[ Pdf Joy at Work ì m-m-romantic-suspense PDF ] by Marie Kondō î testing Marie Kondo, Author Of The Worldwide Bestseller The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, And Organizational Psychologist Scott Sonenshein Team Up To Bring Joy To WorkThe Workplace Is A Magnet For Clutter And Mess Who Hasn T Felt Drained By Wasteful Meetings, Disorganized Papers, Endless Emails, And Unnecessary Tasks These Are The Modern Day Hazards Of Working, And They Can Slowly Drain The Joy From Work, Limit Our Chances Of Career Progress, And Undermine Our Well Being There Is Another WayIn Joy At Work, Bestselling Author And Netflix Star Marie Kondo And Rice University Business Professor Scott Sonenshein Offer Stories, Studies, And Strategies To Help You Eliminate Clutter And Make Space For Work That Really Matters Using The World Renowned KonMari Method And Cutting Edge Research,Joy at Work Will Help You Overcome The Challenges Of Workplace Mess And Enjoy The Productivity, Success, And Happiness That Comes With A Tidy Desk And Mind Joy at Work by Marie Kondo Explores the hows and whys in keeping a tidy office environment Many useful ideas for organization Ms Kondo has written another winning book.
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Like most books on work and improving your work life, it assumes you are the sole manager of your time and activities in the work place Not only is that exclusively salaried white collar workers, it excludes whole industries such as healthcare and other clinical careers, as well as jobs with customer facing hours, not just independent office time That s not so much a criticism of this book, as it is most books in this genre Still, I will rate highly for those for whom it can apply.
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Marie Kondo s enthusiasm for sparking joy is contagious Her latest effort focuses on joy in the workplace and her advice is easily transferable to other workspaces around one s home Her method and theory remains the same it s easier to feel joy when you find the sweet spot of tidiness that works for you and we all benefit from efforts to surround ourselves with things we love.
There s a lot of practical tidying advice as well, which I found helpful I found the sections on tidying digital clutter to especially helpful I d definitely recommend this to a friend looking for new ways to tackle clutter and feel rejuvenated in their life.