[ Read Online Silver Tower (The Dagger Path, #1) Þ history-and-politics PDF ] by M.T. Ceres Õ Following An Attempt To Spy On The Gold Tower, By A Demon Sleek Disguised As A Servant, Mordeana Never Dead The Witch Queen Who Governs Koura Pourewa Disappears Her Husband Crann Og Raimh And Her Son Athas Orga Send Their Trusted Aide, A Boy They Fondly Call Snot To Get Help From Mordeana Never Dead S Sister The Witch Queen Marama Rawa Marama Rawa Sends Them To Find The Mysterious Fey Seer Cassandra Novantae Who Walks The Crystalline Paths In The Mind Of Time, In The Hope That She Will Be Able To Tell Them Where Mordeana Never Dead Is Silas Al Seamist And The Huge Mo Moema Cat Atarangi Hiriwa Set Out With The Boy Snot Who Marama Has Renamed Isknot On A Quest To Find The Silver Tower And The Mad Seer On Their Journey They Come Into Conflict With The Forces Of The Lords Of The Dark Flame, Shadow Spawn And Demon They Are Helped By The Witch Queen Mo Moema And Mysterious Creatures Called Volpi, Novantae Fey, Dryad And Drus