Download Epub Format ✓ The Curtis Reincarnation PDF by ☆ Zathyn Priest The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest was almost a blind buy for me I had read a brief interview about the author, and thought I would give it a shot I am very glad I did Not only was The Curtis Reincarnation a fast paced, sweet and loving romance, I really felt a connection between all of the characters They were interesting and well developed, they all including the secondary characters were someone I would be proud to be friends with.
I would not consider this an Erotic Romance I would put this underof a sensual romance, which was totally fine with me Between the storyline and the chemistry between the heroes, I honestly didn t miss the erotic sex much Don t get me wrong, there is sex in this story, but not a lot of it, nor is it very explicit You won t miss it, believe me.
Jordan Braxton is an everyday average guy He successfully works from home has a sister who is also his roommate who drives him crazy, owns a cat named Furball, and is looking for his one true love When his sister wins concert tickets, and an after show meet and greet party, to see the very famous Tyler Curtis, Jordan is not impressed Tyler is obnoxious, crude and has a reputation with the ladies that would make the Pope weep with shame Jordan can t stand him, and thinks his behavior is despicable When Jordan s sister begs, pleads and bribes for Jordan to go with her, he reluctantly gives in.
From the moment he witnesses Tyler in concert he is intrigued Yes, Tyler is crass and curses like a sailor, but his obvious talent and huge persona on stage fascinates Jordan in spite of his dislike for the singer.
After the concert Jordan and his sister attend a meet and greet While Jordan sits off to the side, he spots Tyler standing in the wings Tyler starts doing some uncharacteristic things you ll have to read it and Jordan becomesandattractive to the now mysterious Tyler Tyler obviously thinks he cannot be seen, but when he spots Jordan watching him there is a connection that sizzles between them before Tyler disappears behind the stage.
Confused by his sudden change of heart for the hugely successful singer, Jordan decides to wander around the hotel the meet and greet is at After some time, he runs into Tyler and he gets his chance to talk with the rock star alone Thehe is around Tyler, theJordan realizes that the bad ass rock star image Tyler has obtained starts to crumble They form an immediate connection, and Jordan and Tyler soon fall head over heels for one another.
I loved Tyler He ended up being such a sweet man I thought he was a refreshing character I don t want to get into much about him because I really don t want to spoil it, but his innocence yes I said innocence and the trials he goes through, made him a character that was easy to root for, and stand behind I thought he and Jordan were made for one another, and even though they fall in love practically at first sight, there is enough angst to make their story interesting and so SWEET to read.
I loved this story, and I am looking forward to readingwritten by this author This was easily a 5 star read for me.
Well, I really enjoyed this story, well thought out, imaginative and romanticGothic rock superstar Tyler Curtis is something of a musical prodigy He s only twenty years old, but for the last two years, he has had the music world in an uproar with his good looks, his abrasive personality, hard drinking and drugs, and his ceaseless womanizing His fans adore him, and women throw themselves at him constantly When Jordan Braxton s sister Rebecca wins two tickets to a Tyler Curtis concert, she insists that he accompany her She has her sights set on bagging and bedding the delectable Mr Curtis, and figures that any female companion would just be unwelcome competition, so takes her brother Jordan along with her, even though he can t stand Tyler Curtis At the concert wrap party, he sees a Tyler Curtis that is completely unlike his rock god persona The man he meets is shy, sweet, and friendly, and although he has always had a reputation of being cold and somewhat stand offish with strangers, Jordan is bewitched by the younger man It takes only a little conversation, a shared pizza, and a kissing session for him to fall completely in love, which admittedly is quick, but hey, it does happen He may appear tough on the outside, but Alec Tyler aka Tyler Curtis is actually a fragile soul Orphaned at seventeen, verbally and physically abused by his manager, cut off from the world and forced to play a role, Alec is overworked, exhausted, and hungry for friendship It doesn t take much for him to fall for Jordan, who treats him like a person, and doesn t abuse him however, fate contrives to make life difficult for them Someone is trying to extort millions of dollars out of the young musician, and they are not above preying on Alec s weaknesses to do so In addition, Alec suffers from epilepsy which has steadily been getting worse, and as Jordan begins to help Alec find his way out of this nasty situation, the world comes crashing down around them in a different way, threatening not only Alec s career but also his life.
The author has created a cast of characters in this novel that will grab your affections from the get go, and his villains are so rotten that, as with pantomime villains, you will love to hate them Indeed, I ve no doubt you ll be plotting revenge on them as much as I was And of course, it just goes to show that you should never judge a book or person by it s cover This story just didn t work for me absurdly contrived plot, one dimensional MCs, whiplash inducing insta love strangers to lovers partners to engaged in two DAYS , and ridiculously cookie cutter villains There is some cuteness here, yes The HEA was ovation worthy literally BUT RANT IS MILDLY SPOILERISH Jordan s sister, Bec, was 25 going on 15 holy shit, immature much How does Jordan afford a flat in London if he doesn t have a job How the hell did Tyler s Alec s manager manage to keep the world s most famous rockstar a prisoner for two years Did no one notice What about band members Makeup artists PR people Security Record label executives Producers Studio staff NOPE, not buying it It made no sense that the manager would withhold Alec s medication if he wanted to hide Alec s epilepsy from the media The whole side story with Bad Mommy was so predictable The occasional POV shifts to the manager or Taylor the reporter or the Bad Mommy were confusing and unnecessary It s such a lazy way to tell a story Almost no steam Alec is the most innocent of virgins, but his deflowering is OFF PAGE One chapter ends with Alec begging Jordan to make love to him and two chapters later there s a reference to them having made love so many times This was news to me It s hard to feel the passion and romance when nearly all the lovin is invisible Also, for such a naive little virgin who never even masturbated before meeting The One, Alec sure hit aggressive and in charge going 180 mph WHOA.

After much badgering and pressure of the good kind, yes you Dee I was happily immersed in the lives of Alec and Jordan and what a journey it was drama, rage, despair but most of all there was a glimmer of hope that kept me going Sweet darling Alec a tormented soul he was like a kicked puppy starved of affection, my heart broke for him I was so damn happy when Jordan arrived on the scene because we get this slow beautiful change in Alec it s a joy to see Jordan brings about so many wonderful positives and for that I loved him to bits along with the teasing and laugh out loud moments, lovely I couldn t stand Bec a spoilt, selfish little brat I had no time for her at all she got on my nerves Frank the heartless freak he got what was coming to him although I wanted lotstorture and suffering Leanne no words can express my hatred for her.
Oh and I better not forget to mention the peeves there s instant love, naive virgin, marriage proposal, tears etc but I couldn t of cared less it worked because there was a small believability factor for me and the MC s were cute and adorable its a love story we can all dream cant we.
I loved this book when I first read it in 2013 and it has become one of my favorite rock star novels ever And after reading it a second time.
loved it evenThis is one of those stories that stay with you for a very long time This is one of those must read m m love stories A great storyline, unforgettable and quirky and totally endearing characters, emotion, love and an engaging HEA Meet Tyler Curtis, bad boy rock star and all the traits that go with that image.
drugs, sex, bad behavior But underneath the image created by his abusive and controlling manager, is a person on the brink of a meltdown The real Tyler is a sad, lonely, abused, unloved, manipulated person Jordan is confident and a bit uptight and is still looking to find someone to share his very organized and quiet life Coerced by his sister to attend a rock concert so not his thing.
he s about to find that his life is never going to be what he was looking for or expecting.
The first time Tyler and Jordan meet after the concert in the most unlikely place is an unforgettable and amazing scene.
It s worth reading this book even if it s for that scene It s a scene that remains in my memory forever.
It s funny, it s sweet and totally ENDEARING A number of reviewers have mentioned the insta love thing for me, I was okay with that.
after all, anything is possible.
and the fact that there wasn t much sex on the pages so no turgid shafts and K jelly.
well, that was okay too.
after all, used my imagination It s a change from some books that are filled with pages and pages of sex just for the sex factor This is a love story You feel good and happy when you reach the last page, knowing that two people have found each other and are able to live a life together filled with happiness and love Loved it.
and it s a keeper for me and will I read it again YES YES.
This book has been added to my all time top 10 favorites list When I read Lori s review the other Lori where she said she shied away from this book because she heard it was light on the sex, I was afraid I d be disappointed too Not a turgid shaft in sight and I didn t miss it at all I do love a good deflowering scene but I was okay with not being a fly on the wall for this one When a book makes me tear up that s a sure sign I ve totally bonded with the characters and I teared up quite a few times while reading this one Don t let the lack of graphic sex sway you from reading this book You will get so caught up in the story and fall so deeply in love with the characters that you won t miss it.
Let me count the ways on the elements that made me roll my eyes in this book Instant love and marriage proposal in under 48 hours yeah, right Check Overused I love you Check Guys with tears inthan numerous scenes Check Far stretched out virginity cases come on, being 20 years old, and not even touched himself Check I can get that this is a fiction that borders to fairy tale but it s too much for me When it is supposed to make me feel sympathy, all I want is to get it over with The only thing that redeem the story is the witty dialogs Since I know Zathyn Priest s work from his recent stories, I m glad that he is getting better I just see this as a nice debut and happy that this is not my first experience with him Jordan S Got A Good Life He S Got His Own Web Business, A Fat Cat For A Pet And His Own House, Which He Shares With His Sister Oh Well, Nothing S Perfect Also Not Perfect Is Not Having Someone Special To Share His Life With His Sister Rebecca Believes It S Because He S Too Picky And Too Unapproachable, But Jordan Just Wants Someone To Do The Sunday Crossword With, Take Walks With, Someone Who Ll Be His Mate For Life Is That Really Too Much To Ask One Night Rebecca Drags Jordan To A Tyler Curtis Concert Tyler Is A Notorious Bad Boy Who Treats His Audience With Contempt And Sleeps With A Different Groupie Every Night, And Rebecca Is Determined To Be Tonight S Groupie Jordan Is There Under Protest At Least He Is Until He Meets The Man Beneath The Crass, Bad Boy Image Will Jordan Get To Know The True Tyler Or Will Tyler S Manager And A World Wanting The Man To Match The Image Conspire Against Them I loved this book I adored Alec, who was snarky but incredibly sweet Jordan had me laughing and omgthe instalove Okay It s not a trope that I love but it really, really worked for me here Becs was awful but she cracked me up I ve already read this book several times So over the top the places but it got me emotional I CANNOT wait for the sequel If I could give itthan five stars I would.
I hold my hands up and admit I m an emotional reader I laugh and giggle out loud when a book s funny and I blubber like a baby when a story is sad or bittersweet I always fall for my MC s, always get lost in their stories and generally boo hiss with a vengeance at the baddies I did all the latter in this compelling book but my god did I do some serious boo hissing at a few of the characters You know who you are but Ahh Revenge is sweet and for one butt clenchingly painfull No.
Not telling, read it Lol This starts as a typical goth rock star meets ordinary Joe and it sort of lulls you into thinking you know exactly where its going to lead but dont be fooled the book twists and turns and plays your preconceptions like a fiddle There are quite a few Hmmm moments and sometimes the story moves into overdrive on the drama but somehow all these are overridden by the sheer enjoyment of the main love story between two really adorable guys who stole my heart There are some really fantastic scenes between them, a favourite one being when Jordan first sees Curtis Tyler out of character, dancing in the wings unbeknown to anyone watching Also when he s in Curtis mode on stage with his fans its electric Curtis or Alec his real name is a fabulously multi layered character who you can t help but love and want to protect with his adoreable lisp and split personality and Jordan is his perfect foil He is Alec s rock and support and helps Alec to break free and become the person he truly wants to be despite the negative influences in his life Their insta love happens fast literally and is one of the Hmm moments but once they are together, its magic so I ll hold judgement And then there s Bec mouthy, gratingly annoying and mad as a box of frogs I spent most of the book in a bit of a love hate relationship with her, but she s certainly unforgettable and I guess by the end she grudgingly grew on me Add in some other strong supporting characters and you ve got a really compelling story.
So summing it all up , all I can say is I loved, loved, loved it and its won its place with all my other Keepers.