Trailer ✓ Victorious Star (Interstellar Service & Discipline, #1) PDF by ☆ Morgan Hawke Victoria Stark Is An Imperial Navigations Pilot Known Among The Sentient Battleships As The Victorious Star For Sacrificing Her Captains To Save Her Ships Strong Willed And Resourceful, She Has Never Lost A Ship She S Flown And Never Serviced A Captain She S HadCaptain Ravnos Of The Mercenary Dreadnaught Hellsbreath Rules His Crew With An Iron Will First Officer Seht Is A Skeldhi Prince Whose Specialty Is Erotic Discipline They Re On A Mission, And In Need Of A Nav PilotKidnapped Into Service On The Hellsbreath, Victoria Is Caught Between Two Very Different Men Locked In Their Own Private And Erotic Power Struggle And Then There S The Mission The Moribund Company Has Captured The Imperial Dreadnaught Arcane, And Intends To Auction The Sentient Ship To The Highest Bidder Unfortunately, Moribund Himself Is Attending The Auction And Ravnos Is Forced To Remain Onboard The Hellsbreath For Moribund Has A Personal Vendetta Against The Handsome Captain It Is Up To Victoria And First Officer Seht To Go Deep Undercover At The Mordred Space Station To Rescue The ArcaneTo Complete The Mission And Return To Her Duties As An Imperial Officer, Victoria Must Become Prince Seht S Rehkyt A Pet, Literally And Figuratively Not Allowed On The Furniture And Kept At The End Of A Leash, Victoria Discovers That There Are Worse Things Than Servicing Your Captain Or Are There Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, BDSM Including Bondage, Domination Submission, Whipping , Menage M M F , And Homoerotic Sexual Situations M M, F F This is one of those books where you think wtf I m I reading like 1000 times while you read it I really don t have a specific review for this Sometimes it felt OK, sometimes so off.
The males were OK, the heroine I just couldn t connect with.
Maybe I m done with sci fi for now Although I have to say that this book was very unique and soo steamy.
Not quite sure I ll read the others in the series, though We ll see.
This is not your Grandpas scifi story Ms Hawke has managed to write a story that combines two genres I love to read Science Fiction and Erotica This is not a typical romance although there is a HEA If you prefer your erotica romancevanilla you should probably just move along nothing to see here However, if your adventuresome and like to take a walk on the wildside or at least take a peek on the wildside , I can recommend this book The erotic portions of the book run the gamut of themes BDSM heavy D s , Dubious Consent, Menage MMF,MFM,FFF , voyeurism, exhibitionism, rough sex It is a very visceral read There s a little something for everyone The author throws in something extra for her readers too The sex scenes are combustible, well written and part of the overall plot of the book The scifi parts speak to the scifi geek girl in me The author builds a complex futuristic universe with sentient starships battleships, sentient slightly pervy space stations, alien civilizations, alien biology, hot aliens, hot cyborgs, evil aliens, evil cyborgs, nanotechnology, human machine interfaces, and genetic bio modification The only thing missing Robots there are no robots in the making of this book Victorious Star is a re read book for me If you like your Scifi to sizzle, I recommend that you give this book a try.
Rating lowered to 1 on second attempt of reading.
I tried to finish this a second time having had an excellent run of well written scifi by women and again couldn t get past the rape scenes The second time around I m angry rather than just bored I wouldn t mind reading a future world containing institutional rape I mean, one of the best scifis written by a woman is Margaret Atwood s The Handmaid s Tale after all I also adore reading well written rape fiction as it s a kink of mine The stress in both cases is on well written.
I ll add that to be palatable to me, the rape has to be normally received by the woman By this I mean I want the typical, normal reaction of a woman who gets raped Even if the rape is institutionalised, even if she is physically brought to an orgasm which is a response of nerves, not of anyone s actual enjoyment of rape and in particular even if she is a masochist or submissive, and again can t help getting off on the pain and force, I want a normal reaction to the breach of consent What I do definitely NOT want is an author who writes a raped women the way MRAs talk about raping women as in a hot babe, who reeeeeeeally only needs to be well done over to get dripping wet and have a couple of Os and she will come around to see the male s point of view.
And it is this which this book does It is reinforcing all those messages of rapists, that at the heart of it all women want it and that you just have to do her hard and good, and she ll love it.
As I already said in my earlier review, this message is not subverted in the slightest It isn t delivered sarcastically Or cynically The woman doesn t end up shooting those arseholes into bits of guts and shit Nope, like the poster child of revisionist male expectancy she takes the rape and loves it And she submits to these alpha arseholes like a good girl Once again I can t eat enough for how much I would like to puke reading such complete shice.
I also notice that the past 3 years reading a lot of very bad erotica, especially alleged BDSM erotica, has all but eroded my patience and willingness to suffer equably I do not get the rates of this book At all Ultimately this was very boring, the sex repetitive and not very erotic and the story a dime a dozen.
What irked me into going down to 2 instead of the usual 3 for something mediocre is the sex negative message this spreads Nowhere, not even within the female MC s inner dialogue does that get subverted and that s the least I expect these days At its core this has an ultra conservative world view I don t know why this keeps astonishing me so much, but it does.
You might have noticed that this book has some pretty wildly diverging reviews You ll move from glowing 5 star ones to pitiless 1 star ratings I ve read plenty of both, to try to make my mind around this novel And I ve realised I m not sure I agree with any Oh, don t get me wrong, this has been a 1 star experience for me, out of sheer bordom, mostly But let s clear the field first This is erotica, plain and simple I didn t know that, so my fault Still, I read the genre, and while I admit freely that most is trash or porn meaning it s awfully written or completely missing the point , I still read it, and enjoy some books This is actually the erotica that s most disappointing stories with a wonderful potential in plot and world building that get destroyed by totally lack of focus on anything that s not sex.
Anyway, going back on the reviews This is not my idea of a good book the 5 stars it lacks character coherence and depth, a tight plot It does have a core of a good story, but it would come out only if you cut at least 20 of those 40 chapters And then rebuild the story As it is you get an almost non stop sex scene And that s it Again, yes, erotica, but god how mind numbing boring And coarse and offensive, but I ll get back on this By the way, I have no idea of other people s opinion, but to me eroticism has to be engaging, it s never the mechanics It s quite difficult to get engaged in a plot if it drowns in thousands useless details here sex , and if characters are unbelievable or unpalatable, or flat And here you had all of this, and not one rounded, believable one Let s take the heroine, she s presented as a real tough, competent, military pilot, able to resist all her captains, even physically This is the background offered and hinted What did we get A sopping, dripping, useless masochistic slave out of the blue She s raped repeatedly, violated in many ways, humiliated, and forced into every situations, including being a slave and she enjoys it so much she falls in love There s not a single real reaction Oh, yes She s has temper as an excuse for punishment and sex , but not one single ounce of steel She s fake and unbelievable in all her reactions A kind of Mary Sue, unreal So why do you give her that background simply to ignore it So many things had no sense, except as the author s way to have it happen Yes, she s the pilot who saves ship rather than crew But I need one hell of a strong, valid motive to justify the choices she makes, like forfeiting her life for a ship I don t see it here at all Self preservation is one hell of a feelingAs to the male leads, I can only say they are unpleasant and unpalatable I couldn t find one saving grace They are not even evil, or real bad guys They aren t that interesting They are spoilt, selfish jerks Unfeeling, and uncaring, words notwithstanding At the end of the book, one of them says their love is unromantic Nope, that simply isn t love She s a toy, maybe a breeder, but surely she s not loved As for the 1 star rating What can I say Right, but not because this book is dark or gritty It definitely isn t It isn t good enough to be, it doesn t know how to be gritty It s too shallow, there s no despair, no depth of feeling How can it be It s just a yawn inducing sex fest Boring, at time a bit revolting, but not even maddening enough to rant.
Now, to the other hot topic The non con Those who know me know I don t run from rapes, as long it s acknowledged as such Wanderlust is such a book It s a love story between a rapist and his victim It s not sugar coated, it s not dressed She may orgasm, but it s still a rape Here I found it really irritating and therefore offensive , not because it s a rape, but because it s unacknowledged It s negated, there s no reaction it s not really rape, you wanted us, no matter what came out of your mouth No is no is no, even if I tease you and then I say no No is no is no Rinse an repeat If it s real, it has consequences Otherwise you are just using to titillation, and that s offensive too I m talking to the author, not to the characters Plus, this isn t an historic romance, some things have no sense She s not the belle of the ball Not that they had in HR Different genre, different expectations.
Any way I found the sex and the sexual situation overall coarse, excessive and over the top and not in a good way , again lacking in subtlety and depth sorry the pun is unintentional Rape and slavery as a joke Bleah, bash it as a waste of time and money, but don t give itmerit than it deserves.
This is one of my FAVOURITE books of all time Ms Hawke creates an amazing world that I would love to live in The aggressive skeldhi culture which includes modified humans into sex slave is amazing Captain Ravnos is an uber dom I don t know why Victoria resisted so hard Seht is a hot and sexy alien He also sports view spoiler TWO dicks Talk about double penetration hide spoiler Violent, frequent, painful rape may be a turn on for some, but it s not for everyone It s mostly about sex, but the sci fi story is ok.
REVIEWER S OPINION Throughout the book, the heroine is forced to do things that are painful, uncomfortable, or humiliating and to suffer bad situations In the first sex scene she is kidnapped and fights two men who handcuff her and forcibly rape her rear door It s painful She is forced to do her job as pilot wearing no underwear and a skirt so short that other crew members see her nakedness When undercover as a slave, two girls want to have sex with Victoria She is repulsed and refuses But her undercover partner is amused and forces her to do it All of this was hard for me to take She is constantly forced to do things against her will Yet she desires the two men who repeatedly rape her Apparently this is her subconscious desire to be submissive I had trouble with the rapes They were frightening I would never want to experience this, but it was physically arousing for me which I don t want to admit Some readers may be disgusted.
Victoria is a great fighter and a great nav pilot But because most of the things that happen to her are against her will, there is a helpless feeling to the book The heroine is never in control always a victim Throughout the book I was uncomfortable I was angry with one of the events Victoria is pretending to be Seht s slave on an undercover mission Because of her slave status, he must protect her But he doesn t do his job when he allows her to be separated from him, and something horrible happens to her I was angry This was just oneinstance of something bad happening to her against her will Seht s reason for allowing the separation was stupid and unnecessary I felt like the author should have come up with something better if she wanted this to happen to Victoria I did not like it happening.
On the positive side, the story had some interesting world building ideas that were new and different But I don t know if I want to read anyof this series There isn t much character or relationship development Lust creates relationships There is a lot of graphic, explicit group sex, men with men, women with women, bondage, whipping, pain, blood, and urine Rear door sex is the norm with very little regular sex.
I was disappointed with the cover picture Seht has long silver hair and pointed ears, but the cover guy has short blond hair and normal ears Victoria is shown in a teddy lingerie which is not what she wore in the book.
STORY BRIEF Victoria is a starship nav pilot for the Imperium A computer mechanism is implanted in in her To pilot a ship, she opens her mind and links with the ship s computer They have conversations She respects and cares for them, and they respond well to her More than once, a captain does not listen to her and abandons ship, but she is able to save the ship which makes the captain look bad Throughout the fleet, it is tradition for captains to rape their crew members with rear door sex Victoria has been able to avoid that due to her fighting abilities.
Ravnos is captain of a mercenary ship He kidnaps Victoria, rapes her in the captain s way and forces her to be his nav pilot Seht is his first officer Seht participates in the rapes of Victoria There is frequent sex among the three of them Moraine is planning to destroy a ship whose computer is named Arcane Ravnos has been hired by the Imperium to get possession of Arcane before it s destroyed Ravnos wants Victoria to go onto that ship and let Arcane come into her body to bring him back The only way for Victoria to get to that ship is to go undercover as a slave owned by Seht.
DATA Story length 477 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language strong erotic Number of sex scenes 15 Estimated number of sex scene pages 101 Setting in the future on spaceships and a space station Ebook published 2004 Copyright 2006 Genre erotic science fiction romance.
Re read Review 3.
2 StarsYeah, I remembered pretty quickly why I didn t rate this one higher once I started reading it again I absolutely hate the whole mind and mouth say no, but body says yes trope I think it helps that we re in the FMC s head the whole time, so we know that she is against the whole forced sex domination thing on principle, but can t ignore what her body wantsso it s a little less rapey than if we don t have her POV as depending on the MMCs PsOV would make it a lot rapey.
The insta love was strong with this one as well, and nothing about the story seemed to warrant that connection between Victoria and the guys I DID love her dedication to the Ship s Sentience, recognizing his existence and war record as well as her determination to save all the ships she s been assigned to when incompetence would have the crew abandon them to pirates privateers.
The rest of the story was really really good well, other than that bit of having to perform for the stationmaster, letting him ride her thoughts and emotions which, why was this necessary Was there no other way to bribe him for the access codes they needed , which is why it s still in the 3 Star range I am definitely going to go read the prequel again because there was far too little revealed of how Seht Ravnos get to this point of the story, and I want to hear their voices feel the connection that is plainly there to see.
original Review Another one I need to re read as I can t remember why I rated it 3 stars I don t even have a read date entered I mean, I know I read it, and even without the blurb I recognize the storybut can t for life of me remember what didn t appeal to me It s SciFi AND MMF that s pretty much my favorite combo.
I chose this book for an Erotic SciFi Club group read due to the broad acknowledgement of its appeal within our genre I also had a personal agenda in selecting a so called classic I ve been looking for the missing middle ground between Science Fiction and Erotica for years consider what it implies about human sexuality , and Victorious Star looked like an ideal story to deconstruct in that aim.
The first part of this critique takes a pretty surly tone, and I apologize in advance to anyone harboring warm sentiments for the book as I will be evaluating it from the perspective of the SciFi literature it presumes to extend But there isto say after that, and for what it s worth my feelings did not end where they started.
Let us begin II amI am soaking you I am soaking you in my piss The scent of male urine filled the shower.
Stop What manner of beginning is this It is a theory of mine that every book has two beginnings its literal entrance, and the crucial moment in the narrative from which its interpretation ultimately flowers Despite its almost casual execution, the golden shower conferred on protagonist Victoria Star by her manly captors is the secret gravity of this story.
Why Is it psychologically significant Or even the hardest humiliation on the schedule No It s just the most calculatedly sensational of all the half serious technical gestures connecting science with sexuality here Victoria is being marked like an animal, part of an imprinting procedure that also involves drugs and sex magic This book offers a steady drizzle of such wince inducing situations from beginning to end, and it also develops big problems with logical continuity as we follow a deadly but beautiful starship navigator through the travails of abduction, seduction, addiction to and redemption by a pair of bisexual giants named Ravnos and Seht the latter submissive to the former despite a double endowment of fuckrods.
Anyone comfortable with even middle tier SciFi is going to groan almost line by line through the asshaul of derivative tropes yanked into this story without any sense of discipline or aesthetic usually from the most casual territories of the genre Those committed to the higher genius of SciFi will find this book an excruciating read I stumbled down three chapters just on the inertia of its acclaim before I had to stop and reckon the sheer volume of bad writing that had already accumulated Morgan Hawke is not a capable stylist and Victorious Star doesn t offer any elevated moments where you can feel the author really reach for something subtle or beautiful I was genuinely surprised by the artless prose given the general reputation of her work.
That s not all The main characters in this narrative exhibit frequent u turn changes in motivation and sensibility, at such implausible velocity on occasion I lost all conviction anyone had functioning objectivity on call by the middle chapters The backstories provided are numbly unspecific hinterlands of experience, illuminated as required by the plot to a predictably complicated network of secret loyalties.
In this book, everything is rated class 4 or level 6 or capacity 9 the story is set far in the future but titanium is evidently still a wonder metal you can somehow fall through atmosphere a hundred times faster than an elevator will take you machine mentalities are transferred into human minds by casual touch in all, the science Hawke commands is so corny and unconvincing it may actually hurt your rationality to experience it From the standpoint of a serious SciFi enthusiast, Victorious Star deserves just one, sadly unvictorious star It would be considered almost unpublishable in that genre.
And yet, it was the comprehensive nature of its failure on logical terms that stirred me to question the basic business of rationality in storytelling to the extent that I finally decided my self appointed stewardship of real science fiction was just uncool The greater feat of analysis here would consist in a sincere submission to the story on its own terms So I tried that.
And you know what I began to see something underneath the words that suggested the real reason for the popularity of this book despite its stilted presentation you can clearly detect the author s deep investiture in the reality of her world Hawke seemed genuinely aroused by her own narrative, and I realized it was strictly my decision whether to follow her there.
In this light the story started to feellike the Star Trek novels I used to love, just retooled for kinks Could I really not identify with that As with Fifty Shades of Grey, it became obvious to me on second investigation that Victorious Star renders a genuine image of the feminine sexual subconscious an unsated inclination to giant men with harder needs and steeper vulnerabilities than real life can supply While the elaborately gay relationship between Ravnos and Seht cancels their masculine sovereignty over Victoria in my view, the author describes the triangular ardency of their menage with an obvious yearning for actualities her feminine heat is blatantly felt between details borrowed from SciFi material distant in ambition and effect.
What this novel really wants is a competent editing by someone who can connect the dots back to science with a sure instinct for technical credibility But after thinking about it for a while I decided this would make a modest contribution to the result at best Hawke did the harder thing by giving life to a true fantasy, however blunt its revelation I have never encountered a work of erotica in the formal tradition of SciFi that can match the intensity of desire this story conveys, and for that I shall deal Victorious Star four of a kind, reserving just one mark for her rational resurrection into general literary distinction someday.
FOUR STARS Really enjoyed this book recommended by Belinda McBride It had all the ingredients I love in a great read strong, likeable characters, action, sci fi fantasy, and lots of scorching sex AMBIGUOUS SPOILERS BELOW The only reason I m not giving it a 5 star rating is because I didn t feel as though some of the reactions were equal to the actions in the book For example, I didn t really get a sense that Victoria was a submissive in denial, so the dub con scene really threw me for a loop I mean, it was super hot and sexy, even if it was incredibly , uncomfortable to read btw I count my real discomfort as a credit to the author for creating such a visceral scene , but in my mind it really painted the heroes as the villains I did not, until much, much later, understand that the only reason they did it was because they had a moral certainty it was what she wanted Because I didn t know it was what she wanted, her blase attitude after the fact made me raise my WTF eyebrows Once her inner yearning s were better explained, I let it go rather easily, but it took too long to get there Further, I thought Victoria fell in love too quickly given the fact that the entire story takes place over a three day period in which her entire life is destroyed and rebuilt Still, for all that, I really enjoyed the book and immediately purchased the prequel Lost Star