ñ 911 ✓ Download by ✓ Chris Owen Er no This starts as a simple enjoyable story, I like the two getting together and it felt complete at that Then BAM they want to be a threesome huh because it makes sense with them both being shift workers apparently.
Feels like a short story was extended to make this a threesome story and of a length that could be published, really disjointed Characters change midpoint There s plenty of sex, family members visit but seem inconsistant and theres no personal life except one makes breakfast once so you never see them working together or as real people its the fetishism of their jobs Cop EMT Fireman and sex Then suddenly theres a drug problem and rehab and its all solved offscreen so why even bother.
A fireman, a doctor and an Emt walk into a bar Actually they don t but they do make up three great characters in a really enjoyable m nage story Drew, Scott and Eric are three very endearing guys and if you like a good threesome then I can t really see you not liking their journey together I think what I enjoyed the most was that this isn t one of those books were they all meet and within minutes are jumping into bed together doing naughty things, we actually see friendships start first and romance, naughty things and ultimately love follow between the trio later, in fact Eric doesn t appear in the story till about 37% of the book has passed and the other two have become a well established and committed couple I suppose there is a moment or two when you might just query drew and Scott s reasoning but its so engaging that to be honest I just went with the flow of the story and didn t look too far into it to start picking those kinds of holes If the thoughts entered my mind they were fleeting When its just Drew and Scott together the love scenes are hot but when Eric arrives and the m nage really takes off, it becomes Hot, Hot, Hot and extremely toe tingling but still very sensual and loving There s a lot of sex but I suppose three young gorgeous hunky horny guys in love, who have it on tap aren t going to just sit around discussing whose turn it is to clean the bathroom or put the trash out If you know what I mean If I m reading m nage I expectsex than usual and if its written well then I ve no problems with it and Chris Owens does a great job creating some sizzling chemistry that shows when the guys are doing their thing fans self There s some conflict and angst to deal with.
M nage s always come with their fair share and this one is no exception but thankfully I felt it never got bogged down by it So wrapping it up, I m feeling the love and very happily adding it to my favourites list for keeps Nice Drew Is A Fireman Who Loves The Rush Of His Job, And Is Looking For A Roommate To Share Costs Scott Is A Doctor Looking For Somewhere To Live That Doesn T Leave Him Rooming With His Now Ex Lover The Match Seems Than Perfect When Scott Moves In With Drew It S Than Just Costs That They Share They Find It Hard To Resist Getting To Know Each Other In The Most Intimate Way, And Soon Things Are Heating Up Enough To Make Even Drew Wonder If They Can Handle The FireSo What Happens When Along Comes EMT Eric With His Blond Good Looks And Boyish Smile He Seems Like The Perfect Match For Drew And Scott, But Just Eric Moving In Is Not All They Have To Deal With Between Family Strife And Physical Injuries, The Three Of Them Have To Face Problems That Could Tear Them Apart, And Ruin Than Just Their Life Together, Including Their Careers And Their Health Will This Twosome Be Able To Become A Threesome Or Does It Spell Disaster For AllIs Full Of Everything You D Expect From This Author Strongly Drawn Characters, Vulnerable Sometimes, But Never Weak, Sizzling Hot Sex And Fascinating Exploration Of An Unconventional, Deeply Loving Relationship Re read July 2018Sex So much sex It was still good though Did I mention the sex 3.
5 starsYes, there is such a thing as too much sex I m quite surprised they could still get it up.
Still, the overall fluffy feeling of this book kept me entertained Except when I started to skip the many many sex scenes that is.
The first 40% consisted of Drew and Scott getting together That went on for a bit too long, we were witness for the first 2 years of their relationship.
Things got better when Eric was introduced I really liked how these two became three Not because something was missing in the relationship between Drew and Scott, but simply because they both fell in love with Eric There is no angst, no jealousy, Everything worked out fine between these guys and I loved that Drew and Scott talk about their feelings before anything happens with Eric.
Drew and Scott started out as roommates and after being a couple for 2 years, Eric moved in too, just as a roommate at first.
I also really liked how Drew was a firefighter, Scott was a doctor and Eric an EMT, so they all understood their busy schedules.
Yes, I liked this one view spoiler hide spoiler More like 3.
5 but I just can t round up to 4.
I liked the story, the angst and the characters Eric was just too cute adorable He fit in with Drew Scott perfectly They all had great chemistry with each other and the problems they faced were very real.
I didn t like the authors writing style I felt this way in another one of her books as well The author is telling me telling me what s going on Show me If they love each other so much it doesn t need to be stated every page It should show through their interactions with each other But I can feel this turning into a rant, so I m stopping here.
5 stars This book has some of the most appealing MC s you re going to find, hot sex scenes, emotional moments and a HEA conclusion for three great men I had a slight problem believing that Drew and Scott would actually invite Eric to live with them They did that before having decided to include him in their relationship They weren t even sure he was gay, and it was going to mean going from a private world where sex and loving touches were frequent and uninhibited to having sex only in the bedroom and silently and not even sharing kisses over the breakfast table Their relationship seemed too solid to really make them urgently in need of a third for balance, to where it would be worth inviting him just on the chance it would work out I believe M M Mwhen the initial two characters have a flawed relationship that the third man can fix So the premise taking them from two to three seemed weak.
Once over that hurdle, everything else in this book worked for me, and it s become a favorite reread when I want a fix of the loving relationships and the comfort offered and accepted.
Let me quote Public Enemy and say that 911 is a joke I wanted to read this book because I d never read a m m m menage before I d never read anything by Chris Owen either Well this book sucked and sucked big time, imho First off, I did not like the dialogue The main characters kept saying want you Who talks like that Why not I want you With three main characters it got difficult to read the dialogue They also just said love you too much I never felt like the characters were in love.
The guys never once went anywhere except to work, home, and the poker games at their friends houses They never went out to dinner, never went to the movies, etc The book was just a bunch of sex scenes that weren t even hot.
I drudged through this book I was so glad when it ended It s a bad sign when I skip over sex scenes.

I liked that it started out slow, and it started out between Drew and Scott I wasn t sure about Eric at first, but I ended up really liking him a lot, I thought the three of them worked well together, and that was probably my only real problem with the book, except for the big issue Drew faced after the accident, these guys didn t have any problems I mean three adult men, all working shifts and having stressful jobs, there wasn t one disagreement or things to resolve in day to day life I know it s a romance and make believe, but it still left me feeling like something was missing.
Except for the parents, and I counted themas an outside issue, and not something in their control, I guess I just wanted to hear about someone not doing the laundry or shopping or leaving the toilet seat down LOL and what ever happened to Poker Night But it was a nice story with lots of love and it was a good addition to my developing m nage addiction.
More than I bargained for.
Seriously, it wasn t hard to imagine going into this book that I was looking forward to some steamy menage, but what came up and surprised me is how much of a love story got packed in between the sex Trust me, there s a lot of sex, but then there s emotions expressed through actions Strong feelings of devotion, caring, and fighting to make a stronger relationship between these guys What was very cleverly done is how two become three, and how this was never just a menage and truly polyamory How Drew and Scott talked and discussed what they wanted as a couple before they went to woo Eric How adult their problems, schedules and worries were How external stresses stretched and pulled at the integrity of their relationship How tragedy nearly stole something preciousAnd how they stole it back.
I thought I was getting undiluted MMM action between three hot guys a doctor, a fireman, and an EMT what I really got was a beautiful love story with hot sex.
This book made me hug and molest TWO of my pillows.
I loved it The beginning and middle parts were the best That s when Drew and Scott met and when they met Eric and all cum come together This has the right amount of romance, angst and sex compared to the other Chris Owen books I ve read so far I loved the flow of the story, I loved that we get to see Drew Scott s journey first instead of meeting them as an established couple And after Eric admitted he wanted them, they were all over each other I expected a lot of hot sex from this book and oh boy, I got it Drew Scott were already hot together and then they SIZZLED when Eric came in.
I loved that I went into reading this blind I loved the anticipation I felt when I was waiting for their third In the end, I wanted my own three way relationship XDI think if you want to introduce yourself to Gay Menages, this one is a GREAT STARTER for it Really great RECOMMENDED 4.