[Andrew Clements] ✓ Things Hoped For [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Read Online Ú This book was about a girl named Gwen Her passion was music While she s preparing to audition for top music schools in New York, she finds out that her grandfather suddenly disappeared But before he left, he wrote her a letter telling her not to worry and that he left some money for her while he s gone I liked this book because of the part where his grandfather went missing and everything else changed.
Wait, what Ok, this one does not stand alone A slow for me start, exciting second half, and wtf ending Upon serious, thoughtful reflection, I can figure out some themes and ideas, but only by remembering themes from the first And the part about William, well, there had better be a revelation of the relevance of that, come the third book Otherwise, too melodramatic, and also too random.
This is the sequel to Things Not Seen The third book in the Things series is also now available Things That Are I consider Andrew Clements a master of storytelling This little book is packed full of music and literary analogies His simplistic yet profound way of writing appeals to a wide variety of ages Here is just one example I sleep and I wake just as the bus dives like a whale into the Lincoln Tunnel, and then it plunges up and out into the gray air of the city The harpooned bus spins around and around and comes to a gasping stop on the floor of the Port Authority terminal I climb out, Jonah with a suitcase and a cheap violin There is so much involved in this short book Clements writes for children and teens, but as a slow, fully grown reader, I am happy to trade extra pages for substance In my review for Things Not Seen, I compared Invisibility to Disability I believe that same comparison can be seen in Things Hoped For, although Invisibility makes a much less prominent appearance Here is an example you do not need to shout in my direction, Gwendolyn I am presently invisible, but my hearing is unimpaired When you hit chapter 11 which is titled No Steak , get ready for the beginning of the ending and intense happenings than were previously experienced in the book One of the things I hope for is that this magnificent series continues I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first one, Things Not Seen In the first book the invisible boy is the main character in this one, it s all about a girl who is studying to be a concert violinist, and the invisiblity thing doesn t even show up until much later in the book Seventeen year old Gwen lives with her grandfather, but one day she comes home to find that he has left her, with only a mysterious answering machine message to say that he has gone away She teams up with Bobby, the character from the first book, to try to figure out what s happened to her grandfather It s an interesting book about how music affects people who are really into it, how much hard work is involved in becoming a top notch musician and getting into a good music conservatory, and just a good coming of age story with a clever mystery However, suddenly in the middle there s this subplot with a bad guy who s invisible like Bobby used to be, and that part I did not find necessary If readers are looking for another book about someone who can turn invisible, this is not that kind of book I almost wish the author had dropped that subplot altogether, because it really was just a tenuous connection to the first book.
I prefered the first book Things not seen , but this one was not disappointing at all I had fun reading it This book really shows what a passion to obtain a goal is like I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH Music is the best I think I start either singing or humming whenever I think of this book THe main Character, Gwen, has the utmost passion for music, and I applaud both her and Andrew Clements for providing me with such heart warming words and music.
Seventeen Year Old Gwen Is Preparing To Audition For New York City S Top Music Schools When Her Grandfather Mysteriously Disappears, Leaving Gwen Only A Phone Message Telling Her Not To Worry But There S Nothing Stressful Than Practicing For Her Auditions, Not Knowing Where Her Grandfather Is, And Being Forced To Lie About His Whereabouts When Her Insistent Great Uncle Demands An Audience With Him Then Gwen Meets Robert, Also In Town For Music Auditions, And The Two Pair Up To Brave The City Without Supervision As Auditions Approach And Her Great Uncle Becomes Aggressive, Gwen And Robert Make A Startling Discovery Suddenly Gwen S Hopes Are Turned Upside Down, And She And Robert Are United In Ways Neither Of Them Could Have Foretold I really enjoyed this second book in the Things series by Andrew Clements Initially, I was a bit put off by Gwen and Robert s friendship, since it was fairly fliratations, and seemed to be headed in a romantic direction, and I wasn t ready to switch gears from where we left Bobby and Alicia s budding relationship in Things Not Seen As it turned out of course, Alicia and Bobby are mature enough and their relationship is strong enough, that they aren t swayed by Bobby making friends with another female Probably a good message to young teen readers it is possible and acceptable for your boy girl friend to have friends of the opposite sex there s no need for fits of jealousy Like other reviewers, I was than a little shocked, and fairly creeped out, by the turn the book took when Gwen discovers what has happened to her grandfather I still think it was a bit of an extreme route to take and could have been accomplished with a different plot twist, but ultimately it worked, and I recovered from the initial yuck factor to enjoy the remainder of the book.
I have not read any other book that so brilliantly captures the lifestyle, dreams and thought processes of young musicians Not that I am a young musician myself, but Clements descriptive prose and musical analogies gave me a nice clear window into the way music gives life and purpose to a musician, so this would be a good recomendation for musically inclined teens.
Some people were bothered by William s somewhat random appearance in Gwen s story, but I thought this was an excellent way to allow Gwen to understand the Robert that readers met in Things Not Seen and sets up the series very nicely for a new installment to resolve William s story I hope we also get to see of Gwen I found it very difficult to relate much with the main character when she was talking about her background in a wealthy family, the ease at which she can devote herself to musical pursuits, the many people who care about and support her, her and her family s christianity, and her infatuation with an attractive guy she just met as if any attractive guy she meets is suitable for breeding practices.
I also have a problem with how much meal related sections of this book seemed like filler, and very typical Why does a story with a femle main character talk, think, and get talked at so much about food and meals and bodies Is this what the author thinks girls care about, or should I really don t think young people need any fixation on body monitoring than they already get in the invasive culture of repression in the usa.
I could relate to and even like her when she described in artistic detail the enjoyment and unique experience in creating music, in reading poetry The author does not simply name drop and culture reference to suggest the character is interesting and thoughtful, instead the character discusses in depth the importance of these figures, and thinks back to certain lines and lyrics as the story progresses.
By the end, I was feeling quite emotional about everything Things came together quite well, and I like that the author has partially continued his stories with youth empowerment though this is limited even so due to wealth than Robert in Things 1 The author could do than empower a suburbanite, but I enjoyed these two so the first for giving me ideas for youth empowerment stories.
An interesting companion novel to Things Not Seen It takes a bit of a different direction, and I m hoping the third book of this trilogy will tie everything together.
Gwen Page loves music above everything else roaming far from her rural West Virginia roots, she s staying in New York with her distant but loving grandfather to practice for upcoming auditions Big name schools are on the horizon, and Gwen wants to give her beloved violin music her full attention.
But the story Gwen imagines for herself quickly gets tangled up Her grandfather disappears, leaving her with only a cryptic answering machine message as a clue Her belligerent great uncle is relentless in his demands for money And now her only ally alone in a big city is a teenage trumpet player named Robert also known as Bobby, the previous book s protagonist.
I liked Gwen okay as a narrator her obvious passion for music and the way she learned to play and describe it was interesting It was also good to see Bobby through someone else s eyes I think a lot got added to his character here through his friendly interactions with Gwen And a little bit dimension got added to the invisible story I m looking forward to the final book.