Trailer ↠´ Sweet Peril (Sweet, #2) PDF by ¶ Wendy Higgins Anna Whitt, The Daughter Of A Guardian Angel And A Demon, Promised Herself She D Never Do The Work Of Her Father Polluting Souls She D Been Naive To Make Such A Vow She D Been Naive About A Lot Of Things Haunted By Demon Whisperers, Anna Does Whatever She Can To Survive, Even If It Means Embracing Her Dark Side And Earning An Unwanted Reputation As Her School S Party Girl Her Life Has Never Looked Bleak And All The While There S Kaidan Rowe, Son Of The Duke Of Lust, Plaguing Her Heart And MindWhen An Unexpected Lost Message From The Angels Surfaces, Anna Finds Herself Traveling The Globe With Kopano, Son Of Wrath, In An Attempt To Gain Support Of Fellow Nephilim And Give Them Hope For The First Time It Soon Becomes Clear That Whatever Freedoms Anna And The Rest Of The Neph Are Hoping To Win Will Not Be Gained Without A Fight Until Then, Anna And Kaidan Must Put Aside The Issues Between Them, Overcome The Steamiest Of Temptations Yet, And Face The Ultimate Question Is Loving Someone Worth Risking Their Life Meet Kaidan Rowe Who is he The main drummer in a bandDesired by all the girlsLoved by his fansBut he s also an 18 year old boy and the son of Pharzuph, who s the duke of Lust.
And against the rules, Kaidan fell for a half angel half demon girl, who s the daughter of Belial the Duke of substance abuse e.
g alcohol, drugs, etc Meet Anna Whitt Who is she A good 17 year old girl who is turning bad ever since the boy she loved left her She is struggling to resist the temptations, but is slowly failing She s destined for greatnessBut can she do it without Kaidan Can she hold on and keep her head in the game And what of Kopano the son of Wrath Sweet Peril is the sequel to Sweet Evil, which i absolutely loved and couldn t put down This was a fantastic continuation to the trilogy and i was not let down I won t tell you what Sweet Peril is about because i don t want to give away any spoilers for the previous book, but i will say this it s based on teens who s lives literally depend on being bad influences This is the fate of sons and daughters of the Fallen Angels Most of them don t have a choice but to do the bidding of their parents, they call it working e.
g working, for the son of Lust, is considered having sex and seducing womanI wasmyself with you during those three days than I ve ever been with anyone in my life It d be easier if I could be fake with you, but you bring out everything in me, little Ann All of it This book is a solid 5 star read if you ignore my issues with it like not being able to get into itbecause of lack of time I also had an issue with Anna, she was sometimes really annoying and was too good she didn t let like when people swore and she stopped Kaidan from saying dirty words to her I was like Speaking of talking dirty, there was a lotsteamy hot scenes in this book than in the previous one, which i was certainly happy about Spend the night with me I m tired of living like I m not alive He dropped his hands from my face to grip my shoulders I m bloody sick to death of it I want one night to be alive With you He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead on mine Please, Anna One last night and we ll go back to being safe again I need this I need you But don t get your hopes up that you ll get a lotof Kaidan and Anna scenes, cause my darling, you won t In fact, half the book is about them getting back together and forgiving each other for their mistakes and believe me there were a lot of mistakes when they were seperate Overall Sweet Peril was an amazing read that i extremly enjoyed Full of action and new truths that just hit you like a fist in the face There was lots of new, interesting characters that i fell in love with and can t wait to readabout Definitely recommend this to Sweet Evil fans I love you, I whispered I ve loved you longer, he said.
The followup to Sweet Evil is amazing and seductive And Kai Swoon Ah, I love being in this boy s heador having him inside mine Both His way of looking at things is so interesting And hot.
Beautiful, well written, exciting follow up to Sweet Evil I can t wait until everyone can read it Oh and two words Kaidan Rowe Enough said I stand here as a woman of 28years old, crying like a friken lunatic because I need this book.
I think I am in need of serious psychiatric help Hurry up hurry up hurry up read full Review at Bewitched Bookworms HeartbreakBy the end of Sweet Evil we were up for a dangerous heartbreak as we all know wondered how Kai and Anna could be together, ever so, with the beginning of Sweet Peril we are already sad and heartbroken and Anna s pure little heart is no less broken and sad The whole story of Sweet Evil centers around 2 major important plots and one of them is definitely the epic love between the Demon Son and the Angel Daughter Evil and Pure how can they be together This is what we desperately want to figure out ourselves and I warn you know tears will fall, hearts will break And I am not just talking about Anna and Kai because my little heart just felt with them Anna the pure little Angel Demon While Anna was completely innocent in Sweet Evil she now has to start working for her Dad so keep up appearance and to fool all the other Dukes and Demons And we must admire Anna strength and strong will because behaving like this feels totally out fo context for her But Anna grows and I think we see a remarkable change in Anna She appears even stronger,determined than ever and even goes totally out of her comfort zone I cannot help but admire this girl I loved Anna so much already in Sweet Evil but I love her evenfiercely in Sweet Peril She combines perfectly her Angel and demonic heritance and becomes a littleedgy Sex on Legs or Kai Ok I know I shouldn t associate Sex On Leg with a YA novel, but I just cannot help it when talking about Kaidan Rowe This sexy demon son is everything I love in a bad boy he s incredibly sexy, mega hot, he can be a total jerk and yes, especially in Sweet Peril we see a lot of his jerkiness but he has a heart and as much as he doesn t want his heart to take over, we can see and we love him for this evenKai sexy, dangerous and so sooo stubborn and with a heart he only opens up for Anna, how can we not love him Love and Danger.
One of the main storylines followed Anna s search for Allies around the world I loved this part so much It not only brought us to different places but also introduces a wonderful supporting character we all will love so much Kopano Son of Wrath who helps and support Anna on her journey What seems to be obvious from the synopsis is the introduction of a Love Triangle But fear not, Wendy Higgins deals so delicately and perfectly with it, that it doesn t truly hurt, but was completely genuine and understandable You can only be pushed so much right This whole sequel was just amazing, full of love, passion, danger and heartbreak Girls who easily cry just like me will most definitely shed a tear or two.
Personal Note I can t begin to say how much this books means to me Wendy named one character in one cute scene after 3 of us bloggers Me, Jenny and Tara and you wouldn t believe, but I had tears in my eyes when I read the scene I m a blond girl , Daniela with an European accent gosh that was the most amazing feeling ever I love Wendy Oh and Kai Initial ReationThis book should never be a consideration, just a definite yes, yes, and YES Give The Sweet Evil trilogy a chance The first book did not disappoint and imagine just how freaking unbelievable this one is going to be Yeah, I know I m rooting for Wendy Higgins and all my favourite characters here Get it, girl My Review This book could have been better I say this because Sweet Evil was the book that I pimped everywhere I can t say that I will be doing the same with Sweet Peril because Wendy Higgin s second instalment wasn t as strong as her debut Sweet Peril takes off where its predecessor left and we re back with Anna and her daily Nephlim grind She s got to work to keep her dad off of the other Duke s radar, turning the human population towards alcohol and drugs, but her heart isn t in it Partly because she s half angel, and also because Anna s predominantly occupied with thoughts of Kaidan, missing him They are still trying to take down the Dukes and gather allies, but it felt like all that really mattered was how much Anna missed Kai The fate of the world rests in her hands, and all Anna really wanted to do was see the boy To be fair, she does take the responsibility of saving Neph and Humankind seriously, but the teen swoony romance could have been dialled down They are in love, I get that, but it felt like their romance dominated most of the book I was looking forward to readingof Kaidan and Anna, but with the way it was handled in Sweet Peril, I began to tire of their romance It was like her life basically revolved around him, and one can only read about how smouldering a guy is before it gets to be enough There are issues with Kopano, as can be expected, as well as an interesting revelation that has to do with Neph and their badges, but in all honesty Sweet Peril hadto do with Kaidan and Anna not being together than anything else I expectedsubstance, and even though we meetof the other Neph, discovering additional information in regards to the prophecy, I wasn t as enamoured this time around The series is still fantastic, I love you Wendy, but I m hoping that Sweet Reckoning willthan make up for where this book fell short.
5 5 stars Sweet Peril is compelling, and while it picks up nicely from where the former left off, this book fails to deliver as emotional an impact as the first.
Oh Kai, your mind is a very dirty place to be that I have no problem on living in Merged review FIRE FIRE FIRE Call on a battalion of firefighters because I think this book just set my whole being on fire Here in our country we are currently experiencing an epic case of heat wave, but dammit, it wasn t the thing that got me sweating an entire ocean Seriously, THIS BOOK IS HOTTER THAN THE SUMMER SUN And I think I just died of heat stroke and went straight up to heaven, because that s the only reason I can think of me feeling this kind of extreme elation THIS REVIEWMAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FROM THE BOOK Although the major ones would be hidden , a slight obnoxious amount of VIRTUAL SCREAMING through either means of usage of CAPS or bold letters or BOTH and a heck load of gif pictures of uncontrollable emotions of panic, happiness, fangirling, freaking out and everything and anything in between that cannot be fully expressed by the author Okay, maybe you ve already noticed the caps, bold, and gifs This long run on sentence is a proof that you have been warned.
Sweet Peril begins with a prologue about the fate faced by two Nephilim who fell in love with each other in the past So basically, Wendy Higgins wanted to then and there scare the crap out of all of us, by tellingYeahhhhKaidan and Anna are never ever ever getting back together, unless you want them dead ehOkaaaaaaay, maybe that was just my masochistic and Taylor Swift song replaying brain speaking and not what she really meant, but still it was one heck of a downer But be still all fangirl and fanboy hearts, Wendy made up for it big time view spoiler As in KAIDAN AND ANNA GOT ALL STEAMY AND SWEATY AND OH MY GOSH I NEED MULTIPLE COLD SHOWERS NOW time hide spoiler Ow KaiI loved being in Kai s head We can see how much he struggles to be worth of Anna s love I love his dirty but fun mind It s impossible not love him He is definitely my favorite male character and I don t think I m ready to say goodbye to this series.
It can t end it just can t, Wendy Merged review CAN T WAIT Sweet Evil was one of my favorite reads of 2012EDITEDWendy just posted this on her websitehttp www.
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