[ Pdf Pretty in Plaid: A Life, a Witch, and a Wardrobe, or, the Wonder Years Before the Condescending, Egomanical, Self-Centered Smart-Ass Phase Æ trains PDF ] by Jen Lancaster ↠´ How cool is it that I got an advanced copy of this book from my secret publishing connection So cool that it could only be surpassed by getting an advanced copy from Jen herself when I hung out with her at BlisDom Which I did not But apparently several people did Only not me OK, I didn t really hang out with her so much as blather incessantly in her presence a couple times She s my author idol.
Anywhore, the queen of memoir has done it again I especially loved this one because duh it s about CLOTHES and FASHION Plus, I m just a year older than Jen, so our fashion history is quite similar.
I have a serious heart on for Jen Lancaster right now Having just listened to my first Jen book I am full of Jen ness In a total state of Jen Yeah I am Jen ed to the max This being my only Jen book under my belt I can give my opinion of this as a Lancaster virgin Sure I had spotted her books in the Target book aisles chuckled at the pithy titles Thought Maybe Well Maybe is today bitches I laughed out loud several times I actually got teary once while at work I forget the actual part of the book that had me all weepy now I think the thought of trying to explain what utter ridiculous thing I was listening to and making me all crybaby girl at work kind of put a blank space in my memory of the thing I also cringed at several things and raised my eyebrows at the size of the nuts on this girl Here is the thing I REALLY love people who go through a journey and are constantly trying to improve themselves I love people who can face their short comings and who can share them and nudge you to be a little bit braver and to maybe let some of your demons out into the light of day too I love people who can laugh at themselves and maybe let you unclench just a little bit Listening to this book kind of did that for me I am not trying to say this is another Eat, Love, Prey It s not a profound book But it is fun and I think you can take something away from it if you want to And one of the things I am taking from this book is the use of the phrase blows goats I sent my trainer in Texas an e mail and sprinkled that little gem into it just to sass it up FUN So yeah I am officially a Jen Lancaster fan and I will commence stalking her books blogs Whatever so I can embrace all things Jen Plus listening to her while on the treadmill totally keeps my eyes from watching the minutes slowly click buy Bonus The Hardcover Debut From The New York Times Bestselling Author The Prequel To Bitter Is The New BlackIn Pretty In Plaid, Jen Lancaster Reveals How She Developed The Hubris That Perpetually Gets Her Into Trouble Using Fashion Icons Of Her Youth To Tell Her Hilarious And Insightful Stories, Readers Will Meet The Girl She Used To BeThink Jen Lancaster Was Always Like David Sedaris With Pearls And A Super Cute Handbag Jennifer Coburn Think Again She Was A Badge Hungry Junior Girl Scout With A Knack For Extortion, An Aspiring Sorority Girl Who Didn T Know Her Coach From Her Louis Vuitton, And A Budding Executive Who Found Herself Bewildered By Her First Encounter With A Fax Machine In This Humorous And Touching Memoir, Jen Lancaster Looks Back On Her Life And Wardrobe Before Bitter Was The New Black And Shows Us A Young Woman Not So Very Different Than The Rest Of UsThe Author Who Showed Us What It Was Like To Wait In Line At The Unemployment Office With A Prada Bag, How Living In The City Can Actually Suck, And That Losing Weight Can Be Fun With A Trainer Named Barbie And Enough Ambien Is Ready To Take You On A Hilarious And Heartwarming Trip Down Memory Lane In Her Shoes And Very Pretty Ones At That It started off so great I loved all the stories of her youth But when one of us wonders are our daily lives worthy of prose If your life consists of pledging to a sorority, working lame retail jobs and then at an HMO and having a humdrum BF who won t commit to marriage the answer is NO David Sedaris, she is not.
Jen Lancaster s last three memoires were books that I just could not put down Needless to say, I had been looking forward to the release of Pretty in Plaid because I wantedof her self absorbed, contrite tales I m regret to say that PIP left me sorely disappointed In her fourth book, Jen Lancaster travels back through time, revisiting events in her life and,importantly, those clothes and accessories that made her who she was at those specific moments While I found her anecdotes something that I could very easily relate to I m the same way with music I just wasn t very amused I didn t laugh out loud Not even once There were no hysterical bouts of laughter in which my husband thought I may have been having some sort of seizure, no going back and re reading a passage because She did NOT just say that went through my head It was incredibly ho hum, even for a memoir The only part that I came close to chuckling out loud at was the Maurice s incident That may be because I worked retail and understand just how stupid people can be, but I digress.
I have a tendancy to keep and re read every book that I buy Chances are slim to none that I will read this one again anytime soon My only reason for keeping this is that it s a signed copy That my dog ate before I d gotten even halfway through it Grrr This is my first Jen Lancaster book I have two friends that are in love with her hi Amanda and Crystal so I had to see with the fuss was about, and I really liked it I thought she was very funny and I loved that she kept getting herself in trouble.
I floored by the fact that I only gave two stars to a Jen Lancaster book, but, frankly, this one was disappointing Such a Pretty Fat was my introduction to Jen Lancaster and I LOVED it I quickly bought and read her other two books and liked them This book seems to be a rehash of all of the same smart comments which, I have to admit are still funny, but predictable The two parts of the book that I enjoyed the most were Lancaster forging Girl Scout badges while in elementary school and attending sorority rush parties while in college I think that the problem may be that after reading the first three books, that I was able to anticipate where each of the stories was going and what Lancaster s reaction attitude was going to be Her voice has been the same in each of her four books and while that can be comforting, it can also become repetitive I deeply value Lancaster s sarcasm and bitterness, but as I read this book and discovered that I was becoming somewhat bored, I found myself in emotional turmoil I m sarcastic and bitter and maybe my friends are finding me as predictable as I m finding Jen Lancaster The horror.

I loved Lancaster s first three books So much that I read them all in the span of a few weeks.
I was ecstatic to get an ARC copy of PIP from a bookseller friend Honestly, I was really disappointed with it It just didn t have the same wit or feel It took me weeks to force myself to finish Perhaps because the story arcs of the first three followed a much smaller time line, or maybe I just couldn t relate to the clothes stories as well as I could to the other books It was still okay, and some parts were funny One of my favorite parts of all her books is the footnotes But this one just fell flat.
I have been a huge fan of Jen Lancaster since I read her first book, and I loved the two that followed as much as the first I have waited for this fourth book for over a year now and anxiously ordered it as soon as it was available Sadly, this one just didn t do it for me the way her other ones did The others were hilarious, laugh out loud reads that had me wanting to snap my fingers in a Z and say, Oh no she di in t to some of the outrageous things she says and does in her memoirs I mean I know a book I m reading is funny when I am snorting and making other unpleasant noises in an attempt to hold back outright laughter so that people around me at the coffee shop where I m reading her book are either giving me the pity look for my obvious Tourette s or giving me the raised eyebrow and or pulling their children away from sitting too close to me in case whatever affliction I have is contagious Really, the first books were THAT funny During the lulls between her books coming out, I have spent time on her blog reading her ridiculous rants and self deprecating humor I have loved her writing so much in the past that I could even forgive her biggest flaw being a card toting, Ann Coulter Eew Even writing that name threatens to contaminate my computer loving, proud to wear pearls seven days a week, Republican again, Eew To my Repub friends and family Chill out Don t take it so personally But I digress.
With this book, I simply think that Jen we would sooo totally be friends if I knew her simply ran out of material about which to write She is only 40ish years old and has not lived a particularly fascinating or unusual life, so it was stretching it to write three interesting memoirs Even with her third book she had to create a stunt a weight loss journey to write about, so when the publishers told her to get going on this book, she must have had to really stretch and unfortunately came up short for material because all her good stuff had already been used up My advice to Ms Lancaster is to either move on to attempt fiction writing or go on some outrageous adventure i.
, trek the mountains of Nepal, become a race car driver, have a kid or two, etc and then write about it Just don t go back in your past and try to dig up anything else to tell us about, because judging from this book, that well is dry I still totally love you, Jen Lancaster, and will soooo read your next book s , so keep um coming Jen Lancaster is one of my favorite writers Everything she writes is just a delicious treat From her twitter to her blog to her books I love it.
Which is why my dislike for her 4th book, Pretty in Plaid, is very disappointing.
As a side note this was the first book I ever read on my Kindle Don t read Jen Lancaster on a Kindle She is famously known for her awesome sub scripts On a Kindle, you have to scroll to and select each number Once there, you select, each number, go the page it s on, then hit back to go back to the page you were reading 213 notes later, I probably only read half If I wanted to be that annoyed, I would have read this in hardback don t even get me started.
This book is the prequel to Bitter is the New Black It actually starts with a young Jen and works forward It s really classic Jen writing, but I felt like it didn t work.
For starters, and this may not make sense I felt like Jen wrote what her 8 year old self was thinking but really what her 40 year old self thought her 8 year old self might be thinking She just seemed to be trying way too hard.
The epilogue was the worst part of this book because it made NO sense I have no idea why she included these little stories here a couple of anecdotes from her Such a Pretty Fat book tour It just has no context If there was a point, I don t think she made it.
Does it make me love Jen less No Not every book is a winner She is still an amazing writer and I can t wait for her next book.