[Egan Brass] Ñ Esper Files [baha-i PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ I loved this book I love the complexity of the characters, the action scenes were written beautifully and I loved how the book ended I can t wait to read the next book if there is one.
I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I loved it I m not always into Steampunk, but something about this book just grabbed me and took me along for the ride Not unlike the X Men, there is a place where gifted people, called Espers, can go to learn how to control their powers and to act on the side of good After an incident referred to as the Great Storm people began to manifest abilities that has something to do with their electromagnetic energy Of course people fear the unknown and most were made outcasts in a London society that saw zepplins and airships ballons as an everyday method of transport However for every Esper that has decided to use their gifts for good, there are many that choose to use them for self gain Several Espers from the Institute, serving the greater good, try to save the non gifted community from their opposites However, there is a scheme being planned that will test them to their very limits I don t want to accidentally include spoilers, so I will just say if you like action, paranormal, humor, or good vs bad you MUST read this book I hope that there will be soon

Esper Files by Egan Brass is the first book in the series of the same name and is an enjoyable supernatural fantasy read.
I had no idea what to expect from this book when I was first asked to review it, but when I started reading it and was only a few pages in, I knew it for fact that I was in for a fun ride And as it turned out, I wasn t wrong.
Even though the entire concept was quite similar to the X men team Professor X, Logan, and Magneto, still I was able to enjoy the new take on the whole being different thing.
The writing was captivating and the story was really engrossing The concept was not unique but it was definitely good The story progression was really good and I really liked reading this book I was pulled into the story from the very start right till the end It was a fast paced read which proved to be a quick one another plus for me In this book, I liked the story better than the characters I won t say the characters were completely one dimensional because I liked them, but I wasn t able to feel a striking connection with any one of them It was one of those books that made me take enough interest in the characters to want to know what happens in the end and also what happens after it So I ll be definitely looking forward to reading the sequel hoping that now that I know the characters well, I might feel a connection with them I d recommend this book to fantasy lovers and to anyone who is looking for a light and quick supernatural series to read.
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The Esper Files by Egan Brass is a Steam Punk Mystery novel featuring beings with peculiar Psionic abilities, which range from teleportation to the ability to replicate the power of another Esper, whatever that may be.
The story follows Nathan, a highly skilled Esper and operative of The Institute, a place created for the safety of other Espers When the infamous Baron captures a young Esper by the code name Siren, the race is on for Nathan and his colleagues to come to his rescue.
Various perspectives are explored in this novel We see through the eyes of Nathan, The Baron, Shadow a ruthless assassin, as well as those of The Siren and his sister Freya Each accounts their personal experience as The Baron plots to steal all power for himself.
Nathan provides the main perspective, lending a thrilling and at times sarcastically witty feel to events The setting of old time London really suited the storyline and its Victorian like super thugs I felt a strong connection to the characters, particularly to Cyrus The Siren as I am on the Autistic Spectrum myself.
The Institute members act as one, a true family, which seems to be a central theme to this book Other obvious themes include the corruption of power and greed to individuals A fascinating tale of strange abilities being used for both good and evil, of family, and drama.
A worthwhile read 5 5 stars.
The book starts with a prolog, set in something resembling Victorian times, in which a grandstanding professor creates a machine that blows up The resulting explosion alters something And as a result, twenty percent of Earth s population become Espers mutants whose abilities are based on their personalities So an easily enraged individual can suddenly shoot fire from his hands and melt metal Or a timid girl can do the same with ice They re called superheroes for a good reason the Espers have powers commonly seen in the pages of comic books, especially Marvel s X Men.
Firebrand has a fiery touch like Pyro James teleports like Kitty Pride Shadow can take on anyone s form, just like Mystique Aria manipulates air like Wind Dancer Freya has the same power as Iceman And Nathan Like Rogue, he can absorb and replicate any other mutant, er, Esper ability They even have an Institute and a Professor leading them Only they re set in Victorian England.
Well, OK If that s what you re looking for, this is your comic book And like a comic book, Espers is charged with nonstop action Right from the start we have Nathan and James battling Firebrand and the Shadow And the bits with the vampiric trio of Carla, Marla, and Darla, channeling Huey, Dewey, and Louie, are funny.
The characters are likeable and appealing The writing is sharp and fast paced Clearly, Brass has a lot of enthusiasm for the subject and it shows If you like high fantasy without any plausibility, check out this book.
But it didn t work for me.
Fiction is based on the willing suspension of disbelief Readers of this series will need to suspend disbelief by the truckload Not only is there nothing provided like a scientific explanation of why people can suddenly teleport or catch on fire but their abilities fly in the face of physics and common sense.
We expect that of superheroes, but not Steampunk.
Thrilling, chilling, powerful and exciting, Esper Files follows the story of extraordinary humans resulting from an experiment gone wrong, and how they cope with their developing supernatural abilities.
Esper Files by Egan Brass is simply amazing This is my first ever Steampunk superhero story and I am hooked At first, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I was going to like it, but I decided to give it a shot I m really glad that I did The story is well written and has complex characters The action and drama reeled me in I swear there were moments where I couldn t wait to see what happened next A tip of the hat to Egan Brass for writing such a rich and dynamic story I enjoyed how Nathan and his partner interact with one another and how well they work together to save the world I give this 5 5 Platypires I m looking forward to reading other books by Egan Brass I will definitely recommend this story to others.
Esper Files starts with an explanations of how and what happened I appreciate writers that start this way I have never read steampunk, or even knew what it was for that matter, before joining the boundless book reviews blog, so this was a new adventure for me In addition, this was my first Steampunk Mystery I ve only read Steampunk Romance, until now.
The characters were exceptionally developed and the imagery was perfect I enjoyed the action and suspense It was hard to put it down I would have read it in one sitting if I had the time I highly recommend this book I love the beings in this book and their abilities Brass has an imagination I would call extraordinary.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book it s a strong 4.
5 Boundless Stars from me.
Set In London During The Latter Part Of The Th Century An Experiment Goes Wrong At The Oxford Academy Of Science, Giving Certain People Extraordinary Powers Which Turns Them Into Espers An Institute Is Set Up To Teach Espers How To Control These Power, And Stop Corrupt Espers From Abusing Theirs Nathan And James, Two Agents From The Institute Team Up With Freya, A Young Esper Whose Brother Gifted With The Strange Ability To Manipulate Emotions Is Abducted By A Ruthless Baron The Group Has To Fight Against A Dark Threat To Protect The Fragile Peace Of Victorian London And The Rest Of The World Note I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This book has been one of my best October reads I haven t read a lot of steampunk something that I hope to change and reading this has convinced me to read of it soon.
The book is set in a Victorian era, steampunk, London and begins with a scientist known as Professor conducting an experiment that goes real bad, real fast and before you know it, super enhanced human beings known as Espers start popping up An institute is set up where people with such cool powers are taught to use it for good but naturally we have some villainous peeps with villainous intentions trying to burn the world down Cue, Nathan and James, Espers from the institute who are later joined by Freya, who wants to save her brother, an Esper, from the evil Baron.
I love the writing style of this book, especially loved the fight scenes because they played out like a cool movie in my mind Every time I finished a fight scene I d be thirsty for some kick ass and thankfully a healthy amount was provided for me gorges on it and turns into an instant hippo Let s also bask in the glory of the fact that romance is in no way the important aspect of this book like, good lord It s so hard to find a good book like this.
The characters, on the other hand, are very well formed and I absolutely love Freya s character development The Baron and the people under his care are very bone chillingly creepy And this is coming from a girl who thinks movies and books are much better when there is a lot of well shed blood and gore cough season7TWD cough I love the pure evil in all of them laughs like a maniac I was a bit sad that the element of steampunk was not that engraved into the book I d have liked to see the characters actually engage with that aspect because we are told that they traveled on a steam powered airplane but I wanted to see it happening, or read it, whatever.
I won t lie, when I started reading this book I felt like it resembled X men a lot For example, the Professor who is like a father figure for these Espers who are treated like outcasts was similar to Professor X, and the Espers themselves are sort of like mutants and the whole institute providing shelter to the Espers thing is like Xavier s school for gifted youngsters but that s where the similarity ends.
The book has a very interesting plot and it has ended on a good note It s not a cliffhanger but there are some loose threads and that s what makes me want to read the next book in the series which I hope is in the works or something.
Definitely recommended for people who love superheroes and a book filled with action and mystery.