while and make huge unnecessary drama But they didn t and that was great.
Thought the stories hadforeplay and BJ scenes than I would like and only one penetration scene, I still thought the sex scenes were hot and well written The sex scenes really fitted the mood of the entire story.
I rate The One That Got Away 3 stars for an I liked it.
This is simply not readable, as in written so badly it gave me a splitting headache I was ready to DNF at around 10%, but then for research purposes only, mind you managed another 10% No, it didn t get better It got worse What s this book about A guy with a migraine, a broken shoulder and on serious meds his klutz of a friend getting together, drinking scotch and playing strip poker Cause that s what you do when you are injured and are high on Oxycontin Fun times By by liver and brains, helloinjuries.
Really beautiful characters Their feelings are so well described.
Like them i was eager, and like them i wanted to savor each moment Got bored skimmed to the ending.

Happy sigh no angst, secrets or big misunderstandings to ruin this lovely budding friends to lovers romance its a slow burn rather than an out of control fire The sexual simmering attraction throughout the book is wonderful Trace and David s playfulness is adorable and Mabel is the only drama queen with her efforts to ruin the poker games and shredding Trace s clothes in disgust she was fun Another great feel good story and highly recommended.
Just finished my 3rd read of this one Absolutely loved it all over again, but a few things bugged me this time around For example, the author using words other than the MC s names when describing them The word blond was used 29 times and brunet 33 times Like, The blond sucked on his lover s bottom lip Instead of Trace sucked on David s bottom lip It just got weird after awhile, you know I guess after 3 reads, those numbers are tripled and it just sent me over the edge.
Regardless of my nit picking, this still ranks as one of my favorite gay for you and hurt healing comfort reads of all time Don t look at the cover, just read it if GFY and H H C does it for you.
Highly recommended