Download Epub Format ✓ Lifeblood PDF by à Werner A. Lind All Ana Vasilifata Ever Wanted Was A Simple Life, With A Good Husband, Children, And A Happy Home What She Found Was A Vampire Who Made Her His Bride And When She Fled To England In The Winter Of , She Found A Stake In The Hands Of A Fearful And Angry MobOver Three Hundred Years Later, An Accident Reanimates Ana In The Quiet Town Of Meriwether, Iowa She Flees To An Abandoned House Where She Meets Joshua Davidson, A Kind Hearted Carpenter Who Helps Ana Adjust To This Strange Place And Time As Her Friendship With Joshua Deepens, Ana Begins To Hope That She Can Finally Find The Peace She Has Always Sought But Dangers Still Haunt Her, For Even Now There Are Some Who Believe In The Stories Of Vampires This Time She Is Not Friendless, But, She Wonders, Would Joshua Continue To Help Her If He Knew What She Was And, Even If He Would, Could He Protect Her From All The Monsters Lurking In The Shadows Wow I loved this vampire tale called Lifeblood by Werner A Lind You will fall in love with the sad Ana vasilifata right away, as your heart leaps in the strange darkness that Ana must carry with her everywhere she hunts or roams Never seeing the light or the people and places she holds most dear to her heart, she is now with the Undead, as a vampire was never her choice Traveling in time from 1665 where Transylvania still thrived, you will leap suddenly into Joshua s world of modern 2008 leading your heart to then pound with fresh excitement of her time traveling journey as she meets up with this twenty four year old man and finds even she may have hope to have a kind friend But can Ana keep her secret of her early century vampire ways hiding in blackness of the night and feeding on animals a secret in her new world Intriguing and never too vile, you will find yourself in hopes that Ana finds what she is looking for throughout this somewhat solomn and sad storyline However, this vampire tale is a mix of feelings from the beginning to the end as you journey from what the author, Werner A Lind, has truely combined in a classic idea of supernatural with a modern somewhat romantic, and youthful adventure Although I am not sure that I can call this an outright romance, butof a friendship that grows with companionship and trust Ana finds that trust, however, is something the young vampiress has trouble finding in this story You will first feel Ana s loneliness and then feel her pain The story jumps from time to time era which I like to see in a novel of this genre Also, it carried the perfect language for each character type, yet, leaving the conversation clear and easily understandable Most authors overdue this Werner spins a tale that flows well, has a fast past plot, and makes for a great weekend read Your children over twelve would love this book as well This book did carry the feel for a younger audience than myself But, still I enjoyed it Great Job, Werner I give it five stars, and that is hard to get from me I will brag on this one for some time to come Janie Pendleton, Novelist book reviewerThe Gates to Love and War Very well written, easy reading, interesting paranormal romance Werner writes of a vampire in the classic sense The story has an easy flow is suspensful until the very end There is a strong moral to the story, but it isn t overpowering or overly religious It isn t a long story, but so engaging that I had trouble putting it down at night had to pick it up first thing in the morning Besides refilling my coffee cup, I didn t do anything until I finished it I highly recommend it.
3 5 stars decided to round up For the most part, I enjoyed this vampire novella It had sort of an old fashioned vampire story feel not necessarily a vampire romance feel though The main complaint I had was that I wanted a littlepassion romance I just wanted to see the hero and heroine a littleinto each other than they seemed to be I think I am just used to all the alpha heroes these days It was hard watching the hero go about his everyday business, knowing the heroine was living in an unsafe, dirty, broken down house with no electricity, water, etc His mother did offer for her to stay at her house and the heroine refused but no one really pushed the matter One of the aspects of the story I enjoyed the most were the flashbacks to the heroine s past Overall, I think people who enjoy an old fashioned vampire story might enjoy this and also readers who like very clean romances The writing was pretty decent, though the author used too many adjectives in the beginning and it was somewhat distracting That improved as the story went on.
An exceptionally good freshman effort Good set up, though I couldn t figure out why the museum artifacts were being transported by an ard car and one big enough to hold a coffin, at that Nice pace, with enough confusion to lend a fig leaf of believability to the supernatural plot device.
Itchy was a good, but limited antagonist Making the Northwestern U parapsychologist adversarial at least, at first might increase the tension.
That the story is resolved by a miracle okay, two miracles is acceptable for this genre, though I couldn t figure out exactly what the miracle which saved cured Ana was Evendistressing is that both miracles occur off stage, as it were.
Hard to believe the INS will just drop the issue of a undocumented alien from Romania not to mention Transylvania floating around the corn fields of America s heartland Assumedly the good people of Meriweather will quietly absorb Ana as one of their own.
The other disconcerting issue is the time warp existence of Meriweather, Iowa Even though the book was published in 2004, no one has cell phones, even the professor from Northwestern Faxes are used And druggers sell marijuana, not meth Makes you want to move to Iowa It readlike a story from the twentieth century, than the twenty first.
Overall a very satisfying read.
2 13 09 put book on my To read Shelf Alice recommended this book at my Glens Falls Goodreads group Then I read the reviews at the book s webpage They are all rave reviews So now I want to find out what the story is all about So far I know it s about a vampire This will be my first vampire book.
7 1 09 I am now reading this book Lifeblood by Werner Lind I m on page 32 and the hook is in The idea for the plot and for the different perspectives of the different characters is interesting and imaginative I love books like this which keep me reading.
7 4 09 I finished reading this book last night A good read I enjoyed the well written dialogue Werner Lind does dialects well For example, the unusual speech pattern of the vampire gave the story the air of the period style of writing The speech pattern of the low brow character was well done too, adding to the book s character development.
I hadn t known much about the capabilities and qualities of vampires before reading this book My knowledge was spotty It was good to have it clarified for me.
Another entertaining aspect of the book was the impressions which a foreigner experiences when confronted with the strange ormodern inventions found in our culture.
The court scene was great All of the above plus the suspenseful plot added up to a pleasurable read.
This was a delightful story, about vampires told from thetraditional folklore The writing was wonderful and flowed so smoothly, and had such a wonderful descriptive nature to it This is a story about a women named Ana who is forced into becoming a vampire Her back story is so sad and tragic, but yet hopeful Ana has amazing kindness, strength, courage and love I really came to care for her, and wanted life to be good for her, and some how be different for her I felt sorry for her, she seems so human and so gracious and yet so stuck in her situation Unlike most vampires she survives off animals and not humans.
Joshua is the amazing man in this story, he is patient, kind, god fearing, hardworking, willing to sacrifice and in love with Ana Theirs is a sweet love story Joshua amazes me at one point in this story,it was so touching This story has lots of mystery and suspense to it as it unfolds it s self This story has deeper meaning as well, one for instance that I thought about was, what does it mean to be human or monster I absolutely loved how it all played out to a wonderful, wonderful ending 2 language issuesclean romance Lifeblood by Werner Lind was a real page turner This book relates to both genders well Man or woman, you will fall in love with the very courageous Anna, as she travels in the blackness of night through time Wondering if she will ever be able to be in the light of day again, she will pull at your heartstrings and vamp your will to keep reading her story Good book for anyone over the age of 14 Great job with the language use as well Love a book that keeps the characters location and timezone in mindWerner does this as well as any seasoned author.
Jack Ace I really think this book is excellent but I cannot seem to write a review to get my point across to demonstrate how good this book actually is I had the same problem with Lawrence Durrell, my favourite author, who temporarily fell to second place with the arrival of Christine Brooke Rose with her brilliant Amalgamenon but LD has since returned to the top of my leaderboard I have too many of his books that s the problem.
I cannot believe that the last four books I ve read, as we slowly come towards the end of 2013, have all been so marvelous, admittedly all different genres but this book has a difference Whereas the previous three will appeal to specific audiences, Lifeblood has that undeniable quality of appealing to all age groups be it a mother who is reading this book to her child I ve read parts of it aloud and it s even better than the written word believe me up through all age groups, to those who have reached exalted status in my opinion for living to great ages.
So here we go Vampire fiction is not really my genre but I came across this book by chance as I like looking through friends shelves I m always in search of something unusual, and the title, the author s name and the cover of this book appealed to me for some obscure reason.
To me vampires typify bats and the book Count Dracula by Bram Stoker springs to mind and that is really as far as it goes for me But life does indeed work in strange ways and the other evening I was out on the terrace at dusk and the bats were fluttering around I ve often wondered why they flutter and then it occurred to me that perhaps they were chasing something that fluttered But do insects flutter I think there s something rather otherworldly about bats So due to all of this, with my Kindle already sitting on the terrace table, I purchased this book there and then I was also rather taken with the idea of vampires and all their folklore superstitions with bats, wolves, garlic, crosses and the dreaded stake to thrust into a vampire s chest associated with Transylvania in Romania in the faraway Carpathian Mountains.
Also as soon as I read the opening paragraph I knew that I would enjoy what would prove to be a paranormal romance but also a mystery It was a bitter winter night in 1665, in the chill moonlight reflecting off the deep snow Ana Vasilifata could see each of her own breaths, small vapory clouds, in front of her Shivering, she drew her high collared black cloaktightly around her and glanced up to study the sky At this small hour, the smoke from the banked fires of thousands of dwellings in the nearby city of London was not sufficient to obscure the positions of the stars From her scrutiny of the sky, she guessed that sunrise was not far off, perhaps less than an hour away She leaned for a moment against the dark bole of an ash tree beside the path, permitting herself a brief pause to catch her breath Cold wind whistled dully around her, stirring the cloak that wrapped her six foot form I had no idea that bole meant the trunk of a tree until I looked it up in the dictionary I sometimes become very embarrassed, and cringe with my ignorance concerning certain words.
I could relate to Ana s personality for some reason She s a philanthropic vampire, who speaks heavily accented English and Middle English at that which is rather quaint She has human qualities she has retained such as tears, and compassion takes in sewing to earn money to live, even though the latter is superfluous And to all intents and purposes she doesn t drink human blood, only that of animals.
I also liked it when she curtsied when she met people in America She unfortunately happened to become a vampire because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time All she wanted was to find the right man and get married and what is wrong with that As a result three times she had made the journey to the Maiden s Fair on Gaina Mountain, when the shepherds and goat herders took their one annual opportunity to meet marriageable girls and pair off However, being unsuccessful, she decided to go it alone, left her family, and took herself off to Brasov, which she felt was the right place to meet a young man.
Well she certainly succeeded in her endeavours with Miklos Trina, who would become her husband but not the sort of marriage she had envisaged In exchange for kisses of love, she found teeth biting into her neck and in exchange for a bed she found a coffin She was indeed a bride but had become a bride of the night, a member of the undead.
Throughout all this troublesome period she is very loyal towards Miklos servant Janos and with the death of Miklos, she ensures that Janos is taken care off by advising him to go to St Basil s abbey and offer to help the monks.
So this is a story where Ana, not realizing that she has arrived in America Meriwether, Iowa, Lewis county to be exact , meets Joshua Davidson who teaches her to read , 24, a carpenter and the mutual attraction kicks into play inways than one But will it all work out There s an evil character called Itchy, who is convinced that Ana is a vampire So we end up with the goodness of Ana competing with the evil in Itchy But Itchy is determined to find the vampire and put an end to it He s seen too many movies I see this big all broad with black hair, that s real pale and wears a big black cape with a high collar that sticks up behind her head, like all them vampires wear, and she talks with a vampire accent, just like in the movies So he s on a mission but will be succeed Then incidents with an avenging rat and the like soon get him leaving town but will he return I smiled when I came across this individual Jigger Ficklin Sho then I I crawled out outta my car to get away from the fire, y know, and then I shaw a bat fly fly over me and fly away tha way or wash it thish way It it wash a very big bat, Sheriff As Jigger is normally a chronic drunkard, but when sober a bricklayer, why should one believe him And you have to remember it was indeed a very large bat When Ana and Joshua look at one another, after embracing, and then in the mirror in the car, well that was delightful I could just see their expressions.
Dr Leah Lisbowski is a parapsychologist is another interesting character and who is essential to this book She s particularly interested in the body that is missing from the car that burst into flames as she s interested in vampires And when she added It was remarkable primarily because of a very unusual dental peculiarity Suspicion starts to mount in Meriwether about vampires when a dead cat is found that has no blood in its body Two boys had decided to cut open it up and this follows with the discovery of a dead dog with the same problem.
In summary, the characters in the book are engaging, the prose is excellent it s both amusing and frightening at times, and the story travels through time I recommend it one hundred percent for all ages and I m delighted to discover this highly gifted author.
And the ending was not at all what I expected but then I m a cynic