[Nancy McKenzie] ¹ Queen of Camelot [art-books-monographs PDF] Read Online ç Beautiful beautiful telling of the story of Guinevere, Arthur, and Lancelot I loved Mists of Avalon and The Crystal Cave and the rest of Mary Stewart s series, but this is my favorite of all The love these three had for each other is so tenderly but powerfully told by Guinevere herself and for the first time I felt I came to know her This time it was not as a sad victim, an unfaithful wife, or a woman destroyed by her circumstances This time she was brave against extreme adversity, loyal to Arthur in spite of her love for his favorite knight, Lancelot, who he loves like a brother Her love for Arthur is told in such a way that I will never feel the same about this wonderful legend again The ties between these three are so strong and so easily understood in this book The different times that Arthur handles one situation or another is the way that the author makes the reader understand what an incredibly intelligent leader he was beyond his being a great warrior He comes across as the King of all kings Mordred is handled in an entirely different way in this book, but then he seems to be written differently in all writings In this book he is a sympathetic and tragic character, carried along by prophecy and circumstance to an end we all know As the story went on, I of course, knew what would happen and know of Merlin s prophecy, but I kept thinking in this book it just won t happen I so did not want it to end the way of course it had to All of the knights came alive, some in different ways than I have seen them before After all, this is a legend, and each author can interpret the personality and agenda of everyone in the story as they see fit I love the way this author began this story in the prologue She starts at the end with Lancelot coming to meet with Guinevere for the last time and to tell her the details of Arthur s death and burial although she already knows he is gone He tells her of a vision from Merlin after Arthur s burial where Merlin requests that she write her story so that Arthur and what has happened will not die but will live on forever Thus with that farewell in mind, Guinevere begins the story in her words I am sure this would be an amazing read for someone who does not know the Arthurian legend does anyone not know or someone who has read and watched in movies the many versions I have to say it is my favorite yet, and the author did just a wonderful wonderful job of writing this story I cried in the prologue and I definitely cried at the end.
Combines the two brilliant works by Nancy McKenzie about Arhur s Queen Guinevere and one of the best reteallings of the Arthurian legend.
An extremely engaging book, full of adventure, passion, intrigue and emotion.
Engages the reader evey step of the way.
It traces the early life of Gunievere , who would be Arthur s bride, from her birth to the king and young queen of the Kingdom of Northgallis, where a witch predicts the night of her birth that she would live to be the greatest lady in Britain, but also that she would betray her king and herself be betrayed.
What is unique about this retelling of the Arthurian legend is the deep emotional and pyschological depth of her subjects.
It is the best Arthurian retelling I have read.
Growing up in north Wales, to be a great and engaging beauty , together with her cousin Elaine, her life is turned upside down when she is chosen as the bride of the High King of Britain, Arthur.
Guinevere s love for the King s most trusted knight, Lancelot causes her great pain Her cousin and childhood friend Elaine, turns into a deadly rival, who out of jealousy because it was Guinevere who became Arthur s bride, will do anything to hurt Guinevere.
Included in this saga are others in Arthurian legend such as the King s adopted brother Kay, Arthur s half sisters Morgause and Morgan , the battles with the invading Saxons , and the various kingdoms in Britain in the time.
We read of Guinevere s abduction by the thuggish minor king Mwelas and her rescue by Lancelot McKenzie did her research well, while introducing an exciting take on the world of Arthur and Camelot.
Nancy McKenzie makes for relaxed reading while bringing alive the true magic, colour and drama of Arthurian legend, and exploring the hearts and passions of Arthur s beautiful and captivating Queen Guinevere who captures the hearts of so many men at Camelot.
In the second of two magnificent novels, Guinvere, unable to conceive agrees to raise Arthur s son Mordred born from a cursed encounter with Arthur s sister the evil sorceress Morgause.
As she raises Mordred to love him like son, he will eventually be the seed of her destruction Meanwhile she struggles with her agonizing love for Lancelot as McKenzie creates high drama and narrative from this ill fated love.
And of course the shadow of the great and terrifying Merlin always hovers over all.
The total effect creates a compelling and spellbinding epic which serves as an imposing example of the author s enthusiasm for her subject On The Night Of Guinevere S Birth, A Wise Woman Declares A Prophecy Of Doom For The Child She Will Be Gwenhwyfar, The White Shadow, Destined To Betray Her King, And Be Herself Betrayed Years Pass, And Guinevere Becomes A Great Beauty, Riding Free Across Northern Wales On Her Beloved Horse She Is Entranced By The Tales Of The Valorous Arthur, A Courageous Warrior Who Seems To Guinevere No Mere Man, But A Legend Then She Finds Herself Betrothed To That Same Famous King, A Hero Who Commands Her Willing Devotion Just As His Knights And All His Subjects, She Falls Under Arthur S Spell At The Side Of King Arthur, Guinevere Reigns Strong And True Yet She Soon Learns How The Dark Prophecy Will Reveal Itself She Is Unable To Conceive Arthur S Only True Heir Is Mordred, Offspring Of A Cursed Encounter With The Witch Morgause Now Guinevere Must Make A Fateful Choice She Decides To Raise Mordred, Teaching Him To Be A Ruler And To Honor Camelot She Will Love Him Like A Mother Mordred Will Be Her Greatest Joy And The Key To Her Ultimate Downfall Return To A Time Of Legend The Days Of Guinevere And Arthur And The Glory That Was To Become Camelot Aaaaa I screamed, and swooned.
yep, that pretty much sums it up WAAAAAAAY too many a s in this book overall.
I m a sucker for a sympathetic Mordred, as anyone who knows me knows, and that is surely what kept me going through this 867 page tome, which incidentally I can t believe I didn t read when it was first published although I suppose, in my defense, I have never been a fan of Guinevere I just felt like it was written by a ten year old The Aaaaah writing style is typical of my 6th grader and everyone in her class A very persistent and hugely ambitious ten year old, but the style distracts from the historical accuracy I had one highly entertained moment when the druid Kevin started spouting prophecy and I mistakenly thought he was addressing Guinevere thuslyMy lady Queen the Great Goddess has blessed you with child At the spring equinox you will be safely delivered of twin children, one male and one female The son you bear will add his light to the greater glory of Britain, and your daughter shall be beloved of the finest warrior in the realmunfortunately he was talking to someone else after all, dammit, and the kids never turned up anyway.
I picked up this book because I wanted to read a story with a sympathetic and well developed Guinevere, as opposed to the evil temptress who destroys Arthur s kingdom Unfortunately, I found Nancy McKenzie s Guinevere to be lacking.
In the beginning of the story, Guinevere is an astute young child full of questions regarding religion, faith, and God Throughout the novel, Guinevere oscillates between the inquisitive woman with a keen understanding of the world around her, and a helpless person who cries faints when something is in the slightest bit distressing In fact, she even says something about being helpless because she s a woman on multiple occasions only to have Arthur reassure that she is unlike other women, and therefore, worthwhile which is incredibly problematic for many reasons Additionally, ALL of the other women in this book are less developed than Guinevere, and are either witches in the case of Morgause who seems to have no reason behind her schemes other than just wanting to cause her brother heartache or plotting for their own self interests in the case of her aunt Alyse and cousin Elaine or are just background characters Niniane, the high priestess of Avalon, is the only other woman who seems to want Arthur to succeed, but she is nothingthan an enigmatic character who bringsdistress for Guinevere with her prophecies The end also seems a bit forced happens all too quickly, and Mordred s destruction of Arthur seems to be one huge misunderstanding that seems highly illogical and out of character for both Arthur and Mordred Plus, the end has a bit of a plot hole From the Prologue, it seems as though Guinevere receives the first account of Arthur s death from Lancelot At the end of the book, she receives a full account of what happened on the battlefield from another soldier.
Edit 4 10 2014 In my first review of this book in 2011, I noted that they left out the epilogue that appears in the The High Queen However, upon reading this book again this year love it so much , I realized that what they did with the epilogue that seemed to be missing was they turned it into a prologue when they put The Child Queen and The High Queen together into this set So, I was wrong that it wasn t included at all I must have somehow skipped the prologue the first time I read this as a set , it s just that in the The High Queen it is an epilogue rather than a prologue as it is in Queen of Camelot Honestly, I am not sure why they did this because I don t WANT to know the outcome before reading this book, so I would recommend skipping the prologue of Queen of Camelot and instead reading it as an epilogue once you have finished the book, as was originally intended when the books were first published Also, note that I have put it up to five stars since the information wasn t missing, it was just in a different area Below is my original review I have essentially already reviewed this book in my reviews for The Child Queen The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur and High Queen, giving them both five stars They are two of my favorite books from childhood.
However, I felt compelled after reading this compilation to note that they left the epilogue that appears in the original printed version of High Queen out of this compilation.
As I finished the Kindle version of Queen of Camelot, something nagged at me I could have sworn I rememberedto the story Indeed, I checked my beloved printed copy of High Queen, and there was a dozen page epilogue that they left out I have no idea why they would do this, because it rounds out the story and closes several loops I bought the printed version of this compilation and it arrived today and the epilogue is also missing from the printed version.
Thus, I had to give this version of the book only four stars because, I m sorry, the ending is nothing without the epilogue, which they thoughtlessly left out If you can, find a copy of the original version of High Queen in order to read the epilogue.
A great retelling of the Arthurian Saga Wonderful book The Arthur legends as told from the viewpoint of Guinevere, a beautiful, strong, courageous woman and her heartbreaking love of two men Lancelot and Arthur We see Guinevere grow from a young girl to the most beautiful woman in England An exciting tale and the love she bears for both Lancelot and Arthur and the love they both return to her made for an engrossing book.
Don t pick this one up in the middle of the night thinking you ll read a couple of chapters and be able to go back to sleep This book cost me a few hours of sleep, but was well worth it Highly recommended.
Having read reviews of this book, and always interested in a tale of Camelot told from Guinevere s perspective, I looked forward to reading this I am quite disappointed in the result First, although I love Mary Stewart s Arthurian cycle, McKenzie s reliance on Stewart went well beyond inspiration Not only does she track most of Stewart s plot developments, but, at particular moments, she either closely paraphrases or plagiarizes Stewart s description of certain events.
Second, McKenzie s Guinevere is a Mary Sue Everyone who is virtuous, noble, good hearted, and kind worships her Men fall in love with her at first sight and never feel disappointed disenchanted less interested upon greater acquaintance Only the villains dislike her, and they are always motivated by jealousy, either of her beauty or her influence with the King or the respect she receives from everyone who isn t a villain People who aren t villains but not initially impressed with her are always won over by her intelligence, good sense, wisdom, generosity, etc.
, etc Her flaws are that 1 she can t understand why Arthur loves her so when she cannot bear him children, 2 she has a hard time reconciling herself to her childlessness although, ultimately, McKenzie makes that a virtue because it means Arthur doesn t have to share his glory with a child , 3 and she sometimes briefly struggles with jealousy with regard to Lancelot s relationship with Elaine The first two flaws just emphasize how hard she is on herself when she s so generous with others, and the last failing is supposed to make the reader feel sympathetic to her, and then immediately admire her when she always quickly realizes that she s being unfair She is also the most visionary character in the book, seeing a nation where Saxons become British citizens, when everyone else can t imagine such a thing.
Third, the love triangle is very hard to believe in this book Lancelot and Guinevere love each other passionately and devotedly at first sight, and the intensity of that relationship never changes They don t feel an attraction that grows into love it s just there, from the start, entire and complete And, even though it is all consuming, Guinevere goes through with a marriage that she does not want, and which both acknowledge she could escape from Her decision ends up feeling selfish and foolish a deliberate martyrdom that sacrifices the happiness of four people , rather than forced by circumstance Then, of course, she ends up falling in love with Arthur, who is passionately devoted to her But he s okay with her not only loving Lancelot, too, but actually engaging in public displays of affection I lost count of the number of times she and Lancelot hold hands or kiss before others, or she tells people that she loves Lancelot but it s okay because they won t betray the king This is 5th C Britain, not 21st C New York City It s simply incredible to believe that such behavior would not cause a scandal that would force Arthur to put her aside.
In The Once and Future King, T.
H White says that its hard to describe Guinevere because she is a real person And White s Guinevere has real flaws flaws that make her at times unlikeable But she also has real strengths courage, determination, humor McKenzie s Guinevere isn t a real person, and that flaw is fatal for this novel.

Magical vag strikes again.
5 stars Fion Lancelot Arthur Mordred Spin the wheel of fortune, and hope you pick the right man I probably would have taken Fion right off the bat and would have never gotten a chance to meet the others because I thought he was pretty awesome The very first guy who takes an interest is a hot, nice, witty guy with an accent, who is also a king Sold Story over.
Actually, since Gwen didn t sleep with all of the men, she must have a magical aura instead Spoilers ahead Yes, I mean it This time, I m not going spoiler free I notice that I tend to want to post spoilers when something is bothering me and I need to write it down for my own sanity, hah Please don t read on if you don t want the book spoiled Queen of Camelot would have been a solid 4 but there s one thing I can t get over WTF was up with that foreshadowing prologue The way it tied in with the enduhyeah Gwen had a few moments which made me scratch my head The reasoning of hers that it was okay to kiss Lancelot on the lips as long as Arthur was around hurt my brain And don t get me started on the we re almost about to die scene where she missed a big opportunity For the sake of the reader, that loyalty should have been put on the back burner when good ole Lance and Gwen were convinced that they d never live to see Arthur I wanted the famous scandal WHERE WAS THE SCANDAL Lancelot had a few moments of his own He started off so swoon worthy, then the hardcore loyalty sort of fried his brain Did I detect a few moments of simpering I think I might have MAKE ME SWOON, PUPPET ArthurI don t even know what to say His faith in Gwen was admirable, if a little stupid But I kid, sort of My men complaints are so minimal I felt Lancelot s loyalty, admired Arthur s justice, and yearned alongside Gwen as she longed for both men who were equally brilliant in their own way Do I believe that Arthur was Gwen s soul mate in the end NO I believe that she loved and admired him I believe that she felt him worthy of her undying devotion However, I had a hard time believing that she shifted all of her focus from Lancelot to Arthur at the end Why Because Arthur died So she can t love Lancelot in close proximity now, even though THEY FLAUNTED IT IN FRONT OF ARTHUR FOR ALL OF THOSE YEARS You d almost think with my capslock ranting that I disliked the book, right The writing was beautiful The emotions were powerful The story had me by the throat I honestly loved the bookup until the end sort of pissed me off.
I didn t expect a super happy ending But the self sacrificing seemed pointless when there came a time that it wasn t necessary any That said, for any story to have me wanting to discuss and hope and speculate like this one did, I do consider it to be a success There were so many powerful and emotional quotes that I would have liked to have included, but then I would have been here all night copying them So, no It s not happening Oh, and mothereffing Mordred Not that any of his behavior was unexpected But still.
I m honestly glad I read the book, and hope to read Galahad s Lancelot s son story in the near future Thanks Leea for the buddy read discussion thread phone question answer session good god, this book is awful arthur is PERFECT lancelot is PERFECT and above all, guinevere is PERFECT beautiful, honorable, humble, and most importantly, not like those other women god, if i had a nickel for every time someone in this book compliments her for not being like those horrible other women, i d be a koch brother i spent the whole time waiting for someone to have an emotion that was human in any way or an actual flaw that would make these characters even a bit believable i don t count being in love with someone i m not supposed to be in love with as a flaw, because it basically seemed like an opportunity for the characters to be incredibly noble and self denying any time it looked like someone might have ed up oh, no, lancelot didn t actually rape anyone no, guinevere wasn t actually unfaithful no, mordred MORDRED, for god s sake was actually a good guy i tried reading it as guinevere, the unreliable and self justifying narrator but i think that might have been giving the author a little too much credit.