↠´ Read Þ A Note in the Margin by Isabelle Rowan Þ I don t even know where to start Perhaps I should give my dear friend Mark a big hug for recommending this wonderful book to me You know my taste in books so well Thank you A Note in the Margin is a very special story very different from the books I usually read It s a quiet, a tender story, a story that broke my heart and put the pieces back together again one by one, only to tear them apart once .
The book is about John, who buys a small bookshop called Margins, and with this bookshop comes young Jamie, the son of the previous owner Maggie On his first day in his new bookstore John notices a disheveled looking man sitting in one of the big leather chairs in the back of the shop It s David, a homeless guy John sets his sights on kicking him out, but Jamie convinces him to let him stay against John s better judgment I adored sweet and empathetic Jamie An old, caring soul wrapped in a beautiful, fun loving package He certainly deserves his special someone and happiness as well.
John develops feelings for David and tries to help him off the streets That s not an easy task because David can t be the man any he once used to be Before he ended up on the streets and before he had to leave his little boy David is struggling to be that man again He wants to be the man John needs him to be and he wants to be the father his son needs him to be David omg David He is so vulnerable, so lost, so adorable and insecure I just wanted to take him home and keep him safe.
John does the best he can to actually reach out and make it possible for David to heal John has to learn, though that what he wants isn t always what he needs, and that David, in his own broken way, is perfect for him.
A Note in the Margin is just beautifully written, it s heartfelt and thoughtful and amazing Parts of the story were difficult to read, at the same time I found comfort, encouragement and joy in itThe most important things aren t always in the main story, sometimes the real meaning is scribbled in the margins You know, when you pick up a secondhand book and people have written stuff in it To read what other people think is important Maybe they underline a sentence or just a word Sometimes it has nothing to do with the story but how they feel at the time There isto life than the main story Check out the notes in the margins because maybe they re evenimportantIf you haven t read this book yet then you have definitely missed a true gem Highly recommended Woof Okay, that was a rough read Good, but tough We all want to be stronger and better Sometimes just to prove that we re good enough to be respected or loved John, taking an executive escape for health reasons, scampers across town to run a small cozy bookstore, Margins A longtime neighborhood retreat there are a steady stream of regular visitors Somedesirable than others Jamie, the previous owner s son and assistant stays on to help run the place He knows the ins and outs and all the regulars count on him, including David Jamie s heart is big, open and fearless When John wants to kick David out, Jamie stays his hand David He represents different things to different people, but he is one of the invisible And his story is all theheartbreaking because it is not contrived I found this story emotionally difficult, and while I usually resent that sort of manipulation, I couldn t here How we as a society treat those less fortunate speaks volumes I liked that characters made mistakes someegregious than others John, is not a perfect man In fact, there are several instances of cruelty that struck deep But, only a hypocrite or liar would claim that they ve never once done something similar There are complicated issues addressed homelessness, mental health, social welfare, and humanity They are not glib or pretty and there are no simple, easy answers I liked that it didn t negate the issue with cursory treatment This book is a mirror and you will see yourself It was just another reminder that life wasn t that neat little jigsaw puzzle with a picture perfect goal at the end.
This book makes me cry and feeling melancholic, I think I need to find some murder mystery to deal with it sigh Considered one of the classics , meaning that it is often recommended to people who want to start reading LGBT fiction, I think that perception is well deserved.
It is heartbreaking, tender, and moving at the same time And on the core of it, it s about love and not judging a person from the first look John McCann, an executive who takes a year of sea change by taking over a bookstore, at first, feels disgusted with a homeless named David, who seems to have a permanent chair to read secondhand book in the bookstore However, the previous owner s son, Jamie, persuades John to let David stay And as the days go, John starts to see David as a person, not just a homeless guy.
This story deals with some heavy subjects Depression, living in the streets, rape, and of course threats of disease Isabelle Rowan approaches this from day to day point of view, showing the gradual change and improvement from both guys How John helps David to come out of his shell How David starts to open up And of course, how both fall in love, and in that process, become two better people.
It s a testament of triumph on humanity, written with an indepth observation on characters It s definitely one of the best books in this genre Ever And on that note, if I can hug this book, I would.
This is one of those oldies I ve had sitting around forever that I finally got around to reading today, and I have all kinds of jumbled up feelings about it WARNING Mildly spoilerish and largely incoherent brain dump review coming up On the one hand, I command Rowan for writing about romance from a nontraditional angle She tackles homelessness and mental illness But I m not sure she does it well For one, we never know precisely what s wrong with David It seems that he had some kind of nervous breakdown brought on my job stress and went into a sort of fugue state where he disassociated and just left home When we meet him, he still disassociates and is depressed probably Yet even as John takes him in and offers him comfort and safety, there s no talk about actually getting him professional help counseling and medication David talks to Barbara, the woman who runs the homeless shelter where he used to stay, but she s not a professional therapist And he sees a doctor to get tested for STDs, but antidepressants are never mentioned How is that possible Both men s sexuality was also only vaguely defined David at one point says he s gay, but was married and loved his wife, and his being gay was not an issue in the marriage John thinks of himself as bi, but David is the one, and his grandparents thought he was gay before David, he dated a woman for years and he s still with her though not exclusively when he meets David After he gets together with David, however, he randomly thinks about calling her, but that entire situation is just dropped He never breaks up with her, and she never calls him, and it s never mentioned again After years together, it all just goes away And what s up with John s migraines I mean, they re mentioned in the blurb, and he supposedly makes this entire life change so he can relax, but he doesn t seem relaxed, and a headache migraine or otherwise is never once mentioned I also didn t understand why John and Jamie had to sleep together at the beginning It added nothing to the story, except making John seem like a floozy I didn t want to read about them together when I knew John was going to end up with David I got really tired of David running away I mean, after the fifth time, I was like, come on, really The shifting POVs, sometimes within the same sentence, drove me nuts It made the story harder to follow And it wasn t just David and John s POV it was the POVs of secondary characters as well It made my mind jerk trying to keep up.
Finally, the connection between David and John wasn t there for me John wanted to take care of David, and David was grateful to John, but the sexual tension Not really there In fact, I was shocked when they first slept together, because it was very soon after them meeting when David was still homeless, and it felt a bit inappropriate John didn t force David, of course, but I wasn t sure David was capable of making that decision at that time So, yeah, the story had issues It was sweet and tender and hopeful, but not entirely fleshed out, and some serious loose ends were left dangling Despite all this, I still enjoyed the book well enough I loved Jamie s character and wantedabout him I liked the way Adam still loved his dad and made so much effort to get to know him he was maybe TOO nice and understanding for a teenager, but whatever I was rooting for John and David I WANTED David off the streets and settled I liked the pensioners who came to the book store There was something nostalgic about the setting, and, despite the heavy themes, this was ultimately a love story.
I really don t know what else to add to the many excellent reviews This novel is definitely a poppy poking way above the rest, already well into the foreign country of LGBT literature as opposed to genre romance.
I ve picked a few truly good ones lately, and this one here apart from the wonderful, warm story also has some of the most erotic sex scenes I ve read in a long while.
It reads like some of the best movies play.

If someone named this book to me the first word that would come to mind would be meh It didn t wow me, I didn t hate it, but I didn t like it either Maybe the most approximate adjetive I could give is boring.
This is one of the most dead books I ve ever read in my life There was no emotion here, everything was bland and grey and tasteless It felt like watching bad actors playing a script they have just learnt It all felt unnatural and uninspiring I need to feel the character s lives are stimulating, not because they are assassins or celebrities or astronauts, but I need to feel some kind of excitement even in the most anodyne of existences.
I didn t feel it here John is a super perfect guy who quits a stressing job and moves to own a library that makes by far less money I couldn t understand how someone so used to the best of the best would accept a simpler life with no difficulty at all Once there, he begins some kind of affair with Jamie, the shop s owner s son Just because.
David I don t know how to judge him It s obvious he has some kind of disability but I have no idea which He spends the whole time reading or drawing in the library, he lives in the streets and works as a whore part time I don t know why the former shop s owner accepted him I have no idea why the shop s owner s son accepted him And, even , I m clueless as to why John eventually accepted him I saw nothing that could lead to someone loving David with none of a question It was just done Seen him, loved by everybody No preambles I get David has problems, but his past is something that doesn t fit this present he had some kind of a lucrative job, he had a wife, he has a son he misses And now nothing WHY This is something of importance but here was considered a minor detail It s not I have to admit the author is very brave She didn t use bad guys or a murder or a higher motive to keep the story moving She just had the characters, and no one of them gave much of a problem In fact, all of them were good people But those stories are the most difficult to write, and the author failed completely When there are only two people on scene, you have to create some kind of chemistry and wonder to keep it interesting and electrifying But there was no chemical environment and no exhilarating emotion that precedes and comes after falling in love Here everything was written with the same and repetitive musical note, no variations and no melody So when John shelters David in his house I couldn t understand that need of sleeping together or that yearning to make love It feltlike a duty than a thirst or a longing It felt like they had to do it in order to follow the script rather than due to true feelings All in all, that there was NOTHING there I could identify with love.
I ended this story feeling completely flat I expected some kind of fireworks before beginning the book and when I finished reading that last page I thought Is that everything There are a lot of holes, in the argument, in the character s development, in the style I was going nuts with that eternally changing POV , and the one that annoyed me the most in the feelings It all was, by the book, an empty shell.
What I did like, weird it is, is to see how living as an indigent is The shelters, the risks, the cold, the hunger we have a glimpse of that and it reminded me of the movie The Pursuit of Happiness I wouldn t remember this book if not for the fact that it was so meh I always compare the other meh books with this one to know how to classify them in my shelves It s sad but it s true.
John McCann is an A type workaholic trying to overcompensate for a deprived childhood He recognizes, after suffering migraines and a recommendation from his doctor, that he has to make a change if he wants to continue to live a long healthy life.
John expects his effort to slow down to last a year As we all know, expectations are what we have, not what we always get John leases a book store that comes with the original owners son, Jaime who is a real charmer and a resident transient, Dave that uses the 2nd hand book corner to escape into books everday It doesn t take long but does take effort for Jaime to awaken the compassionate soul in John To force John to see past the dirt and circumstances to the suffering human in his store Each day, John caresand each day Dave reaches out a bit farther Some days its enough and some days it isn t Loving is always a challenge Loving a man with emotional stability issues is far from easy John spends the book doing the best he can and not always the right thing, thank goodness to actually reach out and make it possible for Dave to heal and in doing so, for Dave to heal John as well The love scenes in this book are varied, from simple touches to wide grins to breakthroughs that are as simple, yet complex as unpacking a bag Not over done and still erotic, the men make love in satisfying ways to both them and the reader and the story moves from one moment to the next with unexpected bouts of insight, joy and bittersweet for the characters and the reader Although it doesn t bother me,this book shifts from one character POV to another quite often I think I counted at least 5 different POV s in this book I marked it down a star because the switch was not always as clear and seamless as it should be I felt that it gave meability to understand character motivation and growth, but that style isn t everyone s cuppa I was really touched by this book in a way that makes me think people as a whole stand a chance melodramatic I know, but I feel a little strung out after finishing this book and really do wish that all people had this much compassion for their fellow man What an amazing story I think David will remain forever in my mind and heart as an example of what can happen to any of us when life becomes just too much Artistic, quietly funny, a husband and father, a man living a normal life that just gets away from him and leaves him lostand then homeless and alone.
John, a successful executive, takes a break from his high profile, stressful career and leases a bookstore On his first day he notices a dirty, smelly and obviously homeless man sitting in a quiet corner reading a second hand book No way is he gonna allow a transient to chase away his profits so he sets his sights on kicking him out Jamie, his lovable employee, convinces him to let him stayand against his better judgment does.
As John gets to know David he realizes that he is starting to care for and worry about him Where does he go at night when it s cold How does he find money for food One night David shows up at his door bloody and John takes him in Offers him a bath, clean clothes, shelter and friendship John is amazed how beautiful David is after he s cleaned up and so sets the stage for a friendship that eventually grows to love.
David struggles from the beginning to the end of this story, but that just makes itbelievable Problems don t just go away and John is committed to making sure that David knows he has a home and partner that will be there for him, no matter what I loved both John, David and even Jamie I can t wait to read the sequel Who would I recommend this too Everyone.
A Note in the Margin brought tears to my eyes, lots and lots of tears, its so beautifully written the emotional anguish with just trying to cope with everyday life bit by bit, such a struggle for David who suffers from a debilitating illness, the one thing that gives him some sort of stability is the bookshop where he spends his time closeted away, in the second hand section of the store virtually invisible to everyone John the current owner at first sees David as a dirty homeless man but that soon changes, slowly but surely they find something special within each other, thanks in part to Jamie who works at Margins and encourages John to be patient and not to give up on David Jamie I loved him, cute and fun to be around such a lovely guy especially when sharing his lunches with David The telephone communication between David and his son Adam with no actual spoken words from David just these tapping sounds was.
cry worthy Every time David left my heart stopped, I was so, so afraid that he would or could not make it back to John, thankfully though some brightness at the the end of one dark tunnel This will stay with me for a long time its not a story to be forgotten.
John McCann, A Man Who Judges Life By The Tally Of An Accounts Ledger, Has A Supreme Goal In Life To Achieve, Live, And Enjoy The Rarified Executive Lifestyle But He S Encountered One Problem The Migraines Are Going To Continue To Get Worse Unless You Make Some Major Changes In Your Lifestyle What You Need Is A Sea Change Perhaps Buy A Nice Little Business In The Country, Settle Down, Something Easier To Occupy Your Time While John Knows The Doctor Is Right, He Just Can T Resign From The Job He S Fought So Hard For He Decides The Sacrifice Of Taking A Year S Leave Of Absence Won T Interfere Too Much With His Plans, And So He Finds Himself Running Margins, A Cozy Little bookstore, With The Help Of The Former Owner S Son, Jamie John Expects To Put In His Year, Get His Stress Under Control, And Then Get Back To Business What John Doesn T Expect Is How Margins And Its Denizens Draw Him In, Particularly The Quiet, Disheveled Man Who Takes Refuge In The Old Leather Chair In The Second Hand Book Section John S Plans For An Unattached Year Of Simple Business Crumble When He Meets David And Is Forced To Reevaluate Life, Love And What He Really Wants From Both John And David Are Forced To Come To Terms With Their Pasts As They Struggle To Determine What Possible Future They Might Build Together