[Raymond E. Feist] Æ Silverthorn [economics PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Silverthorn is the third or second, depending on how you count Magician book in Raymond E Feist s Riftwar Saga, the first subseries in the Riftwar Cycle This one picks up about a year after the previous book left off There s one book in the subseries, so this one wraps up the most immediate problem that our characters are focused on, but it leaves a lot of dangling threads waiting for resolution in the next book Silverthorn brought the Feist Nostalgia Factor back in full force 20 years after originally reading the first several books in the Riftwar Cycle, Arutha and Jimmy still lived on in my head as my favorite characters from his books This is the first book that focuses mainly on those two, and I loved spending time with them again It also brings back the ensemble camaraderie in full force which is something I really enjoy.
Reading it with older eyes, decades after its original publication in the 80 s, I can see now that it s a teensy bit melodramatic at times Also, our supposedly stoic characters get all sappy a bit often than might be realistic I think I ve come to appreciate a little subtlety and understatedness , and yet I can understand why my 20 something year old self loved this and my 40 something year old self can t help but still love it I m giving this one 4.
5 nostalgic stars and rounding up to 5 on Goodreads.
So much fantasy goodness packed in this one Even if the first two were complete in themselves, they still serve as perfect vessels to bring about a somewhat standalone adventure full of nearly all the characters we ve grown to love Even Pug has a role, but mostly we get to follow and love Jimmy the Hand and Arutha This is not a simple find the freaking herb to save his love quest no matter how simple the blurb makes it seem Indeed, there s a lot of intrigues, big bads only hinted at in the first two novels, and evil much bigger than two worlds could handle even if they could band together.
No spoilers, but even this nearly standalone adventure has all the makings of epic greatness of a slightly different flavor from before despite the familiar characters Indeed, it s the characters and the complicated plotting that makes this great So much set up for the next one Completely necessary, of course I remember Darkness VERY fondly from way back when Okay, so, I may not have loved this one nearly as much as the first two, but my complaints are few and far between I can t see how it could improve other than combining books together into much larger tales for continuity.
A Poisoned Bolt Has Struck Down The Princess Anita On The Day Of Her Wedding To Prince Arutha Of KrondorTo Save His Beloved, Arutha Sets Out In Search Of The Mystic Herb Called Silverthorn That Only Grows In The Dark And Forbidding Land Of The SpellweaversAccompanied By A Mercenary, A Minstrel, And A Clever Young Thief, He Will Confront An Ancient Evil And Do Battle With The Dark Powers That Threaten The Enchanted Realm Of Midkemia I loved this book I find this book quite intrigued as Magician but I think Magician is better than this book My favourite character are Jimmy the Hand, Arutha, Pug, Martin and Tomas.
This is the one and only book of this series which my public library possesses Go figure Why have only the 3rd volume of a 4 volume series Another one of the mysteries of library acquisition.
I found this the most engaging book of the series that I ve read, perhaps because it deals less with Pug Tomas and with Prince Arutha and his new squire, Jimmy the Hand There is a certain amount of comedy to be devised by making a thief into a squire and his shenanigans lighten the mood of some otherwise rather grim events This installment is very much about relationships namely Arutha s relationships, with Anita, with his brothers, with his travel companions, etc It is also about his realization that as a prince, he can no longer afford to do things purely for himself he must take his position and the people dependent upon him into consideration when making plans Arutha is hands down my favourite character of the series, so no wonder I am pleased with this novel.
There are definitely echoes of the Sleeping Beauty story in this one, and Jimmy reminds me strongly of Slippery Jim DiGriz of Stainless Steel Rat renown Right, now I m off to request Darkness at Sethanon by inter library loan Book 194 of my science fiction and fantasy reading project.
The long awaited and joyous wedding of Arutha, Prince of Krondor, to the beautiful young Princess Anita, is cruelly cut short when Anita is struck by a poisoned arrow, from the bow of the Nighthawks an underground cult of death, in league with the darkest and most evil powers.
It is discovered that the nighthawks are being used by the enemy, the dark lord, the enemy, Murmandamus, to assassinate the Lord of the West, Arutha This in order to fulfill the ancient prophesy, necessary for Murmandamus and his evil minions to take over the world of Midkemia, and cast it into darkness.
Prince Arutha, assisted by his brother, the skilled huntsman Duke Martin of Crydee, the veteran Captain Gardan, the troubadour Laurie of Tyr Sog, the former Tsurani, Earl Kasumi of La Mut and the artful boy thief, Jimmy the Hand, set off on a quest to get hold of the antidote necessary to save Anita from death, and at the same time to learn a thing or two about the terrorist nature of the forces that threaten the Kingdom of the Isles.
This novel is filled with suspense and mystery, as we explore magic, the history of the elves and Valheru, and a deeper understanding of the connection between the worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan.
New characters are introduced into the saga, such as Gamina, the child who talks with her mind , and the Hadati Hillman , Baru.
The momentum set by Magician is not lost for a moment and it is difficult to put the book down as we follow the saga of magic and a momentous battle between good and evil.
A thing of despair fashioned in a shape of utter horror descended from the sky What a great line.
It s been so long since I last read this, that it was like reading it for the first time This is a middle book, that works really well to setup for the finale in Darkness at Sethanon In general, I loved the book I think the pacing could have been a little better, especially at the start, but that s a quibble As is usual for a Feist novel, themes of love, courage, duty and sacrifice in the face of tremendous, supernatural evil are front and center.
I enjoyed seeing Jimmy the Hand emerge as an important character in this book, he s one of my favorite characters in the series.
Looking forward to the next book.

I found this book quite different to Magician It spanned a far shorter period of time and concentrated on a smaller band of characters I adore Jimmy the Hand and really enjoyed his role in the story He made me laugh a lot The story was fun and well paced and kept my interest all the way through.
I took issue with the fact that the goodreads description gave away plot points that were only revealed one and two thirds of the way into the book, respectively I m not a fan of spoilers.
On to A Darkness At Sethanon 4.
25 Loved it Old school all the way and loving it The next step in the Riftwar series If you enjoyed Magician, continue the adventure here with a quest led by Arutha my autocorrect does not like Arutha If you have not read Magician Apprentice and Magician Master, stop, slowly step away from this review, and then quickly get those and start reading As you may have seen, I challenged my fantasy loving friends to read this series If you made it this far, you re welcome