↠´ Read Í The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate ↠´ Colored Tennessean Nashville , Oct 14, 1865information wanted of Caroline Dodson, who was sold from Nashville Nov 1st 1862 by James Lumsden to Warwick, a trader then in human beings , who carried her to Atlanta, Georgia, and she was last heard of in the sale pen of Robert Clarke, human trader in that place , from which she was sold Any information of her whereabouts will be thankfully received and rewarded by her mother,Lucinda Lowery,Box 1121, Nashville, Tenn Real Ad posted by a family member looking to reunite with a loved one Just one of many ads placed after emancipation.
Can you even imagine having to write such an ad Can you imagine having a child, a spouse, a parent, a sibling torn from your life to never have word from them again Can you imagine being bought and sold Can you imagine having family members who were slaves Can you imagine what it must be like to have ancestors who owned slaves Can you imagine going on a journey trying to find your father to have the unimaginable happen to you so that it renders you unable to function Can you imagine trying to inspire and motivate your students Find a project which will make them want to learn and be proud of themselves Inspired by historical events, The Book of Lost Friends is a story of three women on a journey in the post Civil war south, it is also the story of a teacher who rediscovers those women s story and its connection to her students lives.
Louisiana, 1875 Lavinia, a spoiled heir to a destitute plantation goes on a quest with her illegitimate Creole half sister, Juneau Jane, and her former slave, Hannie While Lavinia and Juneau Jane are searching for their father and their possible inheritance, Hannie desperately wants to know what happened to her mother and eight siblings who were sold before the end of slavery Will she ever see them again Having seen ads along the way placed by freed slaves looking for family members, she wonders, could she find them this way Louisiana, 1987 Benedetta Benny Silva is a first year teacher who is desperately trying to get her student s attention Absences, hunger, and poverty keep many from getting a good education Looking through an old plantation for books that her classroom and local library might use, she finds a book a history of three women Could this change everything for her class The three women s journey changed their lives but will also have an impact on Benny and her student s lives as well.
Slow to start this book packed a powerful punch The story is told in two timelines with the Lost Friends ads placed in between These ads pack a powerful punch that resonates throughout the book BTW, all the ads placed by freed slaves have been made into a book titled Last Seen Voices from Slavery s Lost Families Wingate did a great job building her plot and joining the two story lines They are moving and powerful I found this book to be captivating, thought provoking, and emotionally moving I loved books that not only teach me something but affect me emotionally as well Fans of Wingate and Historical fiction will find this book appealing Thank you to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.
I loved this book The Book of Lost Friends will be hard to beat for 2020 I suspect that it will be my favorite for the year Each chapter is written in alternating timelines In 1875 we meet Hannie, a former slave and 1987, Benny a new school teacher, trying to get through to her kids, in a very rural area of Louisiana Sometimes reading books with alternating timelines like this can be very confusing and you simply wonder how they are going to intersect, WELLLLLLLLL, Ms Wingate did a wonderful job of tying the two together I loved everything about this book I knew nothing about post Civil War and the Lost Friends newspaper article Apparently, the freed slaves would post family names in the hopes of reconnecting with family members that had been ripped from their lives These posts would circulate through the Black churches to be read by the pastor The chapters that begin with the lost friends adds were heartbreaking.
I rarely almost never quote from books that I read, however, this is a quote that has stayed with me We die once when the last breath leaves our bodies We die a second time when the last person speaks our name Many thanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballentine books for this advanced readers copy This book is due to release in April 2020.
This is a wonderful story based on true facts and records I felt the beginning was a bit slow but this book is very much worth sticking to it It can t and shouldn t be rushed There is a lot of humanity and history here Each chapter is begun with an ad from the original Lost Friends newspaper columns This story takes place in post civil war Louisiana and Texas, although the ads in the Lost Friends column will take us back years earlier It s Louisiana in 1875 and we first meet Hanie Gossett standing behind a stockade log fence where slaves are being held during an auction to sell some of them She s a young girl and watches as her family is taken from her one by one Her mama told her never to forget her family, she had made fifteen tiny poke sacks, hung with jute strings they stole out of the wagon Inside each bag went three blue glass beads off the string that Grandmama always kept special Circumstances all come together after the emancipation so that Hannie is able to escape Hannie is going to search for her family and the other sacks with beads She is not alone, she has with her Lavinia Gossett, daughter of the owners and a creole girl, the illegitimate daughter named Juneau Jane These characters come together under really unusual and incredible circumstances that I will leave you to discover.
They stumble across an old church which is papered inside with newspaper columns At first they think this is just a covering for the walls until they read the ads and understand that this is a history of many slaves lives While searching for her family Hannie also looks out for those she has found are missing and Juneau Jane adds names and ads to a book that she has created The other timeline is that of a young, inexperienced teacher, Benny, who is starting a new job as a teacher in an impoverished area of Louisiana where the school s curriculum has little to do with her students real life They are often absent because there are no parents to make sure they attend school and sometimes they are needed at home to watch younger siblings Benny is smart enough to quickly discern that she has to find a different way to get through to these kids She talks about The Lost Friends newspaper columns Once she introduces them to the book and what it is all about they decide on a project to research and reenact one of their ancestors in a program to try to raise money for the school.
Miss Wingate has again written a captivating and intelligent historical fiction novel which teaches while it takes hold of the reader s heart I learned so much about the South post civil war and it made that history come alive for me with these characters.
I think that these characters were believable and I found both storylines to be interesting In the author s notes she states that the idea for the book came to me in the most modern of ways via e mail The note came from a volunteer with the Historic New Orleans Collection , she d been entering database information gleaned from advertisements well over a century old The goal of the project was to preserve the history of the Lost Friends column From this e mail and the author s imagination this novel was born.
I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.
This book is set to publish on April 7, 2020 5 just right starsThis dual storyline book drew me in right away I found both storylines interesting and the characters fascinating They connected in a fantastic way and the conclusion of this book was done just right.
The storyline from the past features Louisiana and Texas post Civil War and still a very tumultuous time in this country We have three unlikely characters thrown together on a quest to track down the head of the Louisiana plantation One character is Lavinia, the spoiled daughter next up is the illegitimate Creole daughter Juneau Jane and finally, a former slave from the plantation, Hannie These women set out on a dangerous journey to figure out what has happened to Mr Gossett Throw in dangerous men, marshals, soldiers, and river voyages and you have a journey to take with these young women.
We learn of the tragic past for Hannie torn apart from her large family when she was very young as they were stolen and sold off at different auctions all through the south This journey might shed some light and help her find some of those lost family members.
The modern day story features a woman trying to carve a niche as a new teacher at an impoverished school in Louisiana This town is already wary of strangers, Benny finds it tough to connect with her students who have little interest in books like Animal Farm and don t see the relevance to their lives today She starts to find a way to get them all interested in their family history and hopes to connect that to writing and literature, but it stirs up a lot of the past that some in town would like to see buried and forgotten.
If you are a fan of historical fiction, this book is for you I loved Before We Were Yours and this one is just as good Highly recommended.
Thank you to NetGalley, Lisa Wingate, and Random Ballantine for an early copy of this one to read in return for an honest review This one is out 4.
2020 I received this from Netgalley.
com for a review The chapters are written in alternating timelines In 1875 we meet Hannie, a former slave 1987, Benny a new school teacher, trying to get through to her kids, in a very rural area of Louisiana.
A great story and a slice of American history that should never be forgotten 4 Lisa Wingate s The Book of Lost Friends begins slowly, but the payoff for persevering is big The last few chapters twine the plot s twin narratives together in an effective, moving way.
Let s start with the Book of Friends at the heart of The Book of Friends After emancipation, thousands upon thousands of formerly enslaved people found themselves searching for family and friends from whom they d been separated through sales The Southwestern Christian Advocate ran advertisements on behalf of those seeking loved ones, and Black clergy read these ads aloud from the pulpit every week in hopes of bringing about reunions The ads ran from immediately after the Civil War into the first part of the 20th Century You can view a contemporary database of these ads here In one story line, Hannie, a former slave finds herself traveling through Texas with her former owner s two daughters one legitimate, the other born to his high yellow mistress searching for their father Hannie is worried the former owner s wife will cheat her family out of a sharecropping contact, which would grant them a plot of land after sharecropping it for ten years The two daughters are both determined to prevent the other from collecting inheritance The three travel, disguised as men, and on their journey find themselves collecting lost friends stories to share in hopes of facilitating some reunions themselves.
In the second story line, set in the 1980s, a naive teacher takes a job at a rural Louisiana school in order to earn student loan forgiveness The school is miserably under resourced the students are disengaged, with few hopes for the future At this moment, the book could have turned into a white savior narrative, but Wingate avoids that by having the students find their own way out of disengagement, conducting family histories and research on the history of the town they live in and its Black Library now desegregated , built with Carnegie funds when the town refused Blacks admission to the single library available during the late 1880s.
As I said at the start, this book opens slowly, and I considered leaving it unfinished at several point, but I m very glad I didn t The book is sentimental in places, but there s something larger and challenging at its heart that is worth reading.
I received a free electronic review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley The opinions are my own.
From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Before We Were Yours Comes A New Novel Inspired By Historical Events A Dramatic Story Of Three Young Women On A Journey In Search Of Family Amidst The Destruction Of The Post Civil War South, And Of A Modern Day Teacher Who Rediscovers Their Story And Its Vital Connection To Her Own Students Lives In Her Distinctive Voice, Lisa Wingate Brings To Life Startling Stories From Actual Lost Friends Advertisements That Appeared In Southern Newspapers After The Civil War, As Freed Slaves Desperately Searched For Loved Ones Who Had Been Sold OffLouisiana, In The Tumultuous Aftermath Of Reconstruction, Three Young Women Set Off As Unwilling Companions On A Perilous Quest Lavinia, The Pampered Heir To A Now Destitute Plantation Juneau Jane, Her Illegitimate Free Born Creole Half Sister And Hannie, Lavinia S Former Slave Each Carries Private Wounds And Powerful Secrets As They Head For Texas, Following Dangerous Roads Rife With Ruthless Vigilantes And Soldiers Still Fighting A War Lost A Decade Before For Lavinia And Juneau Jane, The Journey Is One Of Inheritance And Financial Desperation, But For Hannie, Torn From Her Mother And Eight Siblings Before Slavery S End, The Pilgrimage Westward Reignites An Agonizing Question Could Her Long Lost Family Still Be Out There Beyond The Swamps Lie The Seemingly Limitless Frontiers Of Texas And, Improbably, HopeLouisiana, For First Year Teacher Benedetta Silva, A Subsidized Job At A Poor Rural School Seems Like The Ticket To Canceling Her Hefty Student Debt Until She Lands In A Tiny, Out Of Step Mississippi River Town Augustine, Louisiana, Seems Suspicious Of New Ideas And New People, And Benny Can Scarcely Comprehend The Lives Of Her Poverty Stricken Students But Amid The Gnarled Live Oaks And Run Down Plantation Homes Lies The Century Old History Of Three Young Women, A Long Ago Journey, And A Hidden Book That Could Change Everything I thought this was a very good book by Lisa Wingate It went back and forth between two time periods 1875 and 1987 The 1875 time period focused on Hannie, an 18 year old former slave whose once large family was sold one by one when she was 6 years old by her master s brother in law when he was supposed to be taking them from the Louisiana plantation to a property in Texas Hannie was the only one in her family that her master was able to find and recover She still misses her family.
When Hannie ends up heading to Texas with her master s two daughters, one a daughter of his wife, and the other a daughter of his mulatto mistress, she quickly finds out about a newspaper where former slaves who were separated from their families advertise to try to find their loved ones Hannie ends up talking to lots of people along the way, and recording their names and who they are looking for At the same tine, she is looking for her own family.
The 1987 storyline features Benedetta, a 1st year teacher in a poverty stricken Louisiana school She has to figure out how to interest her students in learning Once she does, she doesn t get support from the school administration or some of the community This was an interesting book due to the storylines in the two time periods and the way they intersected I liked the character of Hannie very much because she was courageous and took her responsibilities very seriously Benedetta was also a great character She was a young school teacher, nervous in her first job, yet willing to work hard and give all she had to get her students interested and involved in learning The idea that former slaves advertised for lost relatives was new to me, and I found it very touching and interesting I liked the way that the modern day storyline showed the characters becoming interested in the history of where they lived This was a good story I received a copy of the book from the publisher and this is my honest review.
5 StarsHistory has much to teach us At the beginning of this book, there are notes from Lisa Wingate, about Dialect and Historical Terminology, which is where the above quote is taken from She goes on to sayThat was one of the reasons for the inclusion of the real life Lost Friends ads in this book They are the stories of actual people who lived, and struggled, and who almost inadvertently left these small pieces of themselves for posterity Told in two different time frames, this begins with one of the Lost Friends letters to the editor, a plea to anyone reading or hearing their story, the family they seek to find some word from, or about, knowing that the possibilities are slim, and how often names were changed along the way as names may have changed along the way Pastors were requested to read these pleas to their congregationsAt the very least, we must tell our stories, mustn t we Speak the names You know, there is an old proverb that says, We die once when the last breath leaves our bodies We die a second time when the last person speaks our name The first death is beyond our control, but the second one we can strive to prevent As this story begins, the initial timeframe is 1875, in Louisiana, with Hannie Gossett sharing her story, through the retelling of a dream a memory of when she was six years old and watching buyers gather to buy her family a little at a time, she sees them being carted off one by one and two by two, listening as her mother recites their names, and the names of those who took them, and where they were being taken Along with Hannie, the stories of Lavinia, the daughter of Hannie s former owner, along with Juneau Jane, Lavinia s half sister, the daughter of Lavinia s father and Juneau Jane s mother, who was also owned by Lavinia s father The other timeframe in 1987, also in Louisiana, and this time is shared through a new teacher, Benedetta, Benny, Silva, teaching students from seventh to twelfth grade Students who don t want to be there, and frequently don t show up She begins searching for a way to motivate these students, to reach them on some level so that they will want to learn It is a struggle, for both the students, and the teacher, until she discovers a book that will change everything There s so much , but this is the kind of story that deserves to be discovered by each reader Very moving stories are shared in both timeframes, and the Lost Friends letters are especially poignant, as these are letters that were written by real people who were searching for their lost loved ones lost because their families were scattered, one from another, by those that purchased them as slaves, sending husbands away from their wives, mothers from their children Listen, the road seems to admonish Listen I have stories.
Pub Date 07 APR 2020Many thanks for the ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Ballantine books Lisa Wingate hits the ball out of the park with her latest historical fiction set in the post civil war south 3 young girls are on a quest to claim what is rightfully theirs and they encounter both acts of benevolence and violent evil along the way Wingate expertly weaves actual excerpts from The Book of Lost Friends, which were ads in which former slaves seek to be reunited with lost family members.
I can t say enough good things about this Both the writing and the topic are spectacular Wingate has the uncanny ability to make her characters live and breathe as if they will jump right out of the book I fell in love with several of the characters and was, at the same time, incensed by their biased treatment This was an honest and raw look at post Civil War society, but it also examined similar untoward treatment of black people in the south a 100 years later This is a story that desperately needed to be told and leaves the reader with a lot to think about.
Many thanks to Edelweiss, Ballantine books and Lisa Wingate for my complimentary e copy ARC in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.