[Walter Mosley] ↠´ The Man in My Basement [gender PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ This is a bizarre novel with intrigue A novel with the purpose of absolution for your life sins as the center piece Anniston Bennet, a white man wants to live in a cage in the basement of a black man s home, Charles Blakey, for absolution Only Charles can be his warden because he knows what atrocities on human kind Anniston has committed and the extent of the damage But, Charles has never met the man Charles is unemployed, attempting not to loss the family house, and dealing with his own atrocities himself Charles and Anniston find absolution together through the game A must read.
I ve read this book twice now and didn t really like it either time In general, I like Mosley at least when he s writing as a crime writer With this book, he abandons the crime genre to create aphilosophical book, which, unfortunately, failed to satisfy me What I like about Mosley s other books are his characters and dialog Easy Rawlins, Fearless Jones and the characters from his other books are likable enough to give you a reason to pull for them Charles Blakey, the main character of this book, is a loser described as so in the book who doesn t seem to want anything from life And Anniston Bennet the man in the basement never evolves into anything other than a symbol of power, evil, and whiteness who is for some reason seeking redemption in this odd way I find the dialog between the two men highly convenient, unrealistic and dull I don t know This book, for me, just falls a little flat.
Hailed As A Masterpiece The Finest Work Yet By An American Novelist Of The First Rank This Is The Mysterious Story Of A Young Black Man Who Agrees To An Unusual Bargain To Save The Home That Has Belonged To His Family For GenerationsWalter Mosley Pierces Long Hidden Veins Of Justice And Morality With Startling Insight Into The Deepest Mysteries Of Human Nature Wow What a good, different story I don t want to give anything away I never figured out what the goals of the Man in the basement were until the author revealed them.
I will be looking into Walter Moseley s other works.
The last fifty pages of this book was hugely frustrating reading I just wanted the book to end The idea for the story is a good one but there wasn t enough suspense or building of the plot A mysterious, white man rents a basement for the summer from a black man in Easthamptons He stays in the basement in a cage, a self imposed prisoner, as punishement for his many crimes, which he does not consider crimes He knows secrets about governments, the wealthy and world systems yet, to me, he never disclosed anything that was worthy of being called top secret He s afraid of the dark though and is upset when he s placed in solitary by the black home owner, who s now his warden The characters were weak I felt no sympathy or any kind of attachement or emotion for anyone in the story I was reading and thinking about what I could read next I was that bored.
My friends keep talking about the genius of Walter Mosley s work I don t get it The Tempest Tales was better than this one, but still I m going to try oneof his books.
Has this ever occurred for you You begin a book and two paragraphs in you realize you ve been reading poorly written books for ages This is what happened when I picked up this one The story was OK, the characters were mostly unlikable or indifferent to me, but the writing was marvelous Mr Mosley writes so clearly and succinctly that it felt like I d been previously breathing with a stuffed nose and didn t realize it.
What a fabulous book Completely different from anything else I ve read by Walter Mosely.
It tells the story of a last of the line original black family that came to America, Massachusetts, as free people This book is about journeys to find oneself both for the Narrator, and the man who pays him a ton of money to imprison him.
It is one of the most interesting books I have ever read.

The story and characters are engaging, especially once you buy into the main premise The characters change, but the changes are logical and well put together Much of the book iscomplicated than it seems While there is no explosive climax, the book is well written to the point that after the story comes to a resolution, you are still hooked into the falling action as the story winds down int he last chapter Even the racial currents of the book turn out to becomplicated than they seem at first glance.
One question that comes up throughout the story is what is it that separates successful people and powerful people from others It also raises the questions of what are people willing to do to be successful, to survive, and to live with themselves afterwards.
In each of us there is a dormant power waiting to be released For some of us, the power is evil For others, the power isclosely attuned to charity or love If your power were to be unleashed upon humankind today, would it be good or evil That is the question you have to ask yourself before reading this book If a person stumbled upon your doorstep and offered you an immense amount of money to imprison them, without giving you a clue as to why they want to be imprisoned in your basement, could you do it And if you could, why If you are the type of person that can withstand the allure of money, how would you react to this proposition And if you did take the person up on their offer, could you remain the same person you think you are as their story unfolds through conversations and deep self introspection Walter Mosley tries to answer these questions with this novel Sometimes he succeeds sometimes he leaves the answers vague and expects you, as the reader, to answer the questions yourself Overall, Mosley gets you to look and think about the world through a prism rarely glanced through If you have the courage and stomach to attack these questions, read this book If you don t, ask yourself Why not Personal note This was one of the best books I have read in a very long time.
VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I started this book this morning and finished it a little while ago Needless to say, I don t give 2 stars to many books that keep my attention throughout the whole day, but when a character just doesn t seem right , it really gets to me What I mean is, believe ability Say you have no job, that you have no ambition, and you don t own up to any of your mistakes, yet you attract women from all facets of life and they think you re the bees knees You scrape up money any way you can think of and borrow money from your friends for alcohol and yet, you are like able to everyone, as if they kiss your ass to be YOUR friend You live in a hand me down house with a minimal mortgage and you re late on payments and just happen to realize that while cleaning out your basement because of some random request from a man you don t know the devil is in the details you come across a treasure trove of items that not only can get you out of debt, but also make you evenworthless by giving youmoney to spend on booze When a guy asks to rent from you and your friends hear about it initiallythey seemingly forget conveniently throughout the rest of the book and wonder how you re getting money or acting weird.
These are just a few points that really got on my nerves, but it definitely held my attention throughout I kept thinking there wasto the story, but alas, it s basically as it is It s as if he s trying too hard to visit ideas that have been visited before through a weird story that doesn t quite affect me the way it has with others.
The Man in the Basement is the name of the book, but he s not truly the main focus I kinda wish he had been because it would ve probably beeninteresting.