Trailer Ú Faith (Heaven Sent, #4) PDF by Õ Jet Mykles Darien S Best Friends Are The Other Guys In The Rock Band Heaven Sent The Three Now Four Of Them Are Closer Than Brothers To Him And He S Happy That They Ve All Found Their Life Mates He Is He Doesn T At All Mind That Each Of Those Life Mates Are Men He Doesn TIn Fact, That S Just It Maybe There S Something To This Gay Stuff He S Never Been Particularly Interested Before, But After A Short, Failed Marriage, He S Willing To Open Himself Up To New Possibilities Especially If One Of Those Possibilities Is The Gorgeous Lawyer Who Handled His Divorce, Christopher FaithTrouble Is, Chris Doesn T Seem To Want To Believe That Darien S Serious Well, Sure, Darien S Never Slept With A Guy Before, But He S Allowed To Change His Mind Isn T HePublisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Male Male Sexual Practices Darien has a difficult time convincing Chris that his feeling are true.
Bakal meriang gak ya bacanya PENGACARA BOOOOOOOOOBoleh juga nih tangkepannya si Darien I loved Chris and his complexity I lovedDarien and his open heart I loved the scorching sex I loved the core of the story Love and Trust go hand in hand.
Jet Mykles has easily cemented herself as a talented and exceptionally entertaining writer with the perfect balance of romance, action, and sex In another turn in the Heaven Sent universe, the spotlight is turned to the last remaining single member of the band while continuing to give satisfying glimpses into past characters One of the reasons this series works so well is the interplay of characters throughout the books Each band member is not isolated for the space of their story and Mykles deftly weaves the entire cast of characters in and out of scenes flawlessly giving continuity between the various stories without ever losing the first time reader Add in remarkable cover art from PL Nunn and the result is a truly wonderful series of books.
This particular book focuses on Darien and his rather easy walk on the dark side After realizing that the gradual shift from heterosexual to bisexual to committed gay relationships has occurred for all his closest friends and band members, Darien starts to wonder if he s been missing something all this time Darien s easy going mannerisms and happy go lucky outlook are not tested too much in his rather light and quick road to a happy ever after Even shifting from a steadfast heterosexual lifestyle to a first time relationship with a man, Darien is rarely phased by much and takes the ups and downs with his lover in stride Although Darien lacks the intensity of other band members, he s a perfect foil for the extreme personalities blended together in the band His lack of issues and angst may not cause him to be a favorite but his character lends a light hearted and necessary aspect.
Chris is acomplex and intense character, carrying quite a bit of unresolved emotional issues from his previous relationship with an actor who one day decided he wasn t gay The fear of rejection from yet another not gay man causes his resistance to Darien to be understandable and sympathetic Darien s continued pursuit of the man is slightly confusing given the very little these two actually know about each other andso a reflection of Darien s comfort level and happiness with Chris Darien s excessively open personality is a sharp contrast to the closed manner of his lover, creating an opposites attract situation that is well written and executed.
Even though Chris resistance complicates the otherwise easy going relationship, the overall tone of the book is a likeable and enjoyable story that moves pretty quickly The author is not afraid to add sex scenes that are steamy and hot, lending classical roles to the men which deepen their connection The sex scenes are neither too plentiful or too few with added characterization so the scenes are not simply for erotica s sake Witty and humorous dialogue keeps the tale entertaining, especially so from Dairen s point of view His inner commentaries during his initiation to buttsex are hilarious at times without going too far into corny.
Although certain topics and tropes are repeated throughout the books and series, Faith offers another fresh and interesting variation on the theme As a story, this offering is highly satisfying and appealing to a wide range of romance lovers with enough of a yaoi inspiration to please those fans of the genre From the tight, solid writing to attractive characters and swift moving plot, this is a delightful and fun read for new and old fans alike.
Have a little faith Heaven Sent is sort of a guilty pleasure addiction to me I love the over the top rockstar lifestyle, flourishing love declarations, and fun sex All the guys are compelling in a way only exaggerated characters can be without leaving me overthinking anything going on in the series I love the way Jet Mykles manages to make everything fall away for the sake of an escape read I definitely got that same feeling from Faith as I did from the prior three novels I will say Faith has been the weakest of the series for me I didn t buy Darien suddenly deciding he d try guys since all his friends were gay in gay relationships I really didn t like how he seemed to fall for Chris immediately without any rhyme or reason which couldn t be traced back to being on the rebound from a failed marriage I really understood why Chris didn t believe in Darien as a long term partner Why should he They guy really did live like a vagabond with no loyalty or roots to anything except his band music Chris was alsoa caricature of a stuffy English guy than a fully formed character for me I think I gotout of seeing all my other favorites in the series than the focus of the story on Darien and Chris If you re a Heaven Sent fan, I d absolutely say read Faith It s a wonderful look into their world It gives a lot of closure to the band s love lives and sets all of them up for happy ever afters on a forever basis I don t know if I would tell someone who was ambivalent about the series to invest in this read specifically.
To have finished Hell and Faith within hours of each other, wow What s that say for ease of reading, or like of material Whatever the case I am so crushing hard for the HS boys I love how they love each other There is no confusion for the most part about their feelings for men I like a good, heavy emotional tug but not every time I read romance The fusion of lightheartedness, erotic sex, and gay exceptance really makes this work of fiction a true work of art I love the idea of all the band members being gay and yet it doesn t affect thier fan base It works for them I love how everything always works out and it s fairly believable.
Ok so Darien drummer is like the cheerleader of the group Not like go team but really animated and talkitive Chris Faith is a British friend of Hell s who is also a lawyer and helps Darien with his legal issues Darien, of course, has flirted with men and leads the press into believing he may be bi, but he s never wanted to actually sleep with a guy Until Chris And, oh goodness I loved reading their intial pre love scene How Darien was reacting to Chris Darien being sure of Chris s sexual preference for men but unsure if Chris liked him He was beyond dangling the carrot in front of Chris until Chris finally caved.
Their eventual break up wasn t as heart wrenching as Brent and Hell s Darien and Chris s relationship was not as established before they were intimate So I was not not too torn when that happened The build up always works better for me but depending on the character I can go with casual Overall this was another great addition to the Heaven Sent series I rarely get the chance to do this read a series back to back , but I am out of town and only have my e books keeping me company Up next BOOK 5 Genesis This is the 4th in Mykles Heaven Sent series and although I again enjoyed the writing, the story told fairly much the same as others, the only problem with reading a series I guess A good start to this story with all the boys backstage after a concert in varying degrees of their version of domesticity, setting the scene for Darien s lack thereof It was interesting this time to have the character with the crisis to not be a band member, this time it came in the form of Darien s lover who is wary of taking the relationship to the next level as he s been burnt before Did I mention I have a kink over guys in suits And them looking smokin in a pair of jeans after hours Meet Chris, the lawyer Oh, and he wears glasses.
Enjoyed all the dialogue that went with the first sex scene, it spoke volumes about their different personalities, but didn t side swipe the issue of it being Darrien s first time with a man The band member s rallying around Darien in his time of need was touching although I found Darien s jump from liking sex with a man to loving said man a little rushed Still an enjoyable read and one I would certainly recommend as part of the series There s been discussion about who is your favourite Heaven Sent character personally I m still going with Johnnie as he had the most dramatic turnaround from playing the field to falling in love and I actually ending up adoring his arrogance as it was played so well from start to end, changing from a negative emotion to a positive force as he pursued Tyler.
Off to the 5th and final instalment in the series don t think I ll be going to the 6th as it focuses around a female and two guys prob not my cup of tea.
I really enjoyed this one I think it is my favourite one of the series after Heaven Darien and Chris were great It was also interesting to see the GFY character being all for it In Jet s books the GFY character is usually in denial for half the book But as soon as Darien realized that he was attracted to Chris he was all for it and making plans to seduce him Fearless Darien P Darien is the drummer of Heaven Sent and is the only one who is strictly straight With his band mates in happy relationships, Darien is feeling a little lonely So lonely that he rushes into a marriage that doesn t last Chris Faith is his divorce lawyer that we met in Brent and Hell s book as Hell s best friend.
I don t know, but I just wasn t feeling the relationship between Chris and Darien, and I didn t connect with either Chris or Darien individually Chris was kind of too uptight and stiff for me and Darien was a little too vapid and immature I almost felt like Darien was trying out homosexuality cause all his friends were doing it and they re cool so it must be cool It just didn t feel too sincere to me This story fell a little flat for me.