[Samantha Kane] ↠´ The Courage to Love [science-fiction-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¹ 2 stars for plot and one additional star for unintentional humor Whispersync, you ll be the death of me.
I ve had this book on my TBR for almost two years so when it came out in audio, I decided to get it for some reason, it s always easier for me to listen than to read I was expecting the plot to be a bit out there but it surpassed even my higher expectations I confess I laughed a lot.
Tony and Jason found during the war that they needed each other to be complete they are not lovers but since then, they share every woman They ve been in love with Kate for years and when they find out she s free, they swoop in to propose marriage Kate also loved them both but after a horrible experience, she cannot trust men But Tony and Jason won t give in and immediately they decide to woo her just imagine what the wooing entails Kate goes with one excuse after the other as to why she can t marry them For a while, she insists that being with her will damage their reputation, like being in an open poly amorous relationship is normal Note to the author being gay in those days was illegal so even if they weren t having sex with each other and you know they were going to , people would have assumed they were If I d been Jason s heir presumptive, I d have accuse him of sodomy just to get the title.
The prose was both maudlin and prurient The dialogue was nothing to talk about but during the love scenes, they were straight out of a porn flick the word f ck was just repeated over and over Some quotes which had me giggling non stop These tears are magic, my love You have shed for love of us, and in so doing you have bound us to you for all eternity snort His self satisfied smirk, much to Tony s amazement, actually made him burn hotter to be possessed by this arrogant stallion double snort Graphic quoteso I m putting in spoilers view spoiler As he watched, Tony s drenched finger returned to the sweet rosebud he was gently persuading to bloom hide spoiler The Courage to Love is a M M F erotic romance ostensibly set in the Regency era Jason Randall, an earl of some sort, and Anthony Richards are veterans of the Napoleonic wars and formed an especially close friendship while serving together With the war over, they return to London to propose marriage to Katherine Collier, a widow of a comrade of theirs Kate, however, was forced to become a mistress after her husband s death, with traumatic results, and refuses to give up her hard earned independence easily.
The book has so many flaws, I wonder whether I read the same book as those who gave it five stars.
The most glaring flaw is a lack of sexual tension Maybe it s a matter of opinion, but erotic romance should not merely be a romance with crudely worded, frequent sex scenes It should be a romance where the sex plays an integral part in the conflict that drives the plot I still want to see tension built up A book where 80% of the action is sex builds no tension and leaves nothing to the imagination Every itch was immediately scratched.
For a book with as much sex as this one has, it was incredibly unerotic The language was appalling It wasn t the obscenity that got me, it was the absurd purple prose If I never see rampant erection, nether lips or see vaginal lubrication referred to as cream again, it would be too soon Newsflash erotic fiction authors if a woman s vaginal moisture is opaque and whitish enough to be compared to dairy products, it means the poor girl has some sort of infection Yeast infections are not sexy.
For a regency the language and attitudes were absurdly modern Kate and her 16 year old niece Veronica have an absurdly modern relationship where Veronica is privy to, and accepting of, her aunt s sexual hijinks The dialog sounds like something you d hear on the streets of today and she makes a mess of the English title system It is very much a wallpaper historical.
In the end, I finished the book only as a compulsion The increasingly boring sex scenes got skimmed and I failed to make any emotional connection to the players I was as invested in the characters feeling as I would be in a porn star s, which is to say, not at all.
Brothers In Arms, Book OneKate Collier Is Still Recovering From A Vicious Rape And Trying To Make A Success Of Her Dress Shop When Jason Randal And Anthony Richards Return To London From The Continent, Intent On Winning Her She S Known Them For Years, Ever Since They Served With Her Late Husband In The Peninsula Against Napoleon She D Been In Love With Them For Almost That Long To Discover They Feel The Same Is A Shock, But Kate Isn T Ready To Turn Her Life Back Over To A Man, Or Men Jason And Tony Prove Hard To Resist, However, Especially When Their Close Friendship Blossoms Into Desire For Each Other As They Make Kate S Body Burn With Passion The Combination Of Their Insatiable Desire For Her And Their Journey Into A Sexual Relationship With One Another Is Irresistible To Kate A Nightmare From Her Past Tries To Keep Them Apart, But The Three Long For A Life Together In Spite Of Society S Censure, And They Will Not Be DeniedReader Advisory Contains Male Male Sex Scenes I m going to say 2 1 2 stars, for the simple reason, the sex was HOT, BUT.
I had a lot of problems w this story.
1 This IS a historical erotica, right Well, the language in this book is NOTHING like the 18th century can I drive you home , All I want to do is to FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER Really And if I read one , her sex was weaping , I ll start weaping.
2 The main heroine, Kate was brutally gang raped, and she has NO PROBLEM having a 3some w her boytoys who are back from the continent , who came back to MARRY HER 3 Um.
the main heroes in this book, Tony and Jason are so OBVIOUSLY gay, it screamed it from the pages, and yet they had no idea til the end of the book They weren t complete until they had Kate in their bed For me, this book could have done w o Kate at all It could have been based on Jason and Tony, ex war veterans coming home from war and discovering each other This book would have been a much better M M rather then M M F.
4 The only thing that was 18th century in this book was the duel Jason challenged the man who had orchestrated Kates gang rape, and when that man Robertson turned early to shoot Jason, then ran, the author just let him get away Was NOT happy about that Wanted Tony to hunt him down and rip his head off 5 The sex was hot, it really was but I felt NO EMOTION at all between Kate and her boytoys I feltemotion from Jason and Tony together THAT WAS HOT OMY I think I have the vapors as I fan myself 6 There was no real story here I thought it was going somewhere after Kate explained to her boytoys about her gang rape but that was just left hanging.
Bottom line, hot sex, no story, no wrap up, going back to the used bookstore I like my smut w substance 3.
5 of 5This m m f menage set in regency England was enjoyable The characters are instantly likable and the scars carried by Kate actually make her stronger and Tony and Jason become protective but not cavemanish about her security Even the budding sexuality and sassy attitude of her young teenage niece was a perfect accent to this tender sweet story.
Tony and Jason know they love Kate Kate knows Tony and Jason like to have menage a trois The real emotional turn comes when Jason the dom almost falls to his knees at Tony s display of total submission while playing a game of Everyone Wins I look forward to the next book in the series.
Lord Jason Randall and Mr Anthony Richards formed an unusual bond while in service They found that to share a woman sexually made them feel emotionally complete Jason and Anthony have been in love with Kate Collier for years Kate was married to a fellow comrade but has been widowed for 3 years since his death Everytime they return to claim and marry her Kate has a new protector due to financial problems Anthony and Jason thinking she is sowing her wild oats do not propose to her Kates last protector set kate up to be gang raped and now she is a social outcast living in the poor part of London Jason and Anthony try and heal her by love and showing her passion, but it might be too late for Kate to trust again They soon find out what happened to Kate and with the help of her niece Veronica try and make her see that they are the perfect couple.
erm sorry, threesome.
This book is not at all what I thought I expected a deep touching story of 2 men and what they faced being Gay in regency times with a marraige of convenience and the wife falling for them etc They do not even realise they are Bisexual until after being with Kate they realise they are sexually attracted to each other Im sorry but they were YEARS living together in the forces and shared loads of women and felt nothing.
then they are all over each other, if I was Kate i would be feeling just a little worried about the fact they only fancied each other after bedding me We are to believe she is supposed to make them feel at ease and face their feelings for each other, but surely one of them would have realised over the years that they were attracted to the other I felt no love in this book only deep friendship and lust The sex scenes are ok and rather explicit, but there is no sexual tension at all prior to them and made them very clinical The Characters are ok and I kinda liked them but they were not developed enough for me to really care about them I have the rest in the series so probably will get around to reading them I loved the secondry characters especially Veronica the niece.
I m in two minds with regards to this one On the other hand the author didn t capture any early 19th century details, i could have taken place in 1970 and it d be the same thing On the other hand the sex is pretty steaming hot, so that gets two thumbs up from me So, as historical fiction Er, nope As a one hand read fans self Ummm I am just going to say HOT I love this series, and this is a re read for me I don t really have a lot to say because these are just guilty pleasures for me.

Reading this brought to mind the immortal Simpsons line, I ve said Jiminy Jillickers so many times, the words have lost all meaning Kane s favorite sex word is fuck and its variants a nice forthright word, but like any fucking word, it can really get fucking tiresome and lose its fucking effectiveness when used without a fucking break Fuck.
Telling the love story of Kate, Tony and Jason, The Courage to Love is an erotic menage Regency romance and succeeds at different levels in each category The erotic elements are probably the most effective, despite the overabundance of fucks not to mention cream The heat level between the three is very high, with a lot of affectionate teasing, and I liked that Jason discovers a tendency towards dominance in a very plausible, natural feeling way, as part of their sexual play.
The romance elements are certainly passionate, but I was disappointed that so much of the story happens before the story, ala Diana Palmer Tony and Jason are already established as a couple somewhat unconvincingly, they re not already lovers, yet in some unexplainable woo woo way are firmly linked and both have their hearts set on Kate, and she on them, when the book opens There s way too much potentially interesting backstory left out The historical element is undoubtedly the weakest In a time when even being a homosexual was fraught with danger, Tony and Jason s partnered pursuit of Kate is accepted much too easily They even propose to Kate that she marry us without feeling the need to offer any explanation The instant acceptance of their threesome by Kate s 17 year old niece is particularly unbelievable That niece, by the way, is one of the most annoyingly feisty Regency females I ve ever encountered, and has an intensely irritating subplot, which took the book down a star all by itself Even though I didn t think this was objectively a very good book, I d still recommend it if this happens to be a subgenre you enjoy, because it s hot and emotional and fun to read Otherwise, I wouldn t bother.
The Courage to Love is the first book in Samantha Kane s Brothers in Arms series Jason Randall and Tony Richards return from their sojourn on the continent to claim the woman they love Kate has been living as a mistress to several men Jason and Randal received a letter from one of Kate s friends suggesting that Kate needed their help and would be ready to settle down with them and start a new life as their wife When Jason and Tony, go to see Kate, they know immediately that something is not right She is not her usually happy self She seems jumpy and frightened by them They need to find out what happened to Kate while they were away.
I had quite a few problems with this book The biggest problem I had with the book was the believability factor I just couldn t grasp how open these men were with their unusual relationship with each other and Kate In no way could I suspend disbelief to believe that two men, in this time period would be that open about their homosexual feelings Back in this time period sodomy was a hanging offence I don t think these men would have been as flagrant about it as they were in the book Nor, do I think Lord Randall s mother would be as accepting as she was I also felt like the dialogue was very weak The men would say things that no man would ever be caught dead saying, or think thoughts no man would be likely to think One other minor detail that left me grinding my teeth, was that Jason is a titled Lord, but it is never specified to exactly what title he holds Little details like this would have gone along way into beefing up the story.
It is never really explained as to why these men love Kate The beginning of the story starts with them already having an established past together While this helps the believability of the characters being able to jump into the sex right away, it also weakens the plot I think the story could have been strengthened with flash backs, or something to give the reader insight into how they fell in love As far as I am concerned that the author could have inserted any woman into Kate s role and it would have read the same.