Download Epub Format × Tech Support PDF by Ó Jet Mykles Tech Support is a lot of fun to read It s incredibly quick with easy and fluid text with great, classic characters The sex scenes were liberally scattered throughout this short story and the plot had just a little bit of angst, a little bit of romance and a relatable shy hero that most romance readers will simply fall in love with I wouldn t be surprised if many readers had this listed as a favorite story from Mykles.
The m m romances that I ve read from Mykles all tend to be along the same lines very yaoi with classic young, beautiful characters A hint of angst, scorching sex scenes, and fast moving dialogue keeps these rather short stories as lightening fast reads but highly enjoyable surprisingly so considering the writing tends to be simplistic, but it works well with clean prose and the absence of overly complicated or dense descriptions For Mykles fans, her ability to keep old themes fresh and her characters interesting and delighting with a healthy dose of hot sex makes these somewhat formulaic books sure winners each time Helping this fact is that she mixes up her writing with several styles and genres so she doesn t turn into a monster author churning out the exact same thing repeatedly with a different title Aaron is a bit of character gold He s a shy, introverted computer geek that works in an IT department as his way of interacting with others Not only will a number of readers relate to Aaron but his classic uke antics are sure to please His hesitant and bashful crush on Ki is easily charming as is his excitement over the complicated set up of electronic equipment Aaron s tendency to run away and give up when he s nervous or out of his element is understandable, if a sign of his immaturity Although he s twenty five, Aaron is a virgin inways than just sexual He s never dated, never had sex, never had a relationship and has very few friends most of whom are of the online variety It s easier for him to hide than face his fears of other people and actually interact Truthfully it s Ki s insistence on the relationship that gives them a HEA.
Yoshiki is also a classic character that works even with the stereotype His confidence and sexual dominance allow Aaron to follow without letting his fears and nerves get in the way Ki is the one that pursues Aaron and their relationship time and time again as the stronger personality yet his obvious adoration of Aaron makes him charming and an easy character to like, even with his actions at the height of the plot drama Ki s actions after Aaron broke things off may not be the most popular, but it fits well with his character and motivations If there is any problem it s with the lack of condoms and safe sex measures While I tend not to want to harp on this and generally let this detail go in reviews, given Ki s casual commentary on his sex life, this should have been insisted upon Together Ki and Aaron are a great couple with sizzling chemistry and a clear HEA ending The likeable characters combined with the fluid writing style should allow new fans and old to breeze through this book and then want to read it again, perhaps even coming close to the comfort book title as this fills all the basics for a satisfying romance Just go read it.
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com 240 Sweet geek and stud quick erotic romance On ageneral note, the emphasis of the sexual relationship overall seemed really focused on anal intercourse, although almost all of it was off book A virginal guy who seemed to never had any sexual contact with another guy before was penetrated during his first, surprising, encounter That just blew my mind, as many male couples I know never have anal sex, and those that do tend to work up to it Even for those in my experience, very small minority men who really focus on anal intercourse, I ve never personally heard of it as a first, wham bam thank you introduction into male male sex A virgin who doesn t realize he s gay or bi suddenly taking it up his butt, and having it be a life altering wonderful experience, just really does not jive with what is typical based on my own experience discussions with men who love men I m not trying to be hypercritical authors should write what they like to write, and if readers enjoy it, great Plenty of m m romance authors follow this anal sex focused convention, so I m not saying this story is particularly problematic compared to others However, the initial sex scene even with Ki doing some preparation was just so jarring to me, I thought I should at least mention my shocked reaction I still enjoyed this one, and plenty of others liked it just fine.
Aaron Is A Whiz With Computers But Horrible With People Painfully Shy, It S Sometimes All He Can Do To Communicate When He S Face To Face With Anyone The Fact That He Has Unusually Red Hair And Gorgeous Green Eyes Only Makes It Worse Because People Don T Want Him To Hide But Then He S Called Upon To Troubleshoot A Problem With The Laptop Of Yoshiki Fukui, A Big Shot Executive With His Company Ki Is Brash, Outgoing And Painfully Handsome And Just Being In His Presence Makes Aaron All Jittery When Ki Asks Aaron To Help Him Set Up A State Of The Art Entertainment System In His New House, Aaron Can T Resist The Lure Little Does He Suspect That Ki S Got Than Just Technical Help In Mind Publisher S Note Tech Support Is A Yaoi Inspired Novella As Such, It Contains Material That May Be Offensive To Some Readers Male Male Sexual Practices Aaron is a painfully shy 25 year old working on a company s Tech Support staff He is nervous interacting with people, although a whiz with his computers As the new guy on his team, Aaron is sent to the office of Yoshiki Fukui to fix the latest in a series of broken laptops Aaron immediately finds himself captivated with the tall, slim, gorgeous Ki but he doesn t really seem to recognize it as attraction After Aaron solves Ki s computer problem, Ki asks Aaron to help him set up an electronics system at home Aaron is drawn to Ki and agrees to help him The men spend over a month shopping and getting to know one another before Ki makes a move, sensing Aaron is new to relationships and sex The two are very hot when they finally do get together and I really loved the combination of Aaron s sweetness and Ki s gentle power I really wanted to love this book It hits so many of my favorite things I love shy, geeky heroes and the set up really appealed to me And I enjoyed the power dynamic between the men Plus, as a fellow redhead, I love stories that feature them Not to mention that I really liked Mykles Heaven Sent series But there were some inconsistencies and other issues that cropped up throughout the story And over the last third of the book things just fell apart for me I really enjoyed the first two thirds of the book Likeable main characters in a hot story and a nice sweep him off his feet feel to things I just got frustrated at the end and it bugged me too much to wholeheartedly endorse it So a mixed review fun and enjoyable in parts, frustrating in others For my full review, check out my blog Joyfully Jay.
This was ok I m a fan of this author but this one didn t impress me Putting aside my own issue with the pronunciation of the MC Ki as key which consistently threw me out of the story, my brain sees Ki and wants to say Ki , I still only found the story ok A few sentences seemed like run ons Plus the MC s didn t have much depth They had potential, but maybe b c this one was on the shorter side we didn t get to delve too deep into their layers I found they were just ok too.
Obviously my use of OK pretty much sums up this review lol This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenI really enjoyed this I love the idea of a shy techy guy as the MC He was adorable and I really sympathized with him I feel quite the same in social situations I loved when Aaron and Ki first met When Aaron walked into his office and they both just stood there are checked each other out You knew instantly where things would go, even if it hadn t been in a Jet Mykles story, and I was surprised how long it took But you gotta be delicate with a guy like Aaron, and he didn t suspect anything Not until he was comfortable enough with Ki to let his guard downThe thought of being without you any is too depressing for words Say you ll come home with me, AaronAfter weeks of just being friends Ki finally swoops in and makes his move, and like most all of the other Jet stories I have read, the poor boy fumbles and tries to push him away But this story is too short for him to walk out Things have to start progressing, so Aaron gives in after very little conversation, because really, there is no denying he has wanted Ki since the first moment he saw him I really enjoyed their banter and Ki s brashness They could be pretty funny together, and despite the nature of the conversation, their sexting scene was pretty funny.
I really appreciate that we got to see Aaron telling his parents Shorts often cut out any afterthought, but I love seeing supportive families It really made this story feel complete, and unlike with most shorts, I am not left feeling like this was too short or incomplete Not that I wouldn t love to seeof Aaron and Ki and how they are doing now, but I was given assurance that they are doing well and got to see the whole story of how they got thereDid you mean it when you said it Did you fall in love with me Because I finally realized that I fell hard for you This was a nice little gay for you out for you I do find angst that is completely centered around mis communication annoying though so I held back one star the characters were very likable in this one there was a bit of insta love but given the virginal Aaron, it was easy to see him falling head over tea kettle for the older,experienced Yoshiki a nice un demanding, sweet read.
Aaron goes to the boss to save his laptop and the data but the truly funny part for me was his boss Asian Who messed it up by stabbing at the keys too hard I can relate A love affair grows out of this An affair, maybe, but this felt too short for even insta luv Cute but not long enough I also felt Aaron was helping Yoshiki because of his job feeling sorry for him and that he ll never play on electronics like the ones Yoshiki can afford Good premise but too short.

I usually like Jet Mykles books, I know what I m getting and look forward to it This book was a 4 read till the last few pages where it dropped to a 2 so I settled on 3.
Aaron is a socially awkward geek who is swept off his feet by the successful and wealthy Ki, but he just can t believe he s the right one for Ki view spoiler Aaron should have talked to Ki about what happened at the party and not run off and then just ended it with I m in the office, on the other hand I a didn t like Ki calling Aaron to his office at work to have it out with him, go to his house or ambush him before or after work, but not do it like that b him sleeping with Rachel not once but for a whole weekend and then telling Ki about it right away in detail just rubbed me the wrong way, I wanted a butgroveling and courting I don t see it as cheating, since they had split up, but I didn t like the way it was handled hide spoiler Yuck This was just bad All kinds of badNo condomNo connection No communicationNo commitmentNo consistency I would have DNF it if it wouldn t have been so short.