[ Pdf Rough, Raw, and Ready (Rough Riders, #5) é femslash PDF ] by Lorelei James ñ While I normally enjoy the Rough Riders series, I did not like this book At all Generally, I prefer my HEA to be between 2 people however I have read some very good menage HEA s that the author has really written well Those have worked for me This one did not.
I felt like Trevor was dishonest and a cheating bastard If I came upon my husband kissing someone else, whether man, woman or horse, I would be PISSED That is cheating to me It doesn t matter what the sex Chassie just seemed to take it all in stride Oh, what can I do to keep this man Accept that he has to bone someone else Sure why not I like a menage relationship where all parties are given a choice, a decision Chassie had no choice here This was kind of forced upon her and if she wanted Trevor good old Ed had to come along too And the scene where she gave them permission to finally act on their desires well it made me ill The fell on each other like two pigs that had been starved of their slop Like Trevor s wife wasn t just sitting right there I have to stop thinking about this book It makes me angry.
Torn between the love he hasand the love he s always wanted Wow, with each instalment in the Roughriders series I keep saying this one is my absolute favourite it just can t get any better Well I was sorely mistakin because James has outdone herself with 5 and this one really is the best yet no really Now I m left lamely trying to put into words how friggin fantastic this story is.
Ever since book 1 Long Hard Ride I ve been wondering what happened to Trevor and Edgard and hoping for their story I was curious as to how these delicious cowboys could get their HEA especially in a homophobic and generally not alternative lifestyle appreciating town like Sundance Wyoming I never counted on a wife being involved but lucky, lucky Chassie Glanzer She gets the lovin of two damn fine men here And talking about fine men if you re a fan of M M lovin then hang onto your cowboy hats because this is all kinds of ways hot and sexy man lovin Of course Chassie does participate on occasion and even though I m not a fan of the m nage, this works for me because all the partners are involved equally There s also an amazing 3 way love story unfolding here, full of undeniable passion, emotion and heaps of consequences which are all explored beautifully And Yes theres a whole lotta spicy sex going on too, in just about every conceivable position combination and location possible Yeehaw Trevor and Chassie have been happily married for one year Trevor loves his wife and life on the ranch is good but he s never quite been able to forget about his old roping partner and he knows that sometimes Chassie can sense his longing Trevor never expected to see Edgard again though especially after it became clear that he couldn t be the kind of man that Edgard needed but now his secret Brazilian lover is walking right up the dusty driveway, looking as fine and sexy as ever and hoping to sort out their tangled past With the kind of sparks that are flying between this pair of cowboys it doesn t take long for Chassie to catch them together and damn those first mergers are aggressive and scorching hot Chassie thought she knew everything about her husbands chequered past but this is really pushing things However before she can come to terms with the fact that Trevor and Edgard were lovers she has to face the fact that she might just be losing her man because its not just lust she see s in their eyes its unbridled love too.
Trevor promises he won t leave but she doesn t want him to stay out of any sense of duty, she knows he d be forever missing his Latin cowboy and she d be living half a marriage So Chassie does the only thing a girl could do in this kind of situation she asks if she can watch them together and then she joins them Of course for this arrangement to succeed theres all kinds of issues to work out and they are slightly worried about what the townsfolk are gunna think down at the local feed store but thetime they all spend together thepassion and raw emotion comes to the surface Trevor and Edgard finally feel complete and damn if Chassie doesn t too.
Oh boy, what to sayI really enjoyed this one, maybe a littlethan I thought I would, which shouldn t have surprised me I mean, Lorelei James is one of the few authors who can have me finishing a book in one day, so she must be doing something right There s just something about her writing style that makes reading her books almost effortless It s probably a combination of her realistic dialogue, her plots, her flawed but always likable characters, the pacing not to mention her scorching hot sex scenes that have you turning the pages as fast as you can read them Rough, Raw and Ready was another winner in the Rough Riders series, and while it may not have been my favorite, it was a darn good read.
This was former rodeo cowboy Trevor Glanzer and his new wife Chassie West s story Chassie is the half Native American cousin to theprosperous McKay family who stars in the rest of the stories in the series Chassie s had sort of a rough life filled with heartache and family and financial problems, but things start looking up when Trevor Glanzer comes into her life and helps share some of her burdens and helps her make a go of it with the little ranch that she inherited They fall in love, get married, and even though money s tight, they have each other and are very happy Trevor s retired from the rodeo and only wants to have a place to call home and a family of his own to make up for the crazy dysfunctional family he comes from , and he loves his feisty new wife dearly But when a blast from his past shows up on their doorstep, things are about to change big time, and his future with Chassie may be threatened.
Trevor never thought he d see his old rodeo roping partner and lover, Brazilian hottie Edgard Mancuso, again, not after they had a painful breakup over 3 years ago Edgard left him after Trevor couldn t give him the public acknowledgement that he wanted, and although it hurt him terribly, Trevor thought he put all those feelings he had for Edgard behind him when he married Chassie But one look again at the dark haired, sexy hunk has him feeling all kind of confusing things He loves his wife Chassie, but Edgard also owns a piece of his heart How could he have both of them Would Chassie be willing to share him with another man Should he let Edgard walk out of his life again What about all the hopes and dreams that he and Chassie have Would there be any room for Edgard in those plans There s no way Trevor wants to lose Chassie, but he never told her about his past with Edgard What will Chassie think What will sweet Chassie do when he tells her Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy Imagine being in Chassie s shoes You re blissfully in love with your sexy hunk of a husband, you can t believe this sex god has fallen for ordinary you, things are finally going right in what has been a disappointing lifeand you find out your husband has been keeping one whopper of a secret from you How would you handle it Give him the boot Tell him to make a choice between you or the old boyfriend Or see if there s a way to preserve the marriage between you and the man you still love and who still loves you , by accepting what s going to make him truly happy and give him and possibly you a sense of completion.
That s about the gist of this story can Chassie, Trevor, and Edgard forge some kind of relationship that works for all of them Well, it doesn t take long after Chassie gets some advice from a woman who experienced both Trevor and Edgard in her wilder days that would be Channing McKay from Long Hard Ride that Chassie decides to take matters into her own hands and proposes that her husband and Edgard get it on right in front of her I guess to see if she can take it kind of masochistic, I thought But what do you know, she s turned on by their rather rough man lovin this just might work after all Yes, yes, there s a few problems to work out Is she jealous of Edgard, is he jealous of her, is Trevor jealous of the blossoming relationship between Chassie and Edgard, does Chassie enjoy being the filling in their sandwich yes , is itthan just sex between this very lusty trio, what will the families think, do they hide the relationship, etc All these potential problems are dealt with and handled very well in the story, in between all the bouts of lusty lovemaking in every perceivable way, combination, and position, I might add By the end of the story, all three learn a lot about themselves and each other, and what it means to love unconditionally, and to realize that you only get one life to live and you want to make darn sure you live it without regrets.
I really came to care for all three of these characters I loved Chassie right off the bat She had a hard life and had a big heart and I wanted to see her happy And when Edgard showed up on her doorstep, I wanted to say No, turn around and go away But then I saw how miserable Edgard was without Trevor, how truly alone he was, and how he and Chassie hit it off, I loved when he bought her a goat , and I started to think that maybe he d be good for Chassie too maybe he can give her something that Trevor can t And when he was attracted to her physicallywell that just sealed the deal for me At first I wasn t too happy with Trevor he should have never kept that secret from Chassie And when Chassie gave them the go ahead to get busy , it was almost laughable when they practically attacked each other before the words were barely out of her mouthTheir mouths met in a furious kiss Trevor trapped Edgard s face in his hands He inhaled Ed s whole mouth like a sumptuous feast, making up for the mere crumbs he d tasted the day beforeJeez, their man love was animalistic That was just the prelude But, I never felt that Trevor loved Edgardthan Chassie, which was important, because I didn t want to see her get shortchanged And trust me, she didn t In fact, I think she had all the lovin she could handle.
Things got a little dicey when Trevor had to make a decision about whether he was going to take over his disgustingly dysfunctional family s business wow, his family was mean , or stick with the less prosperous but far happier plan of making a go of it with Chassie and Edgard Not too hard of a choice thereI must warn that there s lots of sex in this book, maybeso than in LJ s other books in the series, and most of it is of the menage kind, although there s a bit of exclusive m f and m m No doubt most of it is plenty hot, but it could push some readers far out of their comfort zones Just when I thought that maybe I d had enough and was thinking about skimming, LJ got back on track with the plot which I really enjoyed and no skimming was needed I also enjoyed the little preview setup for one of the next books that s obviously going to be about wounded war hero Cam McKay It was nice to also get a glimpse back into the McKay family s lives and get an update on what s also happening with recovering alcoholic Colt McKay, whose story is told in the upcoming Branded As Trouble Looking forward to both of those future reads.
While this wasn t my favorite I prefer an exclusive m f romance I m sure plenty of readers will enjoy this hot and satisfying read about unconditional love and acceptance, and will probably fall in love with all three leads Chalk up another winner for Lorelei James I haven t read a bad one in this series yet 4 1 2 starsWarning This book contains explicit language and sex, including oral and anal, light spanking, m m action, m f m menage, and m m f menage Not for the faint of heart Wow A very disturbing book A menage book I didn t like This was a first, because it was well written and had nicely implemented drama All this aside there was one thing I can never stomach when it comes to a tree way relationship when I feel it s a crowd.
Also, this book contained my second deal breaker for m nage fiction the feel that somebody in a mm relationship is not gay Or bi Or what ever But first let me quote thisI know It s just sometimes, right after we d made love or had sex or whatever,you d get this far off look in your eye You didn t realize you even did it Bein paranoid,I had it in my mind that I hadn t measured up and you were disappointed in me in bedand didn t want to say anything Chassie, baby, you know that s not Let me finish Chassie mustered the courage to look in Trevor s eyes Today,after seein this, I realize that was wrong You weren t critiquing my performance Youweren t even thinkin about me, were you He briefly squeezed his eyes shut and blinked them open Fuck I m sorry Don t be Like I said, I mrelieved than anything Relieved That I was thinkin about another man This This is a crowd And relieved Really This is one sick woman if she feels no jealousy No, wait This is fiction And if she is ok with this, then she is badly written Because there is no women out there, or man, to be frank, that is happy to find out that his lover, a person he is committed to was thinking about somebody else after having sex with them.
It s just kind of twisted and,and,and not nice Also, lets just hold up.
Why would he think about him It has been years.
He found an other person he loved.
He was happy.
Forget about Ed being a guy Forget he now had a wife.
Think of it this way you loved somebody You broke up You had a very hard time A lot of time passed But then you meet this other super person You get married You start a life together You love this personthan anything Why would you EVER think about the ex lover I am a firm believer that this is unnatural If you are still thinking about this other person you are not committed to your new relationship Plus lets face it Nobody pines forever Nobody is that special We are all very un unique We can all be replaced Forgotten So how and why is this person always thinking about an ex lover The author wants us to think it is because he is a man And Trev there needs both to be complete Well that is just prejudicial, right there Why should your sex decide the amount of possibility that you are to be remembered Also, regarding the previous stated I could really feel the love Trev had for Chass It was there, it was very palpable and real But there is still Ed, right Wrong Yes, wrong Trev never felt gay I read the words, but his longing for Ed always fell flat Even in the previous books.
It seems like he always goes in to a kind of theatrics Oh,Ed,yes,ED,YES He never really says this but all of Trev s thinking about Ed have that fake screaming sound you hear in porn movies This would be bad enough when it comes to sex, but the problem was I heard it the same way when it was about feelings and love Like somebody got a really straight actor that had no idea what do to with this kind of situation, and told him So ok, you love this dude, show us, make us see it.
Here these are your lines.
he never made me see it And then on top of all that Trev states I am not gay it s just about Ed Ahhhh the friendship factor I hate the friendship factor Sexual attraction and passion is not really about this The friendship factor can and will make lovepowerful and lasting, but sex No Friendship is not a catalysis for sex He and Edgard had been good friends before becoming lovers,sharing everything, from their love of playing practical jokes, to ways to stave offboredom on the range Although their life stories were vastly different, they d clicked.
After spending eight years on the circuit surrounded my men, Trevor admitted to himselfthat he needed male companionship Chassie was great, but he missed that macho bullshitand competitiveness he d gotten from his rodeo buddies.
FRIENDSHIP COMPANIONSHIP It seems the author uses the words but does not apply them as she should She makes people that have similar interests be in love Not all are I like running That does not make me in love with my dog that goes with me Also, she seems to tell us that if a man and woman live on a farm his gay side will pop up because he misses his mates Eeeeh what He d liked having Edgard to tool around with in the truck Fixing equipment, doingshit work that Chassie shouldn t have to deal with though she d pop him upside thehead for hinting she had less guts than any man Lord He d really missed that buddy part of his relationship with Edgard and it d be worse once Edgard left.
He liked to fix stuff with him This is why they are now lovers Man oh man I gotta keep an eye on that dude that goes fishing with my fianc I mean, lets face it, I can not fish worth damn And how can you not want to have sex with people that fix cars or fish I have read and like all of the Brothers in arm series There are my favourit MMF books out there All of the male friends in these books end up together It s very weird And most of them go Its not about men its about this one person that was my good friend That was the only thing that bugged me then and it buggs me now I have friends Good friends feel like family They do not make you gay They don t make you straight either Also in the real world when a straight man has a good friend and this good friend kisses him after hanging out, being cool there would be blows And possibly blood Sure, sure maybe I can not understand People tell me you are not a man and you never wanted a man as a man Oh nice It makes me think about the tv series Brothers and sisters where one gay brother is talking to some other person yapping on about him not understanding and he says You must begay than me So there are youstraight than others Are yougay or bi You are not We are all alike.
So this book It was fiction Sure, all of it is fiction But you know a bad line is crossed when it feels like fantasy or a whim.
S Domini This is what made this book lose onestar Domini the Bosnian Somebody from Bosnia is called Domini Uh, hello,was it too big a problem to google Bosnian or just plain Balkan names, you idiot It s not even similar to any kind of name of any nationalyti in Bosnia Not even Hungarians Gah Or she is maybe Ukrainian Yeah.
ok not their name either Sheeesh 4.
5 Stars Chassie and Trevor Glanzer are happily married and they continue to overcome their family s ongoing issues While they are busy running their ranch, Trevor s old friend and rodeo roping partner, Edgard Mancuso, makes an unexpected visit causing old feelings to resurface You don t remember how wet and eager my mouth felt sucking every drop of spunk from your cock You don t think about how deep I reamed that tight asshole of yours as you bucked and begged me forThough Trevor never could forget about Edgard, having him so close again begins to fill a void that Trevor chose to ignore Being dedicated and loyal to his wife, Trevor battles strong feelings toward the only man that also captured his heart While Chassie is an adoring wife and strong woman, she notices the unsaid words and stolen glances between Trevor and Edgard all while she also develops her own endearing bond with Ed I m stunned by the way you make me feel, Chass He pressed his mouth to hers Worthy A soft brush of his lips Safe Another kiss That I have value to you beyond what we both feel for Trevor Once the truth surfaces, Chassie knows what s at stake but she doesn t want to lose her husband and she begins to willingly view their options For Trevor, he has to overcome longstanding fears about his relationship with Ed and will do whatever it takes to keep Chassie content and happy I never want either of you to be ashamed of what you feel for each other, or feel like you have to hold back in front of me or in our home, Chassie said What you had was private, but now it belongs to all three of us Can you guys handle that What I loved about this book is how these characters approached an unconventional relationship With this threesome, they built a foundation with one another individually and all together While I was initially concerned about feelings of jealousy, it was quickly extinguished by the balance Chassie, Trevor and Edgard share with each other and the chemistry between all is off the charts.
In this series, Chassie and Trevor both had to overcome certain adversities and challenges and seeing them come together is rewarding I liked Chassie s open mindedness and her ability to accept what makes her happy despite what others may think Trevor isof a broody cowboy at times but his love and respect for Chassie never wanes and his sexual appetite is insatiable As for Edgard, he offers so much heart to the storyline making me love his sincerity and dominating ways Rough, Raw and Ready, is a steamy story about how three people fall in love and have the courage to live how they choose This book will appeal to those who like sexy as hell cowboys and like to think outside the box when it comes to relationships.
Note While it s best to read the books in this series in order, Rough, Raw and Ready can be read as a standalone.
Rough Rider series Forreviews reveals giveaways visit There are quite a few great reviews on this book so I will just share my thoughts I was wary going into this story because I was afraid Chassie was going to be the third wheel in this relationship I should have realized Ms James could take a difficult relationship like this and make it work and make it emotionaly satisfying as well I felt the resonable questions and emotions that would come up from finding your husband attracted to another man as well as you were brought up and dealt with in a satisfying way that made sense Trevor did love Chassie, she wasn t his consolation prize He just loved Edgard too I didn t feel like anyone was worse off Trevor, Chassie and Edgar all had their physical and emotional needs met The initial shock and hurt that Chassie felt was dealt with well, she takes it in a realistic manner then tries to work through the situation and keep Trevor from denying an important part of himself.
Overall, it was a good read that I was unsure of going in but throughly enjoyed Ms James can pretty much convince me of any relationship which is the mark of a good author.
Torn Between The Love He Has And The Love He S Always Wanted Rough Riders Series, Book Chassie West Glanzer Hasn T Been A Stranger To Drama And Tragedy A Year Of Wedded Bliss To Sexy As Sin Cowboy Trevor Glanzer Has Brought Her The Happiness And Contentment She Never Thought She D Find, And Mellowed Trevor S Rodeo Wanderlust Then Trevor S Old Roping Partner Ambles Up The Driveway And Chassie S Life Changes Drastically Trevor Never Expected To See Edgard Mancuso Again, After It Became Clear He Couldn T Be The Man Edgard Needed Now Edgard Is Back From Brazil To Sort Out Their Tangled Past, And Trevor Is Plagued With Feelings He Thought He D Buried Over Three Years Ago Although Trevor Is Hat Over Bootheels In Love With His Sweet, Feisty Wife, The Sense His Life Is Missing A Piece Has Always Gnawed At Him Chassie S Shock That Edgard And Trevor Were Once Lovers Turns To Fear Of Losing Her Husband Or Worse, Fear That Trevor Will Stay With Her Only Out Of A Sense Of Duty Yet As The Three Of Them Spend Time Together, The Sins Of The Past Blur And Fade, Leaving Raw Emotion And Unbridled Passion Passion That Could Heal Or Cause Irreparable Damage To Their Future 5 Rough, Raw, and Ready StarsOk see again this is my favorite of the series, I have read and re read this book so many times So there might be SPOILERS This is a MMF, MM , MF, MFM Book Chassie Trevor EdgardChassie has found out a pretty be shocking secret about her husband Trevor His old Roping partner Edgard shows up at their ranch out of the blue.
When there secret comes out, I think I was most surprised at how Chassie deals with everything She is so open and willing to understand She is what brings them all together her love and understanding It s why Trevor could finally be free to feel what he feels and Edgard realizes that maybe it s not the sex of someone that you are attracted to but the person Because he is just as shocked to be having feelings for a women as Trevor was to realize he was in love with a man and a women.
I think Edgard needed Chassie s soft touch and understanding as much as he needs Trevor s hard rough edges And same goes for Trevor and Chassie they both need each other in different ways and as three they work.
Swoon I just love this love story, plain and simple P.
S I read this paperback the signed one Oh the hearts and the feels I feel You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.
I m giving this book 3.
5 stars, but not at all for the same reasons that I gave 3.
5 stars to Long Hard Ride and Rode Hard, Put Up Wet I liked this book More than I thought I was going to I liked the characters and thought it was a great story, even if I personally can t fully understand the situation and relationship between Trevor, Chassie, and Edgard I personally believe that you should live your life how you want to live it and not give a damn about what others think But, I also know that is a damn hard thing to do, especially when faced with your own insecurities So I really do commend the three of them for saying Fuck it and doing what they want, even if, like I said, I can t completely understand their chosen lifestyle.
I liked Chassie, really, really liked her, but she is either the strongest woman alive or the biggest damn fool there is I don t know about you, but I don t know any woman who would be so accepting of her husband being in love with and pining after someone else, let alone another man I know I wouldn t be okay with that I wouldn t be sharing my husband with anyone, whether they are a man or a woman Selfish as it may be, I would be forcing the bastard to make a decision about who he wanted He can t have his cake and eat it too He d have to make his bed and lie in it But she was just so damn accepting.
So, like I said, Chassie West Glanzer is either the strongest woman ever or the biggest damn fool.
Most of you know that I really did not like Trevor in Long Hard Ride, hell even in his cameo during Rode Hard, Put Up Wet, but that might be just because I didn t really know him I actually do like him now He s definitely not my favorite, but it was certainly interesting to see Trevor grow as a person and finally accept himself for everything he is.
Edgard I was just ambivalent about before and I probably still am now I admit that I probably hated him in the beginning of this book because I felt like he was coming in and ruining the good thing Chassie and Trevor had going At the end of this book, though, I can honestly say that I don t really give a shit about him either way Sure, he had his sweet, cute moments, but that s neither here nor there.
There was one part of this book that really affected me emotionally It was after Chassie saw Edgard and Trevor kissing, and she was just sitting in her truck on the side of the road, crying and not knowing where the hell to go I felt for Chassie so much in that moment that I actually started crying Crying.
To the point that I had to stop reading, get up, and wipe my eyes, causing my sister to ask me what the hell was wrong By the time I babbled out a semi understandable answer, she d already rolled her eyes, called me a freak, and went back to ignoring me Fucking cryingPoor Chassie But then Colby called Trevor, told him what was doing, and proved that maybe he ain t such an asshole all the time and making it all better Mostly.
I m sure by now most of you know that I hate threesomes Well, permanent threesomes Reading a threesome every once in a while No big deal Maybe even really sexy Permanent ones No way, Jose As I m sure you know, that was one of my biggest problems with Long Hard Ride Rough, Raw and Ready Not so much It was the other sexual encounters that had me cringing a bit Not the ones with Trevor and Chassie, but the ones with Trevor and Edgard Now, don t get me wrong, I am in way a prude when it comes to m m sex Sometimes I think it s sexier than the m f sex in a book However, every single time Trevor and Edgard had sex alone, I felt a sense of betrayal, like Trevor was cheating on Chassie Maybe it s because I was so sympathetic to her throughout the whole book, especially in the beginning But even though she knew it was happening and was okay with it, I just couldn t be Although, I felt the same sense of betrayal when Chassie and Edgard did it while Trevor was goneDamnHow fucked up am I As little presence as she had in the book, I enjoyed seeing Keely, one of my favorite characters of the series I liked seeing the two girls interacting, but I also liked seeing themature, serious side of Keely, even if it wasn t an ideal situation.
And then, of course, there were my three guys Kade, Cam, and Colt I adored seeing Kade with Eliza, the sexy daddy He is still so utterly adorable and sweet And I enjoyed seeing the sisterly and brotherly affection that Indy and Kade had formed for each other Then there s my Cam My poor, injured Cam I was so utterly heartbroken to read about what had happened to the strong, virile man The man who was all smiles and jokes in the previous book Lastly, my beloved Colt The man has come such a long way from his destructive behavior in Cowgirl Up and Ride and it was wonderful to see that transformation in him mature and solidify even further in Rough, Raw and Ready I sincerely look forward to my reread of Branded As Trouble.
Reread 8 14 10I ve been wanting to reread this one since I first read it And I think it was even better the second time around I love this story For me, it s the ultimate alternative erotic romance It s one I ll definitely have on my keeper shelf for a long time Maybe I m a bit biased because I love Menage HEA stories, and especially Bi Menage HEAs, but I loved this book Super hot, great characters, an interesting storylineI loved pretty much everything about it If I were picky, I d give it maybe a 4.
75 stars for one aspect I thought could have been better, but really, I just enjoyed the heck out of this book.
Series Note Rough, Raw and Ready is the fifth book in Lorelei James Rough Riders In the first book, Long Hard Ride, James introduced Trevor Glanzer and Edgard Mancuso, roping partners on the rodeo circuit The two were closet lovers, but Edgard wantedWhen Trevor wouldn t give it to him, he decided to go back home to Brazil.
Summary Through the few most recent additions to the series, James gave tidbits to the fact that Trevor had gotten involved with Chassie West, a cousin to the McKay family The two married and when this book starts, Chassie and Trevor are happy together, even as they struggle to keep the West ranch functioning Then Edgard shows back up after a fallout with his family.
Chassie had known about Trevor s past varied sexual exploits, but not that he d been involved with another man one he had strong feelings for She senses right off the bat that something is odd between them But it isn t until she catches them kissing that she finds out the truth Because of the situation with her now deceased brother Dag, she s not disgusted, just terribly hurt After some soul searching she realizes it wouldn t be fair to deny her husband something he obviously needs, but neither does she want to give him up So the three decide to a menage relationship Add in some family drama, a surprising connection between Edgard and Chassie, and an atypical relationship, and things are anything but easy for the three.
Review This book is smokin hot The scenes between Trevor and Edgard.
whew Toss Chassie in and I almost melted into a puddle I certainly wouldn t mind having a Trevor and Edgard of my very own There is some very descriptive male male sex, though, so if that doesn t appeal to you, I d highly recommend not reading this book Me the idea of two buff, hot cowboys gettin it on is just too yummy for words But on aserious relationship front, I thought James did a good job with their relationship Not perfect, perhaps, which is where I d take that.
25 off if I could Chassie was very, very accepting after the initial shock Once things got fully involved, I though she could have had a littleconfusion, a littleworry about how things could possibly work between the three of them But I liked the way things played out for Trevor and Edgard Trevor had to come to terms with his feelings for Edgard, and Edgard finally came to realize how it was for Trevor before For me, the whole thing worked well and I really enjoyed the three of them together The connection between Edgard and Chassie was a bit odd considering that Edgard was a mostly out of the closet gay man But when you consider Trevor loved Chassie and Edgard loved Trevor, it s not all that unbelievable Plus, it s not like Edgard hadn t been involved with women during his orgy years with Trevor and Colbyhe just generally preferred women Aside from the relationship, Trevor s got to deal with is crappy family James did a great job with that, with Trevor coming to terms with them And there s some good McKay stuff in the story There s a serious family drama trauma involving one of the unmarried males won t say who so I won t spoil everyone that sets up a great story for one of the future books James also gives Colt a bitdepth and made me anxious to read his and India s story Branded As Trouble I really liked the way Colt was portrayed in this book so different from the drunken lout first introduced What he did for Chassie near the end was very sweet.
Overall, this story just really worked for me Chassie, Trevor and Edgard had great chemistry together, and the sex was a 15 on a scale of 1 10 But like I said, I love Bi Menage HEAs so maybe I m a little biased on this book Whatever I liked it a lot and thought it was a great addition to the series.
WARNING, this book contains explicit sex, explicit language, m f sex, explicit m m sex, bi m f m sex and a bi menage HEA, anal sex, ass play, spanking, light dominance submission and some mildly rough sex