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5 of 5Grayson Hunter has stayed away from his parents home as much as he could since he left it years before not because he has a problem with his parents, but because he s been in love with the ranch s foreman, Shane Cortez since he was a teenager When Gray s father suffers a heart attack, Gray and Shane are thrown together again when Gray comes home to help with the ranch.
I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the first in series The Tin Star The plot wasn t quite as engaging to me there isn t as much conflict or suspense However, the characters were just as well developed and the same caring and humor is present in the writing If you like your cops and cowboys to mix it up, then this might be the story for you.
ETA in 2012 I have re read the two books in this seriesthan once and I have to say they have become old friend type faves There are not many m m books that I can say that about They were recommended to me as an intro to the m m sub genre and were among the very first m m books I ever bought If I were to ever make a list of my own faves to recommend to someone just starting to read m m romances, this series would top the list.
This was a quick, hot little read, but I am afraid I found it a little lacking I loved The Tin Star so I jumped straight to this one This book was a really quick read, which is good, but nothing really seemed to happen The drama that happened didn t really get off the ground.
I don t regret reading this, as I liked both of the main characters, but I am glad I read The Tin Star first, as I am not sure if this one was first if I would have read anyof this author.
As the sequel to The Tin Star, The Broken H features Sheriff Grayson Hunter, who played a secondary character in the previous book, and Shane Cortez, the man he s loved all his life.
Shane has been part of Gray s life since Shane was sixteen and Gray was three, when Gray s parents took an almost starving and battered Shane off the street and offered him a home to live Despite the big age difference between them, the two boys became inseparable friends almost immediately That changed when Gray turned eighteen, realized that his feelings for Shane went beyond mere friendship and tried to tell the older man how he felt Shane s reaction and apparent rejection sent Gray running away from his parents ranch, The Broken H, and he s stayed away from Shane since then Fate has a way to bring lovers back together, though When Gray s father suffers a heart attack, he s called home and there s no denying his feelings for Shane any Surprisingly, it looks like Shane has something to say in the matter tooHere s the deal I loved Shane and Gray individually, but their relationship was a bit uncomfortable to me The flashbacks from their past, when Shane was still a young man and Gray was a child, were filled with brotherly affection, so I had a hard time adjusting to the change in their relationship In itself, the age gap between them wasn t the issue Ethan and Jamie, from The Tin Star, had eleven years between them and I didn t have a problem with it but the fact that Shane and Gray had basically grown up like brothers Heck, Gray s parents even treated Shane like a son Besides that, there were just too many editing errors in this book I m not the best person to point them out, since English isn t my mother language, but they were too bizarre and obvious Sadly, they got in the way of my enjoying this read, because I found myself having to reread entire sentences to understand their meaning That didn t happen once or twice, but several times especially in the second half of the book.
Overall, this ended up being just an OK read to me, with likable characters, sweet and funny love scenes I especially liked Gray s fetishes and a bit of tension to keep the story going It would have been a 4 star read to me if it weren t for the things I mentioned above.
5 starsSome steam, some drama, buttypos and awkward dialogue While I didn t love the plot points regarding the pregnancy and Gray s re election both were resolved way too easily , I could have overlooked them if the book had been better written But the writing really got in the way of the story there was so much telling and internal monologuing in the third person that pulled me out of the book over and over Sexy Native American ranch foreman, Shane, is reunited with his childhood shadow, Grayson, who s now a local sheriff There s a 13 year age difference between the men, something that always scared the older Shane away from Gray, but now they re adults and have a second chance I liked the age difference and the idea of two friends reuniting, but it wasn t enough Even Shane s past, revealed at the end, barely registered on my interest scale The MCs were immature, randomly storming off instead of talking The sex was good, which is always a plus, but the book itself is forgettable.
5 Stars Not quite as good as the first one in the series While The Tin Star focused on the relationship with an awesome steam factor, this one seemed to be all about the sex I just wasn t feeling the chemistry between Grayson and Shane I liked them both as individuals, but not as a couple and I can t quite place my finger on why that was It might have something to do with the fact the Shane helped raise Gray They came into each other s lives when Shane was 17 and Gray was 4 The 13 year age difference didn t bother me, it s like I couldn t get Shane s big brother image out of my head, even though they are were not related Plus, Gray kept calling Shane old man It was meant as a term of endearment, but Shane was only 42, hardly an old man, and certainly not his father Then there was a side story, an accusation of a pregnancy that never evolved, it just seemed to hang around in the background and was used to advance the story here and there Gray also had an obsession with Shane s hair and eyeglasses I m okay with fetishes, but this one was a major ick factor for me Shane was a Native American and wore his hair very long and for some reason the author had to reiterate that point through Shane s constant losing and breaking of rubber bands I got it, Shane had long hair and Gray was sexually obsessed with it, again ICK Even the ending, which was the revealing of Shane s past supposed tragic past, was meh This one just didn t flow as well as the first one, but I would certainly give this author another try.

Sheriff Grayson Hunter hasn t felt like he belonged for a long time Once he loved The Broken H, his ancestral home, and Shane Cortez Gray has known Shane all his life Shane had been rescued by Gray s father from a life on the streets when Gray was just three years old Shane is full blooded Apache forced away from home by his parents after they discovered he is gay he was taken in by Gray s parents he matured and become foreman of the ranch Gray left the ranch at first to become a rodeo star and then to join the police force He also believed that it was because Shane had turned him down, but Shane thought that he was too young for a long term relationship These two quickly become lovers and people are ok with it Gray even gets re elected as sheriff This book was hot with less drama as the first book although a girl becomes obsessed with Shane and she even lies to her father about him This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling.
5 stars maybebut rounded to one because of all the editing mistakes, way too many to ignore, especially when the story is not good too much boring sex not any enough plot OMG I loved this story it was So GOOD 2 Stars This was a hard one to get through Awkward writing, awkward dialogue, one dimensional characters, underdeveloped plotand the list goes on and on Shane came to the ranch as a 16 year old runaway after his parents cast him out for announcing he s gay When Shane came to the ranch, Grayson was a curious and rambunctious 3 year old The two formed an instant bond, but once Grayson hit puberty and those hormones came rolling in, he started to see Shane in a whole new light When Gray is 17, he makes a move on a then 30 year old Shane Shane rebuffs him and with hurt feelings, Gray pursues a life away from the ranch when he graduates high school Fast forward about a dozen years later, and Shane and Grayson are barely on speaking terms Grayson doesn t visit the ranch often, but with his father suffering a sudden heart attack he s forced to come face to face with the one man that holds his heart And BOOM about 2.
5 seconds later they re having sex and everything is squared away I didn t even get a chance to connect to Shane and Grayson s history or characters before they were all over each other Nothing about them as a couple felt authentic I felt no connection, no chemistry, no bond.
nothing And don t even get me started on Grayson s annoying nickname of chief for Shane he s Native American And for serious don t get me started on Gray s lust of wrapping Shane s hair around his dick.
or his obsessive need to come all over Shane s glasses Throw in a weak subplot of some attention seeking 16 year old girl claiming Shane got her pregnant, blink and you missed it issues with Grayson s re election as the town sheriff, and a rushed oh crap, forgot about that loose end telling of Shane s history of how he got to the ranch when he was 16.
and there s the whole awkward mess Oh, and let me mention that both Grayson and Shane sound, act and think like a couple of teenagers Unfortunately, I just don t think this author is for me.
A Rocky Past That Sent Shane Fleeing His Home And Seeking Refuge On The Broken H Has Kept Him From The One Thing That Has Always Been Dear To HimGraysonSheriff Grayson Hunter Hasn T Felt Like He Belonged For A Long Time Once He Loved The Broken H, His Ancestral Home, And Shane Cortez With All That He Was Now He Tries To Stay As Far Away From The Ranch And The Man As Possible Until An Accident Brings Them TogetherGray Didn T Count On Shane S Decision To Let Go Of The Pastand Get A Hold Of GrayPublisher S NoteThis Book Is A Male Male Love Story And Contains Homoerotic Sex Acts That May Be Offensive To Some Readers