ô Read ô Eating Apes (California Studies in Food and Culture) by Dale Peterson ê Eating Apes Is An Eloquent Book About A Disturbing Secret The Looming Extinction Of Humanity S Closest Relatives, The African Great Apes Chimpanzees, Bonobos, And Gorillas Dale Peterson S Impassioned Expos Details How, With The Unprecedented Opening Of African Forests By European And Asian Logging Companies, The Traditional Consumption Of Wild Animal Meat In Central Africa Has Suddenly Exploded In Scope And Impact, Moving From What Was Recently A Subsistence Activity To An Enormous And Completely Unsustainable Commercial Enterprise Although The Three African Great Apes Account For Only About One Percent Of The Commercial Bush Meat Trade, Today S Rate Of Slaughter Could Bring About Their Extinction In The Next Few Decades Supported By Compelling Color Photographs By Award Winning Photographer Karl Ammann, Eating Apes Documents The When, Where, How, And Why Of This Rapidly Accelerating Disaster Eating Apes Persuasively Argues That The American Conservation Media Have Failed To Report The Ongoing Collapse Of The Ape Population In Bringing The Facts Of This Crisis And These Impending Extinctions Into A Single, Accessible Book, Peterson Takes Us One Step Closer To Averting One Of The Most Disturbing Threats To Our Closest Relatives This book was so enlightening, yet disturbing.
I have tremendously enjoyed this book and its format which turned an unpalatable topic into fascinating reading, and covered the sociological, environmental, human, moral and public health angles of the bushmeat crisis, its link with the logging industry and how conservation strategies are failing.
Great insight on the bushmeat trade, all the factors that come into play, and what needs to be done to help Not for the faint of heart as there are some pics and details on how apes are killed for meat.
I urge everyone to read this book.
Think you ve read some grim books Not until you ve read this one you haven t Here we learn the definition of humanity predator Here is crossroads where meat hunger, corruption, industrial logging and high tech industry collide We have met the enemy and he is ALL of us.