☆ Read ☆ And the Tide Turns by Timothy Dalton ó When you read this, you better pay attention because if you don t you re going to find yourself flying off this roller coaster How the author kept everything straight and made everything come back around full circle is amazing It would have been so easy to have this story get lost in itself Kudos The illustrations aided in the graphic Novel feel of the bravado, sarcasm and wit of the characters The only reason I gave it four stars is because I thought the writing could have been a little tighter, but this is Mr Dalton s first novel, right Can t wait for the next I must add that this review isn t for readers of this genre, but for the skeptics of this genre It s worth it OK, so yes, I m biased I ll admit it up front I worked on this book with my brother Timothy Dalton so I ve got a personal stake here But in all honesty, this is the type of book I would love even if it hadn t been my brother s creation and even if my other brother hadn t done the artwork and even if I hadn t been directly involved in helping to bring it to life It s action packed but not so much that you can t get your breath and filled with interesting characters and snappy dialogue I loved the character development of the main protagonist and the plot details that were woven together so well Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a fun, crazy ride in the form of words.
April The Cold War Is Nearly OverOr Is It Wealthy Business Mogul Tobias Keane Is Dead In An Apparent Suicide Ethan Tannor, A Detective On The Scene And Nephew Of Keane, Suspects Something Else In His Effort To Prove His Uncle Was Murdered, Ethan Discovers There Was To Tobias S Past Than He Initially ThoughtAll Roads Point To An Impending Hostile Takeover Of The United States As Ethan Finds Himself In The Center Of Something He Can T Explain Political Agendas Headed By A Shadowy Leader, And An Evil Force Tipping The Balance Of Power Bring Him Face To Face With Things Beyond The Realm Of Belief And PossibilityWhen The Lines Of Reality And Fiction Become Blurred, Ethan Embarks On The Near Impossible Task Of Reshaping The World If He Fails, The Battleground Will Be America, With New Territory Lines Carved Across The Map As The Victor Stakes Their ClaimBut Ethan Is Determined To End It Where It All Began April Language And Violence About AND THE TIDE TURNSAnd the Tide Turns Is Timothy Dalton S Debut Novel An Action Packed Thriller That Will Leave Readers Guessing As They Journey With Ethan Tannor In His Quest To Figure Out The Secret Behind His Uncle S Death A Quest That Brings Him To Places He Never Imagined, And The Discovery Of His Uncle S Strange Connection To The Unsolved Mystery Of The Somerton Man Artwork By Matthew DaltonBe Sure To Stay Tuned For Timothy S Upcoming New Novel, On The Hitlist Working Title , Which Should Be Released In The Coming Months I thought the book was so good and written so well The story was complicated as I went farther into it As you read the book each chapter helps you to understand the reason for each thing that happens in the life of the main character You also get to know the characters Everything ties together and really makes sense in the end I thought the main character was a Hero He might not realize he was, but I believe he was At the end, the main character realized all the things that happened, had happened for a reason, but I also think that he was sad and wished that things had happened differently Isn t that the way it is in REAL life Don t we all wish there was such a thing as a do over or a time in life that we wished things had happened a different way Don t we all wish that we had done or said something different to make a difference It doesn t matter what we have said, we can t really change that But we can learn from our mistakes Anyway, I loved this book so much that I would read the author s writing if he were to come out with another book.
This is the type of story I like surprising and funny moments that will keep you wanting to see what happens next The main character can be rude but also funny, and there are some crazy twists It has an interesting plot mixed with some history which I like history I enjoyed it The reason I gave it a 4 star instead of a 5 is because in my opinion view spoiler the ending was bittersweet hide spoiler I am always in awe of the imagination of a writer how his mind works when creating his story It s amazing the thoughts he has about each character I am glad that the writer of this story chose to share his thoughts in this suspenseful novel.
In my mind, each character was brought to life There were times that I had to takea break from the novel, because of the suspense Then at times I couldn t put it down, because I had to know what was going to happen I was glad when the evil people were out of the picture, or were they Then there were times that I would catch myself thinking OH NO I am giving this book 5 stars, because the writer captivated my interest all the way to the end.
A masterfully written and beautifully illustrated thrill ride A mystery sci fi thriller all rolled into one The author starts off leaving the reader puzzled, as any great mystery does Once it really takes off, which is only a few pages in and doesn t stop until the end every piece of the mystery the reader figures out along with the protagonist leads the reader deeper into a world that could be an alternate reality of our own Every chapter has a witty title, which, gives the reader an aha moment while reading each chapter It is later discovered that the chapter titles are actually a very amusing cue to what happens within the chapter I stumbled upon an illustration that the author had posted on twitter Curious, I asked the author if he drew the picture He replied that it was his brother that did the illustrations for a book that he had written Long story short, Timothy Dalton is a very generous and gracious person whom gave me a copy of the book for review I am not one to read random books by unknown authors, but I took a chance I was absolutely blown away This book is not only worthy of being a best seller, it could be a hit at the box office if made into a movie script If this book is a sample of what Timothy Dalton is capable of, you are looking at a future master of the craft Anyone that misses out on this is doing themselves a disservice I now wait with baited breath for the next book from this wonderful author.

What a gripping novel It started off with a bang and kept up the momentum until the very end The author described the characters in such vivid detail that it made a mental impression that kept them on my mind long after I closed the book at bedtime I found myself sneaking away to read a few pages to see how this story played out when I normally do not take the time to read during the day The tale has many twists and turns which keeps the reader guessing who was who, where and when Since a good portion of the book was written during historic days and events of my lifetime, it made it interesting I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy action, intrigue, mystery and colorful characters The illustrations at every turn were descriptive beyond my imagination and made the story especially interesting All books should expand on the reading experience by including artwork so masterfully created I am hoping this author will continue in his writing endeavors with this same caliber of story telling talent in the future I will be adding his name to my list of favorite authors.
Well, what can I say about this book other than I absolutely love it I am awarding this book 5 stars for many reasons Reason 1 The pacing for this book is fast It moves and moves, it slows when it should, but for the most part it just flows Reason 2 This book contains something for almost everyone There is action, there is suspense, there is a mystery to be solved, political intrigue, and there is the 80 s Best decade ever in my opinion Reason 3 The characters in this book are fun, and the dialogue kept me interested along the way So much so that I will be reading this book again very soon Reason 4 Although this is a novel, there are illustrations for every chapter This gave it a graphic novel feel and as I would move onto the next chapter I would continue to read waiting in anticipation to see the next drawing Reason 5 So this is the big one, and it makes me somewhat nervous My final reason is a bit biased I can t help it though, a lot of work, sweat, but no tears went into this project So yes, I wrote this book I love this book, and I want everyone else to enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it There are many things that compelled me to write this novel The main ones were I wanted to write a book that I wanted to read I wanted to create something that others would enjoy I wrote this so that someday it may become the movie that I want to watch.
Currently available in kindle unlimited Admittedly, it took me a handful of pages to get into the swing with this book, but when I did it was followed with several up too late nights for me My wife woke me up this morning at the exact time that I was supposed to be at work So, Timothy Dalton thanks, I guess, for that I will hold that against you.
In a nutshell, this is a complex tale Based on the description, I was expecting a simplistic National Treasure meets The Da Vinci Code story Although those are both guilty pleasures, I was glad to discover this is of a Looper with Time Cop and original content merged into a science fiction adventure of time travel time paradox, detectives, past, present, and future dual causality, which all centers around the Cold War.
If any of that sounds interesting, please read the actual book synopsis and see if this is something you d be interested to pick up.
It isn t too often that I rate a book a full 5 stars What put this work over the top for me Self Published Author with quality editing I only noticed a couple typos Complex threads within the story always a challenge to keep straight and explain thoroughly Smattering of original art pencil drawings graphic comic style This is Dalton s debut novel a full story weighing in at a healthy 400 pages.
Read February 2015 Copy supplied by publisher author Opinions, good or bad, are 100% my own.