[Jessica Day George] ↠´ Silver in the Blood [information-science PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó Review posted on The Eater of books blog Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day GeorgeBook One of the Silver in the Blood seriesPublisher Bloomsbury USA ChildrensPublication Date July 7, 2015Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Goodreads A New York Times bestselling author brings dark secrets to life in a lush new YA perfect for fans of Libba Bray or Cassandra Clare.
Society girls from New York City circa 1890, Dacia and Lou never desired to know about their lineage, instead preferring to gossip about the mysterious Romanian family that they barely knew But upon turning seventeen, the girls must return to their homeland to meet their relatives, find proper husbands, and most terrifyingly learn the deep family secrets of The Claw, The Wing, and The Smoke The Florescus, after all, are shape shifters, and it is time for Dacia and Lou to fulfill the prophecy that demands their acceptance of this fate or fight against this cruel inheritance with all their might.
With a gorgeous Romanian setting, stunning Parisian gowns, and dark brooding young men, readers will be swept up by this epic adventure of two girls in a battle for their lives.
What I Liked This book was quite different from what I was expecting To be honest, I wasn t really sure what I was expecting, but I got something completely different, and I really liked it This book has a younger YA feel to it NOT Middle Grade, but definitely on the lower end of YA The protagonists are seventeen, but the tone of the book is light and humorous, giving the book a younger feel Not to say that the protagonists act immaturely But I want to dispel the idea that this book is Middle Grade It is indeed YA Dacia and Lou are set to visit their family in Romania The cousins were born in America, their mothers not returning to Romania until now Lou s father and two brothers accompany Lou and her mother, while Dacia and Aunt Kate the third sister travel as well There is something sinister about the Florescu family and Dacia and Lou are trapped in Romania by their own family They find out that their family members are shape shifters The Florescus are an old family that protects another old family the Draculas Prince Mihai a Dracula has an odd interest in Dacia, and Lou and Dacia must figure out how they can escape their family, and save themselves.
This book is written in third person, dual perspective Lou and Dacia are cousins, two very close cousins I liked both of them Lou is quiet and obedient, well mannered, the peacekeeper Dacia is a bit wild and reckless, and she thinks she is being sent to Romania with Aunt Kate as a punishment for an Incident in London with Lord Johnny a young man a few years older than her I liked Lou than Dacia, but I liked them both which is surprising for me usually I dislike one heavily and like the other a lot This relationship between the cousins reminds me of the relationship between the sisters in Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong I liked the structure of this book We get the story, but there are also letters before every chapter The letters are written by a number of characters, but mostly Dacia and Lou They were interesting, and definitely lent themselves well to the plot The story is very intriguing Lou and Dacia slowly find out that the Florescu family are a family of shape shifters Lou s mother, Dacia s mother, the aunts, cousins, grandmother, are all shifters Dacia is the Claw wolf , and Lou is the Smoke she can turn into a mist like form There is a ton of family history and drama associated with the girls transformations it s not as easy as, you re a wolf, welcome to the family Lou and Dacia are prisoners in their family s home, and they want nothing to leave, especially after they shift and learn the truth With the help of a group trying to stop Prince Mihai from taking over the throne of Romania, Lou and Dacia put their abilities to good use.
There is romance in this book We hear about the Incident, with Dacia and Lord Johnny, from the beginning of the book Lord Johnny appears later in the book, as one of the members of the Archangels, a group trying to stop Prince Mihai He is accompanied by Theo Arkady, another young member of the Archangels Lou and Theo have a bad start, in which Theo indirectly insults Lou when he meets her But throughout the story especially towards the end of the book , Lou s feelings toward him greatly change, especially when she realizes that he isn t disgusted with her abilities, and wants to help her I really, really liked Theo Theo and Lou are a great pair Theo is very intelligent and attentive and kind, as is Lou.
I liked Dacia and Lord Johnny too They re a fantastic pair as well Lord Johnny is the tiniest bit sardonic, and Dacia is very wild and feisty They always have hilarious interactions I wanted from Lou and Theo, but I liked seeing Lord Johnny and Dacia together.
I like the historical fiction setting of this book Late nineteenth century Romania, with Parisian influences in the gowns , and heavy Romanian history influences I found the author s take on Dracula and Vlad the Impaler and whatnot very fascinating The ending of this book isn t perfectly wrapped up, so I m excited to read I like how much Dacia and Lou grow and develop, really grounding themselves and finding their stride in terms of their abilities and their newly found forms I m curious to see how the author takes the story to another level, in the next book What I Did Not Like I thought there could have been romance Especially between Lou and Theo I mean, the relationships are clearly developed, albeit slowly and surely I suppose because this is historical fiction, the author didn t want the romance to be steamy and heavy But still, physical interactions between Lou and Theo would have made their relationship even three dimensional Same with Lord Johnny and Dacia s relationship.
This book reads a bit younger in YA, so that could have also been why the romance was a bit tame It s historical fiction, but also, the tone is light despite the whole evil darkness light themes going on Not to say that the protagonists aren t mature They are But the tone is on the lower end of YA but not Middle Grade I m not always the biggest fan of lower YA, but I thought this novel was good.
I m not too sure what the title is referring to The silver reference is made several times throughout the book, but it s never stated explicitly or even implied , what it means I d like to know Also, Lou undergoes a very rapid change, after her first time shifting This change in personality was extremely fast, and I found it a bit out of place Especially since Dacia didn t really undergo an immense personality change It was just kind of sudden and weird There wasn t too much I found negative though.
Would I Recommend It I found this book to be very interesting I liked it, and I would recommend it It s not one that you MUST read like An Ember in the Ashes or The Wrath and the Dawn , but it s a good novel, especially if you see it in the library or already have a copy Note my comments on it reading like a lower YA novel.
Rating 3.
5 stars rounded up to 4 stars I enjoyed the read It was a bit slow at first, but it picked up nicely and I was rooting for the protagonists throughout the book I m excited about the sequel, and will definitely be reading it next year hopefully I get the chance This is the book that I went to Romania to research I love this book I m so excited for this book to finally be out there, in the world Also, I love the cover of this book Isn t it gorgeous Love this book Just had to say that February 2015 Just finished reading the galleys This book is awesome.
DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS GOING TO BEVA SECOND BOOK I CANT FIND ANY INFO ON IT MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListWhen I first started this book I really liked it, then it was dragging I needed to know, then I found out I LOVED IT As you know by reading about the book, it is the 1890 s and Dacia and Lou who are cousins living in New York, are shipped off to meet their relatives in Romania I want to go there so bad They are Romanian through their moms bloodlines Both girls have diaries and write in them throughout the book, or are writing letters to different people throughout the book I liked this little added quirk Both girls are also traveling separate from each other Dacia with her Aunt Kate and Lou with both her mother and father The girls have little run ins with men along the way or upon arrival Dacia gets there before Lou and gets to meet up with a cousin they knew from childhood, Radu and he s cool But Dacia also meets a Prince, who isn t a Prince Lou meets a shady dude that seems to be following her Anyhoo, they finally get together and Dacia tells Lou about their evil grandmother Ioana who makes them call her Lady Ioana She s NOT grandmotherly It turns out the girls family are considered a very powerful family in Romania The Florescus Family and said family are also connected to the Dracula bloodline They even go for a visit over at Bran Castle While the girls are there they find out what they think is a horrible secret about their family I think it s cool myself, but only in the magical way, not in the way they have been using their magic for they become something else and it is so cool I can t wait for the next book to see how this is going to play out I think the author did an awesome job with these characters and what she made of them No one is ever what they seem Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.
5 starsSilver in the Blood could have been a lot of things It could have been yet another spin on wolves in service enslaved to vampires It could have been nothing than two silly girls running amok in Eastern Europe It could have been a bland Victorian tale about society misses having their sensibilities shocked by some generic Family Secret.
I was half expecting it to be one of those things or something else equally mediocre.
Which is why Silver in the Blood is a perfect example of why sometimes you just have to read a book for yourself, other opinions be damned.
Lou and Dacia are best friends and cousins and as different as two girls can be, both in appearance and temperament They are daughters of two of the most prominent New York families on their fathers sides and practically blue blood on their Romanian mothers.
You d be hard pressed to find well bred ladies on American soil Dacia is especially aware of this and enjoys it immensely BUT She sometimes finds the routine the same people, places, parties, etc day in and day out a bit stifling.
Which is why she rejoices when her mother suggests a European tour, ending with a long family visit in Bucharest, or Little Paris as it was known at the time Her excitement, however, is dampened after a questionable escapade in London leads her aunt and traveling companion to take the most direct path to Romania, skipping over the actual Paris completely.
Such hardships snickers Lou is having a difficult time of her own, traveling separately with her parents and hellion younger twin brothers It begins when a young man approaches her on a ship and inquires, strangely, whether she is,the wing, the claw, or the smoke Baffled and than a little bit flustered, for Lou is a rather fragile creature, and impertinent young men asking inscrutable questions is a perfect recipe for her discomfiture She is further scandalized by That Awful Man s continued harassment of her person by his repeated attempts at bizarre conversation, and seeing him throughout the remainder of her travels, she becomes quite convinced that he is following her.
I found Lou and her sometimes morose observations to be particularly hilarious That Awful Man was standing in the passageway, peering into their compartment She thought she might really have an attack of some sort now, and could only gasp for air Lord Johnny appeared beside him, and Lou wondered for a fevered moment if she was simply hallucinating all the beaux she didn t have.
Dacia was also highly entertaining, if in a direct manner She wanted to hide, or open the window and somehow fly away Instead she pasted on a smile and did her best to keep it there Not so big, LouLou, you re looking ghoulish, Dacia whispered, Beyond the girls and their various family members being a delight to read, I also found the plot wonderfully compelling It s true that Day George did take an inordinate amount of time to finally reveal the Big Family Secret, but she paved the way to the discovery well enough that I didn t feel taunted, and she still managed to slip in a Surprise despite our expectations.
I was also impressed by her restraint in not taking the obvious supernatural route view spoiler The Draculas were NOT vampires hide spoiler I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
If I met Jessica Day George in person, there is a 99% chance that I would freak out the odds are also high that I would start either crying or incoherently trying to talk about how much I love her books Perhaps both She s one of my favorite authors, so saying that I didn t like Silver in the Blood really pains me I was so sure this was going to be my favorite book from her, because it sounds so BEAUTIFUL Let me make it clear why I didn t like this book I have a chart Because science.
Now, looking at this pie chart, we can see that the slices of pretty dresses and romance, are extremely disproportionate to the butt kicking slice.
This is a problem.
Yes, my problem was that Dacia and Lou are just terrible at being capable protagonists Actually, Lou s okay at it, but Dacia downright sucks And even though Lou is alright at it, this didn t completely make sense because she s supposed to be shy and reserved, so why is the Lou that we meet so powerful and in control and not afraid to put people in their place I dunno, I dunno Let s tackle these problems one at a time, shall we First the dresses There are so Many Dresses The book takes its time talking about what Lou and Dacia are wearing and I just don t care.
I don t care what color sash Dacia decided to wear with her gown I m all for adding a little detail now and then, but come on This was not fun.
Second the romance Can it even be called that Because I read the book and I still cannot figure out how Lou and Dacia fell in love with these guys There was so little of it, but all the sudden in the end it mentions that they are apparently couples It came out of nowhere I saw hints, but nothing else, and it seems like any romance in this book was just added because it s YA and that s what all the teen girls want nowadays, amiright NO IT S NOT JUST STAHP PUBLISHERS PLEASE Third the character of Prince Mihai Now, there was potential here, I ll admit This could have been a wonderful villainous character But no First clue that I wasn t going to like Mihai s character was when Dacia describes him as smelling like money and masculinity Oh yeah, I m pretty sure that Old Spice sells that scent Actually, no I have no idea what that means Second, some of the things he says sound like a soap opera Like if it was a movie, you could hear the organ going duh duh DUH in the background They are just so over the top menacing But the final straw was that view spoiler he threatens to rape Lou and Dacia while they watch No, no, no NO I m sorry, but that s not okay, even if he is the villain hide spoiler

This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoSilver in the Blood was sadly not all I wanted it to be It s not a bad book by any means, it s very creative and fun but it is also a little slow and needed a little work in the character department.
It takes almost a third of the book for us to finally see all the fun action and I don t think there was enough of all the good stuff happening to make up for the initial slowness To be fair, I didn t mind the slow bits too much I was never bored and I did like reading those details since they helped built up the suspense, but I feel like there was too much time spent building that suspense and not enough time spent actually making the wait worth it.
I would like to start off by saying that this book isn t as dark as it sounds It s actually quite light hearted and not in a bad way , it s cute and fun to read and I enjoyed reading from the POVs of both the main characters.
Dacia and Lou are spoilt young ladies traveling to Romania to meet their mothers side of the family When I say spoilt, I don t mean it in a bad way They are from wealthy, influential families but they aren t horrible, mean girls I always found both characters to be likeable even when Dacia made some questionable decisions Dacia is the outspoken of the two and while she did make some questionable decisions she was also not a bad person She wasn t stupid and really, what s wrong with someone who enjoys receiving attention not in an obnoxious way She can stand up for herself and won t let people get away with shit.
Lou is in some ways the exact opposite of Dacia Where Dacia is outspoken and sometimes impulsive, Lou is shy and likes to think things through In that way, Dacia and Lou complement each other I definitely found Lou to be likeable since I could relate to her better but what I also liked was that both the girls were likeable You didn t have to hate one to like the other.
Both girls develop over the course of the book and I loved watching them both turn into the mature, confident women they were by the end of the novel.
One of the drawbacks of this book is the secondary characters The love interests have no real depth to them which was a pity Lou and Dacia s family were talked about in such vague terms that I never found myself feeling anything towards them Their villainous grandmother was cartoonishly evil to the point where her motives made no sense I also didn t like how we never saw enough of Lou s mother She is made out to be a bad guy but we never really see her do anything bad besides siding with the Grandma I never understood the sudden change in Lou s mom I felt the same way about Aunt Kate Although in her case, I never saw her being good so when she is talked about in such nice terms, I was like huh What do you mean Isn t she a douche There was also the question of Lou s father who I would have liked to see of Basically I felt like the adults and the love interests needed to be round instead of flat.
This book isn t very romance heavy but the problem is that I never really saw the romantic relationships develop There is the tension, yes but I wanted to see that flourish instead of the automatic transition into we are in love How long have you known each other for again BUT ALSO I just wanted to see the couples, I wanted to see the banter, I wanted to see them work together as a team but none of that really happened on a large enough scale for me to enjoy the dynamic.
The world building in the novel was nice I liked the Claw, Wing and Smoke aspects although I might have enjoyed seeing some of that I also liked the Romanian setting It definitely added a certain darkness to the atmosphere although keep in mind what I said earlier about this not being a dark novel The first book in this series may not have won me over completely but I still enjoyed it and will definitely be watching out for the sequel I d recommend this to anyone looking for a fun fantasy novel to read.
DNF at about 75%Immature, underdeveloped, boring, predictable it is all the words that came to my mind while reading this book Usually, I would start to list all the bad things this book has and analyze why I didn t enjoy it But in this case, there s no need to analyze Silver in the Blood wasn t particularly bad it just middle grade book That s it, if you are under 16, you will like this book It has this childish aftertaste and as a grown person I did not find anything interesting for me in it Some YA books are for mature audience, some books are not I just wish that book s annotation would mention it before I started to read this story Have you ever loved something so much that every time you tried to formulate an acceptable description of it, all that came out was incoherent babbling, punctuated by half sobs and words like amazing, beautiful, perfectly realized and imagined, argle blargle blergh My love of supernatural stories and anything mentioning that infamous Romanian Transylvanian figure of history and fiction blend perfectly with my love of the Georgette Heyer and Marion Chesney worlds of Regency romances, and the steampunk brilliance of Gail Carriger in this breathtakingly well written and delightful story I could not put it down and have struggled with putting my thoughts down once I finished May I just say, Murmle, blurmle, love, love, love, gah read This Book So Much Love Review first posted on www.
com In 1897, seventeen year old Louisa Lou and Dacia, cousins, close friends and high society debutantes, are excitedly traveling from New York City to Bucharest, Romania for an extended stay with their Florescu family relatives, on their mothers sides Dacia is traveling with her mother s sister, Aunt Kate, while Lou is traveling along a separate route to Romania with both of her parents.
Bucharest about 1900.
But their eagerly anticipated trip starts to go wrong Dacia made the mistake of flirting too much with a young man in London, and now Aunt Kate is restricting her every move Wolves haunt their train ride to Bucharest and block it temporarily by leaving something unmentionable on the track a man whom Dacia has never before seen appears and kisses Aunt Kate in a scandalous manner A stranger accosts Lou on the boat to France and accuses her of being the Wing And once they reach Bucharest, things aren t any better the girls freedom is still limited, family secrets ominously swirl about them, and the girls Romanian grandmother turns out to be cold and cruel, ruling the Florescu family with an iron fist.
So maybe it isn t entirely good news when Dacia meets the attentive, incredibly handsome Prince Mihai, who turns out to be a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, the original Dracula Or, perhaps, when the entire extended Florescu family leaves Bucharest to take the girls to Bran, Romania where Dracula s historic castle is located Castle Bran, Romania Dracula s Castle As the girls heritage turns out to be tied to mysterious powers that run in the Florescu family, as well as the hereditary links between their family and the Dracula clan, these two proper young ladies realize that there s to life than dresses and idle socializing They ll need to dig deep within themselves for the courage to cope with the shocks and challenges that will face them.
Each chapter of Jessica Day George s Silver in the Blood begins with a letter or diary entry by Lou or Dacia or, later, by a couple of other characters , and the chapters alternate between the two girls viewpoints It s interesting to see how their concerns shift over time, from fashion and flirting with eligible young men and society visits, to life and death concerns and fighting for what they believe in Some readers may get impatient with the girls particularly Dacia s initial superficiality, but I thought it was realistic and played out well.
A key point occurs midpoint in the story, where the big family secret is revealed to the stunned girls Although I had been anticipating this development for some time and, in general, could guess what was going to occur, there was at least one unexpected surprise that was a very welcome addition to the plot It has a surprising effect on the girls personalities as well In many ways, the girls trade the leadership role in their relationship at that point, as one finds the self confidence she s always lacked and the other struggles with her new capabilities and the damage it does to her self image While her reaction seems a little overwrought, it s worth remembering that these girls are from a much sheltered time Silver in the Blood has its shortcomings The plot drags at times, which is likely to be particularly noticeable to adult readers The villains in particular are rather one dimensional some additional and layered character development would have been welcome with all of the secondary characters Additionally, the parents played unsatisfactory roles in the story, abandoning them or turning against them without adequate explanation, and essentially being sidelined for most of the action although I m a parent, so I probably felt that much strongly than younger readers will The girls Aunt Kate, torn between her heritage and love for a man, on the one hand, and her love for Dacia and Lou and her sense of what is good and true, on the other, was a much developed personality than any of their parents.
Jessica Day George deserves props for coming up with an unusual plot and setting, and for avoiding what must have been a temptation to make vampires part of this Transylvanian paranormal fantasy even with the Dracula clan as part of the plot Silver in the Blood is a light read, definitely in the YA category, although sensitive readers may be disturbed by some death and violence, including the threat of rape There is a romantic element to the story, but it is handled very lightly This novel won t appeal to all readers, but it kept my attention and I finished it off in one sitting I would recommend it without qualms to an older teenage girl who enjoys paranormal fantasy.
5 stars.
As Debutantes In S New York City, Cousins Dacia And Lou Knew Little About Their Mysterious Romanian Relatives, The Florescus Now, Upon Turning Seventeen, The Girls Must Journey To Romania A Journey That Seems To Be Both Reward And Punishment To Meet Their Cousins And Their Tyrant Of A Grandmother And To Learn The Secrets Of Their Family Secrets Spoken Of In Whispers Dangerous Secrets Known As The Claw, The Wing, And The SmokeBut As Dangerous As Those Family Secrets Might Be, Even Dangerous Is The Centuries Old Bond Between The Florescus And The Royal Dracula Family, And It Seems That It S Time For Dacia And Lou To Give Up Their Life In New York Society And Take Their Place Among The Servants Of The Draculas When The Devilish Heir, Mihai Dracula, Sets His Sights On Dacia As Part Of His Evil, Power Hungry Plan, The Girls Must Accept Or Fight Against This Cruel Inheritance Do They Have The Courage To Break The Shackles Of Their Upbringing And Set The Course Of Their Own Destiny