Trailer Ó Tanglewreck PDF by É Jeanette Winterson Ambitious Time Space YA Fantasy Review of the Bloomsbury US hardcover edition 2006 Thanks to Liisa Martin for this one of many 2019 Christmas reading gifts This was quite an ambitious YA fantasy novel that takes the youthful protagonist through time tornados across space and time into multiple universes It actually seemed almost too ambitious and I wonder how younger readers will understand it There are a few scenes that will likely conjure up some disturbing imagery for adults experimentation on twins, atomisation of people but which would likely not have the same WWII era Nazi Germany associations for young adults I think Winterson s older fans will find much to enjoy here It does seem to wrap up rather too quickly.
I ve found out now that Winterson s The Battle Of The Sun 2009 is somewhat of a prequel sequel to Tanglewreck.
I had such high hopes for this book It had a female main character, which can be hard to come by in science fiction, and started out with a very interesting and engaging premise But, after about Chapter 2 it all just deteriorated It was bogged down in technical, scientific, and existentialist theories that were akin to reading a theoretical physics text book And although those concepts are very interesting and could make a great story if done well, they were not weaved well enough into this story to be engaging only confusing and convoluted It also attempted to weave religious ideas, history, and story into the mix, but ultimately just ended up coming off as offensive in the way each religion was rendered in the story It showed a complete lack of understanding of the religious history of these groups and therefore was not able to add this dimension to the storyline in any way that was enlightening or helpful It also lacked consistent character development in that it created sadistic villains who appeared to weave from good to bad in uncharacteristic, unbelievable, and bizarre ways Also, the relationship between the main character and her friend was totally unbelievable, as they were only 11 years old and the idea of a strong love bond being established and recognized at that age, in such a short time, was very unrealistic Also, the story was all over the place from time travel, to theoretical physics, to existentialism, to underground people that never aged, to old time mental hospitals, to parallel worlds It had every concept you could image mixed together, and rather than creating a beautiful picture, just created mud And finally, the final outcome of the story where the little girl has to make a very huge sacrifice and choice was totally unbelievable in the ease at which she would choose or be left to choose So, on every count the story was not successful and I would not recommend it.
I ve read several of Jeanette Winterson s books for adults, but while I love the language and find magic in them, I m not exactly a fan of hers I wasn t sure what to expect from a children s book by her, or YA, or whatever age group it s meant to be aimed at But actually, I did enjoy it quite a lot it s recognisably her work, with the structure and the use of language and other idiosyncrasies of hers, but it s also much easier to relax into The plot is linear, the narration less whimsical.
It reminded me of a lot of other books Garth Nix s Keys to the Kingdom Neil Gaiman s Neverwhere Inheritance and quest narratives It s not as original and different as Winterson s work for adults, I guess, but that didn t strike me as a good thing.
I loved the Dickensian names, as someone else observed They were pretty perfect And I loved the characters of Micah and Gabriel, in their quiet faith and steadfastness And Goliath the Mammoth And Tanglewreck itself, about which I would have loved to know.
It s not one of my favourite reads of the year or anything, but I m glad I got it, and glad to find a book by Winterson I can unequivocally say I enjoyed.
I first became aware of Jeanette Winterson from an interview she did with Bill Moyers when her take on the Atlas myth, Weight The Myth of Atlas and Heracles, came out She and the book sounded intriguing, and I wasn t disappointed in either.
I haven t read a lot of her adult fiction subsequently Oranges are Not the Only Fruit and her SF outing, The Stone Gods but I ve been impressed by the ideas she wrestles with and by her writing abilities so I was a bit disappointed in Tanglewreck, her initial foray into the young adult market.
The story is decent enough Our eleven year old heroine, Silver River, has lost her parents and older sister, and now lives alone in the family home of Tanglewreck with an aunt view spoiler who turns out to be a con artist hoping to steal Silver s estate hide spoiler The concept of time tornadoes is quite exciting The execution of the story on the other hand Not so much.

Nancy Pearl suggested this on NPR Noticed it in the Greenpt Library and after putting back all the other books, except for the one I had reserved, because I have enough reading at home and dont need any books I grabbed it on my way out Obvious elements of the Golden Compass precocious young orphan child with a desirable magical toy that only she can operate, her daemon is her house, Tanglewreck, traveling through space and time, evil parental figures, male BFF she has to rescue Neverwhere underground world and adventures A Series of Unfortunate Events orphan with a mean aunt Is everything a Pulman knock off It s the most like the Golden Compass they call Silver the child with the golden face, a clock is like a compass time and space being the same thing , beautiful maternal villain who s trying to take over the world and at the end her male BFF and she get to stay in one world together cuz they love each other even though they ve barely hit puberty, love conquers all, blah blah blah What would Levi Strauss say comp lit shoutout Winterson s pretty gutsy to delve into parallel universes and quantum physics with a YA book Schrodinger s cat that dies and comes back to life in an alternate universe, particles that can exist in 2 places at once, that kind of stuff will entertain grownup nerds but probably annoy the 10 year olds Or not, I probably dont give them enough credit maybe they ll read this and go straight to Stephen Hawking Or just Stephen King That s not very funny Winterson s blog says she s hoping to write YA books because they re so fun but is it possible to write an original YA book that isn t all Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary or J.
K Rowling Philip Pullman Well I would give this book 2 1 2 stars if I could, which is a shame because I was really excited about it and wanted to love it It wasn t bad, really it wasn t, I just don t think Jeanette Winterson knew quite what she wanted to do with it It s classified as YA, as it well should be based on the writing style But, the main character is only 11 and the plot itself is sort of juvenile I feel like Winterson wanted this to be a juvenile book, but couldn t write simply enough for it to really be a kid s book In defense of Tanglewreck, it contains some excellent writing The first chapter, only two pages or so, that describes the first of London s often catastrophic time tornadoes is simply brilliant However, it also contains what is potentially the worst sentence ever published by an established author He was traveling faster than light, because he was travelling at the speed of love As a whole the book is finenot magical, not entralling or engrossing, but definitely than passable I ll keep this in mind for those parents who walk up to the desk saying, My son daughter is in third grade but is reading at a sixth grade level This children s fantasy started out strong, but peters out a bit in the end The basic idea is that all over the world, people are being caught up in time storms that sweep them out of their appropriate time and scatter them through time and space Somehow connected to these time warps is a rambling old house called Tanglewreck, where an young girl named Silver lives with her malicious old aunt, Mrs Rockaby.
There are some really fantastically witty elements to this book, my favorite possibly being Mrs Rockaby s unusual accomplice in evil, a large malevolent rabbit named Bigamist Unfortunately, by the end of the book, all of the plotlines are in a somewhat incomprehensible tangle I don t know if Winterson intends to write a sequel the book certainly leaves things open for one, and that could help straighten some of the plot elements out Overall, though, I can only recommend this with reservations, and I don t think it works particularly well for the age group it s intended for.
Time travel The cover on our copy is pure steampunk, lots of clock gears, unlike the cover shown, which looks a lot like the Golden Compass Win, win, I suppose We just started Time travel and an interestingly named house Yum The house is an important character, just like in Rebecca and Little, Big I love books in which the house is a character It s getting better A train trip to London, a house in Spittalfields Every thing else I try to read doesn t appeal so much as this I m loving the Dickensian character names Thugger and Fisty, Abel Darkwater, Mrs Rokabye, and Bigamist, the rabbit I m loving the house and the adventure, including the Throwbacks with their little bog ponies and a wooly mammoth.
It s a marvelous fantasy, and I ll have to try others by Jeanette Winterson, because I m loving the writing itself Wow Tonight s reading included an aside about Bedlam That Bedlam Back when people used to go to look at the inmates Again with the names Regalia Mason How dangerous is she going to be Winterson is doing a beautiful job Just a great story I continue to enjoy this book than anything else in the house I m simultaneously delighted and annoyed to be reading it one chapter a day Usually, I gulp books down as fast as I can.
I m very taken with the idea of the Einstein Line Well, it s one solution Black holes, Shr dinger s cat, big bowls of pasta There s a little bit of everything in here, and I loved it Eight years on, and it is still enjoyable.
But I think I d like it even if less time were spent in London and elsewhere.
Nobody Knows What To Do When The Time Tornadoes Start People Are Whirled Out Of Their Own Time, Locked In The Past Or Pushed Into The Future In The Strange Old House Tanglewreck, Silver Is Told Strange Stories About The Timekeeper An Alchemist S Watch That Could Steady Time Again, If Anyone Could Find It