[S.E. Jakes] ☆ Bound By Honor [gender-identity PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ç One Year Ago On A Mission Gone Wrong, Tanner James Failed To Save The Life Of Jesse, His Army Ranger Teammate Before Dying In That South American Jungle, Jesse Extracted A Promise That Won T Let Tanner Rest Until It S Fulfilled No Matter What It Costs HimDamon Price Loved Jesse, But Problems In Their Relationship Had Come To A Head Right Before Jesse Left On His Final Mission Now A Reluctant Dom And A Man Still In Mourning, He S Not Happy When Tanner Appears At His BDSM Club And Even Less Happy With Jesse S Last Request That Tanner Sub For Him For One NightAfter A Rough Start, Damon Realizes That The Tough Soldier, Despite His Protests, Aches For Someone To Take Control And Tanner Senses A Hesitance, An Insecurity In Damon That Makes Him Wonder If He S Simply A Placeholder For Jesse, Or If Their Tentative Connection Could Grow Into SomethingFor Jesse S Sake, They Agree To Try One Weekend Together Then Duty Calls, And A Series Of Attacks That Have Been Happening Near The Club Hits Too Close To Home, Making Both Men Wonder If Giving Their Hearts Is A Maneuver Fraught With Too Much Risk Product WarningsContains Rough Language, Rougher Sex And Warriors Who Fall Hard For Each Other I love S.
E Jakes, I love her writing, but this book is was not one of my favorites This story is a little confusing, and I didn t felt deeply connected with the MCs They have hot and lots of sex, but romance was missing IMO Too many breakups, coming and going and well I wanted themstable I first read this in the summer of 2011 Then I read it again in 2013 I read it again this week and really wish I hadn t.
Some books just need to stay 5 star books in your head, and this entire series is one of them I was less than impressed by reading this again and have put it and the whole series on my re reading no shelf.
I m going to keep it at 5 stars because that was my initially thought.
For those who haven t read this and plan to, knowing who is who can get very confusing Here is a short list of who we met in book 1 Damon co owns club CraveLC co owns club Crave Damon s best friend mentions Styx Jessie is Damon s dead subTanner is Jessie s Ranger friendRex Navy buddy of Damon s wants SawyerPaulo police officer flirting with LCRenn bouncer at CraveStyx military buddy LC is hung up on Whereabouts unknownGreg Damon s mentor when he was a teen.
LC AKA LawDedicated to my love, David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust.
Overall book rating 3.
5Audio Book N ABook Cover 3I m on a re read spree it seems Actually I m just in the mood for something and seeing as I can t get a grasp on that something I m randomly working my way through what ever I feel at the moment.
Round two of this onewell I m going to say it It made me see lots and lots of little niggles that I may have overlooked the first time It s not that I didn t enjoy it It s maybethat I could see all the little things that feels missing that could have made this a GREAT read instead of a good one All in all, I still love me a struggling soldier And I think the combination of the light BDSM and the breaking down of emotional barriers was a good one 9 December 2014 First ReadConflicted about this book It started of very much like what I was in the mood for And then it just mellowed out I still liked the story but it was not at all what I expected after that opening scene.
5 Great Start StarsYou like my weakness That s not weakness, baby That s surrender and they re not the same thing at allThis was a great start to the series I loved both Damon and Tanner Two strong, vulnerable and damaged men The push and pull was the perfect amount of angst and the steam was STEAMY It was a quick read, but thoroughly engaging and I was hooked I m definitely looking forward to continuing the series However, there were a few things that bugged me There were too many times where the author awkwardly swapped POV s It would take me a few sentences to realize, which messed with the flow of my reading and then I d have to go back and re read with the understanding that now I m in an alternate POV Also there were obvious consistency errors i.
e They sat down to eat lasagna and then two paragraphs later one of the MC s was taking a bite of his steak And finally, I had a hard time fully picturing the MC s No clear cut description is given above and beyond the usual broad shoulders, killer abs, blonde dark hair.
gorgeous cock well, Damon was 10 inchesI appreciated that specific detail Overall, a great start to what looks to be an intriguing and steamy series Here we have the deeply intense book 1 in SE Jakes Men of Honor series Army Ranger Tanner, 6 3 , blonde, blue eyes, and tough as nails.
Damon, 6 5 , black haired and dressed in leather, ex Delta Force co owns a BDSM Club He s mourning the loss of his partner, Jesse, who served with Tanner, who held Jesse when he died Tanner has a message for Damon from Jesse and a promise to the dying man Tanner shows up to deliver the message and Damon is hurt and angry Let me tell you now, this story has BDSM, some humiliation and graphic details of previous abuse Later when Tanner is drugged and bound by two men, Damon rescues him With Damon s strength and understanding, Tanner finds the help he truly needed Meanwhile Damon s business partner, JC, has kept secret, the violent attacks and rapes happening outside the Club There are clues that point to their past So, we have that mystery to solve and our MCs have conversations to deal with their relationship Lots of dirty talk, and actions, hot erotic sex with spanking and bondage There is also much emotion, with care and comfort They have deep thoughts and twisting feelings, and must reveal their pasts to heal This is an intense tale of healing one s inner wounds to be able to find peace It s so well written, interesting, sexual and action packed.
Highly recommended ENJOY BR with Nick, Cory and Mishyjo There may be spoilers below.
I wasn t really sure what to expect, because aside from S.
E Jakes Hell or High Water series, her work has usually been a miss for me But I actually quite liked Bound By Honor.
Tanner James made a promise one year ago to Jesse, his dying teammate, that he would submit for Jesse s boyfriend for a BDSM scene at least once Damon Price has been in mourning for a year, and he s not too happy when Tanner shows up at his club The two get off to a very rocky start, but lust wins out and they can t keep their hands off each other.
I can t say that I liked the first 20% or so of the book The borderline dub con was random and ridiculous It seemed to be thrown in for no apparent reason And if view spoiler Joe and Hunt, a D s couple who prey on other men in the club scene, were really so well known as being rapists who drugged their victims, why were they never reported to the police or even banned from clubs hide spoiler BR with Adam, Nick, and Mishyjo I must admit that I was a poor buddy because I only made one update while I was reading, but that s because I didn t want to stop reading lol.
I love S.
E Jakes characters You won t see them buying flowers for each other or taking long walks on the beach holding hands You will see them having all sorts of hot sex You will also see them showing each other that they do care, but they show them in their own unique way, sometimes without even having to say I love you I previously read No Boundaries, so I had some experience with Law, Paulo, and Styx I didn t realize that they were a part of this series until after I read the other book I m very excited to get their full story.
Tanner and Damon were a great match for each other Damon would push Tanner when he knew he needed it and eventually, Tanner did the same to Damon.
I thought this was a great start to the series and I m really looking forward to reading the next books The best part is that Adam, Nick, and Mish will be with me the whole way Written February 3, 2014.
3 1 2 Rough Stars intense strong emotions boils the heat is reaching the roofI read a few of S.
E Jakes books in her other series Long Time Gone and three , about Prophet and his hottie friends , and they where all amazing reading experiences just magnificent I d been told that this Men of Honor series was quite different but I d high hopes for another awesome reading time with some muscular, masculine, macho, manly men I got part of it Bound of Honor is steaming hot, rough, gritty and very intense but it wasn t a utterly captivating S.
E Jakes novel for me this time Over a year ago lost the club owner Damon Price his boyfriend and sub, Jesse in one of America s war zones A year later stands a young and beautiful man in the door Tanner James promised his Army Ranger teammate Jesse, before he died, that he Tanner would ask for a night and submit for Jesse s former Dom The time was set to a year and now can t Tanner rest until it s fulfilled The BDSM scene is new and quite scary for Tanner He is absolutely convinced that he isn t a man who wants to bottom or submit for another man But as the good friend he is, he feels he must and should do it, just this one single night Damon who is an older, experienced and highly regarded Dom, is bitter, angry and sad And this night he takes out his grief over Jesse s sadly death on the stranger Tanner Before a club audience in a play room,or less violate and demean he the terrified, but also very brave and courageous, younger Tanner The beginning of this story made me shudder of discomfort I wantet to scream and cry It was maybe not rape but it was all so terrible rough, without tenderness, respect or care It was just thatA Dom always know best take itattitude Of course thanksgod , Damon later also knows that he has done exactly what a good Dom never ever should do He becomes quickly remorseful, finds the now quite angry and upset Tanner and their story begins Damon knew that everything that had just hapened between them the unexpected intimacy was way too much, too soon an they were both battling feelings they d never expected Bound By Honor has a strong Dom sub topic and that always scare me a bit I crossed my fingers for some tender and sweet moments too And I got that It wasn t a lot of BDSM Club play here but it was all about to take and to be taken, to dominate and to submit view spoiler Maybe it s because, deep down, don t I understand those needs I almost gets a bit annoyed when the universal solution to all problems, anxiety, fear, grief etc, are to submitting and knee before a Dom and then be rough and hard taken hide spoiler 3.
5 I can t make my mind up about this one, some of it I loved and other parts drove me batshit.
The boy references were completely doing my head in by halfway through the book but I wanted to see where Damon and Tanner were going and if they d make it so I kept reading.
I find LC fascinating and want to knowabout him and Styx and whether the hot young detective is going to be able to break through his pain.
The BDSM moments weren t particularly hard, they fit within the story and didn t seem to be there just because or as sex for sex s sake but I felt the connectionbetween the two men when they weren t doing a scene.