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This book was originally published in 2007 With me being such a huge fan of Z.
A Maxfield, I wondered why I had waited so long to read this Then I remembered the indisputable fact about me I m a cover snob Show me a lovely, sexy book cover and I m usually all over it Show me a book cover where I don t find the cover models attractive or where the artist has no idea of the concept of aspect ratio, and I usually turn the other way I believe that is what happened here The original cover features an older man and a very young looking teen And at first glance, the older man looks like he could be graying at the temples even though it turns out he has light blonde hair and the boy looks 16, at best That is the reason I didn t read this book until now I got the whole pedophile vibe from that cover When I saw that Z.
A Maxfield had a new book coming out and the cover featured an incredibly beautiful ginger, I was very excited After reading the blurb and finding out this was a re release, I decided to give it a try Nopedophile vibes Tristan is a 19 year old collage student that has finally accepted the realization that he is gay He decides to go cruising at his local Border s hey, it s 2007 remember and read some gay literature with the hopes that a gay man will notice him and take him home to experience gay sex for the first time Michael is a late 20 s police officer who once gave Tristan a ticket for not wearing his helmet while skate boarding Even though Tristan was 16 at the time, he has been quietly pining away for him for the past two years That got my heebie jeebies radar going at full throttle, but this quote made me feel a bit better He pushed Tristan against the door of his truck I don t do this I don t just pick up guys I ve chased you and watched you and wanted you for two years now, even though I felt like some kind of loathsome pervert because you re younger than me If you want anonymous, this isn t itSo, Michael is the guy Tristan ends up picking up at Border s and the two men start a sexual relationship Tristan realizes that he is truly, 100% gay and both men fall head over heels for one another Great sex, some hard core angst, cutesy nicknames and lots of passion prevail Michael is ready for his HEA with Tristan and Tristan struggles with the fact that he is only 19 and can t see past the next couple of weeks, much less a lifetime He also has a problem with Michael s job as a police officer Michael almost died from a stab wound and Tristan doesn t know if he can cope with the fact that Michael has an incredibly dangerous job Angst, angst andangst Both men had incredibly unrealistic expectations for each other Michael is asking a teen to figure out his whole life right now and Tristan wants Michael to quit his beloved job so he can relax and not fear his death Both of these points put a huge damper on my enjoyment of the story This story would have been a 5 star read for me if Tristan was a bit older and Michael hadn t cave to Tristan s unrealistic demands The hurt healing comfort was outstanding, the angst heart wrenchingly delicious, the HEA was very satisfying and the sex down and dirty, just how I like it But I can only give this one 3 stars because of the plot points that made me uncomfortable.
I know that the vast majority of my GoodRead s friends have already read this, so this is to anyone who has not read it I can recommend this book with caution only If age isn t a problem with you and you can suspend disbelief enough and let these boys get to their HEA in a pretty unrealistic matter.
There is a sequel to this book, What Child is This , but I think I will wait for the re release I m a cover snob, remember And those two covers are just too much for me to handle Personal side note I have been married to a police officer for 21 years Before we even had a chance to develop strong feelings for one another, he had me go on a ride along with him He wanted to make sure his job wasn t a deal breaker for me before things got hot and heavy Since then, I have ridden with him at least 20 times My entire family has ridden with him, my daughter s friends who are interested in law enforcement and countless others He is in law enforcement because he wants to help others and he loves driving fast cars and once I realized how close knit his partners are and that there was always another officer within 5 minutes tops of him, I was able to relax and not worry every time he went to work In his 29 years in law enforcement, he has had two close officer friends die one shot in a domestic, the other a car accident and 3 fellow officers He has been banged up in accidents we live in Minnesota, so car accidents in the winter are a dime a dozen had countless stitches, been attacked by a cat and several dogs and fired his gun twice But I wouldn t change a thing If I had any inkling of doubt when I rode with him that first time, we would have parted ways and wished each other well And how terrible would that have been We created a miraculous human being together even if she is the teen from hell right now Sometimes real life sucks, but we need to encourage the one s we love to follow their heart and the path that is best for them, even if that means some risk is involved.
Awww, this was such a feel good book Adorable H H, likable secondary characters and a sweet story with a nice touch of drama, enough to prevent me from going into a sugar induced coma.
Tristan Phillips is a red haired, freckled, 19 year old college student who decides to listen to the inner voice that s been harassing him and find out if he s gay after being dumped by his last girlfriend A girlfriend whose brother made him stand up to attention, I must say So he devises the plan go to the next Borders, pick some books in the gay lit section, park himself in the bookstore caf and, using the books as bait, lure and trap some unwary and willing man to help him make up his mind about his sexuality Tristan, Tristan, you really didn t know how things could have gone bad, did youshakes head Thankfully, even though Tristan doesn t think so, the 1st person who spots him in the caf is Police Officer Michael Truaux Officer Helmet, as Tristan calls him, is the bane of his existence since he was issued a 700 dollars ticked for riding his skateboard without a helmet The last thing Tristan wants is to have Officer Helmet hovering over him while he s tring to pick up his 1st guy Alas, Michael decides to stick around once he finds out what kind of books Sparky, as Michael calls him, is reading pretending to read Why Just to tease Tristan We all know that s not it, right What follows next is the sweet development of Tristan and Michael s relationship It doesn t take long until Tristan knows for sure that he s gay It doesn t take long either until Tristan and Michael fall in love with each other, but there are some issues that will have to be dealt with before they can reach their HEA Will they make it Hey, this is Romancelandia Like I mentioned above, Tristan and Michael were utterly adorable Compassionate, caring, protective, understanding, loving and there s a slight problem they were too perfect Seriously, I couldn t find any fault in them While it s nice to know people who make you wish to be your BFFs and deserve nothing but your unconditional love, that level of perfections becomes annoying after a while Am I being too cynical here I also thought that the pace of the story was uneven The 1st 2 3 of the book was all mushy, with Tristan and Michael professing their love for each other every other page There was no conflict, not even when Tristan told his family he was gay Okay, they weren t bigots and that was excellent, but I thought that some level of shock should have been shown there, considering Tristan had been a pretty determined hetero aka a guy who dated almost every girl in the neighborhood before Then, came the last 1 3 of the book the mushiness was gone and the drama took over That was very good, but too rushed Those conflicts Tristan being too young and Michael being a cop could have been better developed, IMHO.
As for the author s writing, I really liked it All the scenes were perfect examples of show, don t tell I got to know the characters by watching their behavior and interactions, not by being told who and what they were Really good writing there, and I ll be in the lookout for this author s books from now on.
All in all, this was an enjoyable read, saved mostly by Tristan and Michael The story had some problems, but they weren t bad enough to ruin the book As a whole, I d give it 3 1 2 stars, but I m bumping my rating up to 4 stars because that Thanksgiving dinner scene was just fantastic and deserves a 1 2 star on its own.
This book went straight to my favorites shelf I loved both of these characters sooo much Tristan is the guy you wish your son would become at least if you re my age a young guy reading this book will have a completely different wish Michael is the guy you would like him to find, if he leans that way There is a sweetness and a back and forth balance to the way these two men interact This is not an older guy teaches young guy the ropes story by any means Tristan seems very self aware and together for 19, but being the man in his family since his father s death could explain that, and he has his moments of youthful uncertainty that feel appropriate The drama is heartfelt but not overwrought Highly recommended.

Crossing Borders by ZA Maxfield is an age difference book between a 19 yr old and 27 yr old The two have had an antagonistic relationship for a couple years after Michael gave Tristan a ticket while skateboarding The two begin a sexual relationship after running into each other at Borders Although I enjoyed it a lot, in the end I had a few mixed feelings What I loved Tristan He was my favorite part of the story Loved his strength, loyalty, and humor Michael Pretty much for the same reasons I loved Tristan Tristan Michael together They had great chemistry Steam Off the charts I was happy that for the most part this was a low angst, feel good book.
What I didn t love so much The insta love The L word was thrown in way too fast Once that happened, it turned me off a bit I knew things would move fast just didn t realize it would be that fast Also, towards the middle of the book, the story did start to slow down a bit and be a bit repetitive Luckily though, it did pick up again.
Overall, it was sweet, sexy read I would recommend it to readers who love age difference love stories and don t mind a couple who falls hard and fast for each other 4 Stars ARC kindly provided by Samhain Publishing, LTD for an honest review No me ha gustado, no me he cre do esa relaci n y si no le doy una estrella es por la cena de Acci n de Gracias.
La portada un cero, parece un padre con su hijo, menos mal que han tenido el buen criterio de actualizarla hace poco.
Por lo visto, el modo bitch contin a No tengo coraz n I really loved the 1st half of this bookbut then it kinda fizzled for me What I loved Sparky AKA Tristan Even though I m not into red heads, he was pretty cute and mature for a 19 year old Officer Helmet AKA Michael He was yummy hot and oh so sexyfor a blond The banter The texting The SEX Tristan s family Michael s mom Thanksgiving prayer The tattoos What I ended up liking Ron The epilogue What I was just ok with The age difference approximately 9 years The insta love They were only together for a few monthsif that And I tried not to let it bother me too much, but I was tempted to gag a few times What I hated The cover I put off reading this book for so long because it is so horrific The ridiculous separation Overall, I still really enjoyed the book Recommended I have no plans to read the sequel What Child Is This 1.
5 StarsTristan is a 19 year old college student He s dated girls all his life but secretly wonders what it would be like to be with a man When his latest girlfriend dumps him, Tristan realizes that he sattracted to her hot brother than he is broken up over the end of the relationship So Tristan concocts a plan to hook up with a guy and figure things out once and for all His plan is derailed by Michael, the 28 year old cop who is the bane of Tristan s existence for constantly being on his case about wearing a helmet while skateboarding Once Michael realizes that Tristan is looking to hook up and Tristan realizes that Michael is gay and interested, things take off Following their impromptu sex session, things quickly go from casual to serious to foreverAlong the way, Tristan and Michael have to face being vulnerable to loss because of their deep feelings for one another.
I didn t like this book There, I said it I can hear the gasps now In my defense, let me say that I am a ZAM fan Although her books are hit or miss for me, the hits are wonderful Unfortunately, this sad puppy was waaaay off the mark First, it was insta love Nuff said Second, once the I love you s started flying which was near the 34% mark , it was disgustingly sappy and flat out nauseated me Third and to use that famous saying from those old Burger King commercials I know, I m dating myself here Where s the beef This story was much ado about nothin It was basically about Tristan and Michael having sex and swooning for one another Period That s it In my opinion, they weren t interesting enough to carrythan a couple chapters let alone the whole book Fourth, view spoiler it grates my last nerve that Tristan made Michael give up his career as a cop It didn t matter that Michael offered because he said it in terms of getting Tristan to stay Tristan didn t even try to think of alternatives to Michael foregoing his career, he just accepted that Michael would stop being a cop The any regrets question Tristan posed to Michael in the epilogue was pat and pathetic IMHO and just pissed me the f ck off hide spoiler Tristan S Got Issues He Knows He Does So When His Most Recent Girlfriend Dumps Him Via Messenger, And He Can T Stop Staring At The Messenger S Cock While He S Breaking The News, Tristan Figures It S About Time He Makes Some Changes He Formulates A Foolproof Plan To Get Himself Someone Who Can Show Him What He S Been Missing Until Who Should Crash His Little Adventure But Officer Michael Truax, The Man Who Gave Him A Really Expensive Ticket For Boarding Without A Helmet Back When He Was In High SchoolMichael Has Been Trying To Catch Tristan For Yearsto Give Him A Second Ticket Suddenly He S Faced With His Sparky , All Grown Up And Looking To Get Laid The Habit Of Protecting Him Isn T Gone Completely, But The Opportunity Is Too Much To Resist He Figures The Kid Must Know What He S Getting Into, So He Takes Him Home There, They Carry On A Cautious Dance, Only To Find Out That Neither Is What The Other Expected, And That Together, They Re Hot Enough To Melt Glass Publisher S NoteThis Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices, Violence ETA link to my review Gay.
Reading and FriendsI m writing a review for Gay.
Reading and Friends I ll add a link when it s available 3.
5 fluff tastic stars rounded up because the sex Was Hot And plentiful I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
I was a little blown away by this one since I ve read a few other books by Maxfield that didn t exactly blow my hair back This one, though This one I love The chemistry between Tristan and Michael is fantastic, their back story is interesting, and the dialogue is good The angst was at just the right level to keep the reader engaged without bubbling over the top.