[ Read Online The German Heiress ¸ cult-classics PDF ] by Anika Scott ì Clara Falkenberg, once Germany s heiress and nicknamed the Iron Fraulein during World War II She s taken on another name, after running away, only to return two years after the war is over to discover her home town in ruins and her friend she s been in search of is nowhere to be found Running from a British officer wanting to interrogate her for war crimes This novel will keep you turning the pages until the end I stayed up way past my bedtime unable to put it down until I finished.
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1946 Post War, Essen.
Clara Falkenburg is living under an assumed name She is being hunted down for was crimes by Captain Fenshaw Clara decides to look for her best friend, Elsia after returning home to find her city destroyed and Elisa and her young son missing Clara s father is in prison waiting trial for war crimes Thenstory touches slightly on her family and there is a shocking secret revealed This story revolves around Clara s search for her friend, Elsia and her son Clara is also trying to elude capture and imprisonment The story is well written I liked Clara ut I also found her frustrating It s also pretty dark in places This book is different to most post war stories that I ve read.
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For Readers Of The Alice Network And The Lost Girls Of Paris, An Immersive, Heart Pounding Debut About A German Heiress On The Run In Post World War II GermanyClara Falkenberg, Once Germany S Most Eligible And Lauded Heiress, Earned The Nickname The Iron Fr Ulein During World War II For Her Role Operating Her Family S Ironworks Empire It S Been Nearly Two Years Since The War Ended And She S Left With Nothing But A False Identification Card And A Series Of Burning Questions About Her Family S Past With Nowhere Else To Run To, She Decides To Return Home And Take Refuge With Her Dear Friend, ElisaNarrowly Escaping A Near Disastrous Interrogation By A British Officer Who S Hell Bent On Arresting Her For War Crimes, She Arrives Home To Discover The City In Ruins, And Elisa Missing As Clara Begins Tracking Down Elisa, She Encounters Jakob, A Charismatic Young Man Working On The Black Market, Who, For His Own Reasons, Is Also Searching For Elisa Clara And Jakob Soon Discover How They Might Help Each Other If Only They Can Stay Ahead Of The Officer Determined To Make Clara Answer For Her Actions During The WarPropulsive, Meticulously Researched, And Action Fueled, The German Heiress Is A Mesmerizing Page Turner That Questions The Meaning Of Justice And Morality, Deftly Shining The Spotlight On The Often Overlooked Perspective Of Germans Who Were Caught In The Crossfire Of The Nazi Regime And Had Nowhere To Turn I won an ARC through Goodreads, and I could not have been ecstatic I ve always been obsessed with World War II historical fiction This one had a German view.
This had all of my emotions in overdrive I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and couldn t wait until I could get back to reading it.
The German Heiress by Anika Scott is a gripping post WWII historical fiction centered in Germany 1946 While the country lay in ruins and chaos, many were trying to create a sense of order and justice against the mayhem This book centers around 31 year old Clara Falkenberg, the only daughter of an aristocratic and wealthy family that rose to high ranks through industrialism, slave labor, and important connections with the Fascists during WWII While Clara herself did not believe in the cause and, in her own way, tried to help the suffering of her workers as much as she thought that she could, was still thrust into the evil workings of her corrupt parents until the war ended, and not in their favor After fleeing, a cascade of incidents and consequences occur that alters many lives forever This is a story about finding oneself, about acceptance, forgiveness, justice, redemption, love, family, and loyalty It is a story about overcoming odds and changing oneself for the better I liked Clara I liked the positive changes that she went through despite the adversity and blows handed to her throughout the story I also liked the chemistry of Jakob and Clara and how by being together, each one brought out the best in each other I also enjoyed the surprise ending It was the best part of all.
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i have loved this book so much i was tensed while reading it anticipating the end.
great historical novel set from a different point of view german side and their role and choice during the second world war strongly recommend it FULL REVIEW ON APRIL 8.
Living two lives one during the war and one after.
Could she hide her identity forever The German Heiress has family secrets and is very well written and researched The descriptions are detailed and vivid.
The story line is captivating with authentic characters.
Historical fiction fans will be extremely pleased with The German Heiress 4 5This book was given to me by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Finding Clara by Anika ScottFor those that love historical fiction, this was an unique and gripping plot that sees a German woman s perspective of post war The characters were well developed and intriguing.
Set in 1946, Essen, Germany, Clara Falkenberg has returned home and is trying to find her best friend Elisa, after the war Clara is a wartime icon and German heiress who ran the family munitions factory during the war and is now wanted as a war criminal by the English allies.
To survive Clara has been hiding who she really is She finds her town is in ruins and nothing is as it was before.
It soon becomes a waiting game as English Captain Fenshaw is closing in on her for an arrest Clara finds help from an unlikely and crippled ex soldier when their paths meet.
A shocking family secret is exposed and Clara is trying to come to terms with her guilt about the part she played in the war.
An excellent read, great pace and engaging Thank you to Netgalley Random House for the ARC in return for an honest review Clara hides in post WWII Germany under a different name until someone recognizes her and unveils her true identity Is that all she is Her whole life comes down to the years during the war when she made poor choices The focus of this novel illuminates morality through the eyes of a female war criminal Clara s circumstances put the reader in tight spot, and it is hard to trust her sometimes As soon as I leaned one way, the next chapter would sway my feelings towards the opposite direction I wanted hope, but I wanted justice Other characters thrown into the mix went well with the progress and principles of the story One character particularly, who I don t want to say because it would spoil it, had a really sad story regarding the influence that the war had on him even after it is over Secrets, betrayal, and deception are buried deep within Clara s family Expect a twist or two Chapters are told in third person While there are small flashbacks here and there, the bulk of the novel takes place after the war in 1946 There is one brief animal abuse scene near the beginning of the story.
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These days I m usually not tempted by World War II era historical fiction It s a crowded subgenre and most of it is historical romance not my cup of tea However, The German Heiress intrigued me because, as the name implies, it presents a German perspective, which is uncommon.
Despite its unconventional approach, this book definitely suffered from comparison I ve read many truly spectacular WWII books next to them, The German Heiress was good, but not great It didn t pack the emotional punch I expected, although it had its moments It was an enjoyable reading experience, and well paced when I sat down to read the book, I was surprised by how fast I flew through it.
For the first half of the book, Anika Scott went out of her way to establish Clara as unequivocally good, a woman with virtuous beliefs who tried to do the right thing Not only did I find this boring and flat, I also wasn t buying it Clara s moral righteousness seemed all talk and little action She was also surprisingly naive, considering who she was and her experience during the war, and acted recklessly for a woman on the run This version of Clara was nothing like the calculating, morally gray, iron willed woman I expected based on the book s synopsis.
Starting at around the halfway point, Clara finally begins to question the morality of her family s actions during the war and grapples with feelings of guilt and regret While this was a refreshing change of pace, it happened so abruptly it didn t seem believable The book had a few well developed side characters Jakob, in particular, was wonderfully complex and realistic and I would have been invested in the story if they had played a prominent role from the beginning The romance was better than most, which coming from me a heartless cynic is a significant compliment.
The plot was interesting, and probably the highlight of the book There were several narrative threads that Scott wove together seamlessly She wrote from a third person point of view following three main characters Clara, Jakob, and a third whose identity you ll discover partway through the book Each of these characters had multiple goals they were working toward, and there was even an element of mystery as Clara and Jakob searched for Elisa and Clara uncovered secrets about her family The ending was perfect.
If you go into this book knowing what to expect, I think you ll enjoy it.
This book contains a brief scene depicting animal abuse.