Trailer Á Hattie Big Sky PDF by À Kirby Larson My only regret Why didn t I read this sooner I can t wait to share Hattie with kids.
I was just a few pages into the book when I read a line that made me smile Left me without a doubt that this was a special this book, and Ms Larson s writing was special, too After a very rough start under the big sky of Vida, Montana, Hattie Inez Brooks sat down to the first meal in her new home A meal provided by her new neighbor, Perilee Mueller The stew tasted of sage and carrots and hope That line made me pause made me think If only we could all grab hope from the simple pleasures and kind gestures of life.
The book is based on Kirby Larson s great grandmother s attempt to make a go of the homestead her Uncle left her in his will From Hattie s struggles with the bitter winter, the stifling, bug infested summers, and the anti German sentiment that threatened her best friend, Perilee Mueller and her husband, Karl, we are there with every beautifully written word If Hattie had known in advance the hardship of that year in Montana, would she have abandoned her dream I choose to believe she would ve stuck it out The Hattie I came to know would never have given up without a fight Hattie Big Sky comes highly recommended by this reader for all age groups.
Hattie s character was an all around joy to meet Though her story ended differently than I thought it would, and, wow, are there some sad happenings in the story, overall it felt realistic I appreciated that the author included the real life inspiration for the story, and I will definitely track down the sequel probably after I m finished with this young adult class the genre is wearing on me as a whole give me a grown up book, haha If I have any gripe it s that there were a few times that I wished Hattie would speak up for herself However, being that she s a young girl in the early 1900s, the way she handled things is probably realistic it s just my modern day woman point of view sneaking in there The descriptions of Montana are beautiful, and Hattie s personality truly shines The secondary characters are varied and wonderful as well Lest tears come to my eyes, we will avoid talking about the children of the novel, because my heart just can t take it.
Young adult Beth would have loved this, and than likely, would have read this multiple times And I know this is silly, but I hope she ends up with Charlie in book two But good on her for paving her way without a man

The novel reads young middle grade , but, still, it was a great pleasure to read this sweet, simple story of a 16 year old girl homesteading on Montana prairie during WWI Hattie works hard, helps her friends, perseveres against many adversities Willa Cather for kids.
A well researched look into claimstaking land This is based on the author s grandmother s experience as a teenager, staking her own claim and farming the land by herself, and I can t even begin to say how impressed I am by all this Also, I always thought of settling the west as being a pre 1900 s thing, and this takes place at the end of the First World War Fascinating read, with great characters.
Hattie is a sixteen year old girl who has been shuttled from relative to relative for most of her life after the death of her parents When her uncle leaves her his homestead claim in Montana, she decides to make a go of it Instead of being Hattie Here and There she wants to be Hattie Homesteader In order to keep the place, she must prove the claim with enough fencing and farming to satisfy government specifications.
What a great story I loved Hattie and her amazing spirit and determination Kirby Larson has written an amazing book I feel like I lived in that claim shack with Hattie facing the hardships and experiencing the friendships and joys right along with her THIS is the book that should have won the Newbery medal instead of The Higher Power of Lucky Hattie Big Sky is now one of my top historical fiction favorites right up there with the Little House books and Sarah, Plain and Tall.
4 starsMontana always hooks me in While I much prefer the western, mountainous side of the state, learning about the eastern side filled with prairies and big sky is amazing too Hattie features the eastern side of Montana, and the atmosphere definitely came alive for me I felt like I was back in this beautiful land, right alongside the teen lead.
The emotion of this story had me laughing, weeping, irritated, and joyful I love books that get all the feelings stirred up The twists kept coming, and they had me guessing wrong most of the time I appreciated the surprises, both good and bad.
This was my first experience reading something by Kirby Larson I enjoyed most of it, so I m sure I ll be reading another very soon The narrator added to the emotional atmosphere, as she was wonderful with the voices and inflections and everything She brought an extra depth that kept me hooked throughout.
Overall, a great story, but there were bits of profanity here and there, as well as replacement expletives and tobacco usage.
Amazing E Book, Hattie Big Sky Author Kirby Larson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Hattie Big Sky, Essay By Kirby Larson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Teenagers are perfect protagonists for historical novels Two historical novels for adults that really impressed me recently, The Children s Book and Wolf Hall, feature adolescents as central characters The rite of passage from child to adult is universal And as Hattie shows in Kirby Larson s touching story, young adults ability to bridge the divide between world of the kids and the world of the grown ups allows the reader to enter both The time is 1918, just after America s entry into the Great War Hattie is a sixteen year old orphan who finds a way to escape her stodgy, straight laced and reluctant caretaker, Aunt Ivy When her long unseen uncle dies and wills her his Montana homestead claim, Hattie jumps at the chance to get out of Arlington, Iowa To own the land, she must find the wherewithal to prove up the claim in ten months.
That s enough for an interesting tale, but Larson adds a subplot that spices things up considerably It was a time when patriotism sometime became an excuse for bigotry to exercise power German Americans were treated shabbily, in Hattie Big Sky to the point of persecution It s to Larson s credit that she doesn t present the issue in black and white Indeed, Hattie, who forms close bonds with a German farmer and his family, is attracted to the dashing young Traft Martin, land baron and leader of the County Council of Defense It would be easy to paint Traft as a coward for avoiding the draft and a hate filled monomaniac for harrassing German Americans, but he s complicated than that In fact, I found him the most fascinating character in the novel next to Hattie, and spent some time visualizing who might play this equivocal villain in the movie.
The book is peopled with quite a cast, and offers a nice window into the time of Woodrow Wilson and the Spanish Flu pandemic, as seen from the wide open spaces of the Montana prairie.
I was doing the good reader thing, plugging along and enjoying the story The setting of a Montana blizzard was quite appropriate at the time The book had me going.
Then I did the naughty reader thing My curiosity got the better of me, and I skipped and skimmed my way to the ending to find out what happened Having done that, I lost interest in reading the rest of the book.
I do that sometimes.
I see this as a worthy book themes of struggle against the elements, youth taking on responsibility, independence and reliance on others, were well considered Life during World War I and the consequent discrimination against Germans were important and timely topics The fact that it was set during the war makes me want to read The Hearts of Horses all the In a way, I am sorry that I spoiled the book for myself.
All in all, I appreciate this tale of a young woman facing up to life But my favorite young adult historical fiction novel remains The Witch of Blackbird Pond.