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❮Read❯ ➲ ミレイの囚人 Author Takao Tsuchiya – 推理作家江葉章二,被大學時代的家教學生白河米樂給監禁了。他的腳上還被鎖上重重的鎖鍊。在他被監禁的時候,一個新人作家被殺,現場留下了謎推理作家江葉章二,被大學時代的家教學生白河米樂給監禁了。他的腳上還被鎖上重重的鎖鍊。.


ミレイの囚人 download ミレイの囚人 Epub在他被監禁的時候,一個新人作家被殺,現場留下了謎團。殺人犯到底是誰?江葉會發生什麼事.

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  1. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    Paperback ó ミレイの囚人 eBook µ ミレイの囚人 download, ミレイの囚人 Epub Mirei's Prisoner a 1999 novel by Takao Tsuchiya offers us chilling murder mystery and worthy imprisonment dramas which can keep us entertained The story starts when a successful detective novelist met his former pupil a pretty young woman called Mirei by chance or so he thought The two went back to Mirei's family mansion for tea but soon things went out of hand the novelist found himself being chained by the ankle in a windowless study Now he was taken prisoner by Mirei the young woman wasn't quite in her right mind and nothing could convince her the novelist wasn'thadn't been her stepmother's lover and the two hadn't plotted together to kill her fatherMeanwhile Mirei's estranged stepmother was dealing with issues of her own for her friend had just offered her by chance information about a certain man from her stepdaughter's pastMr Tsuchiya has interesting setup fo

  2. Jenny Teo Jenny Teo says:

    Paperback ó ミレイの囚人 eBook µ ミレイの囚人 download, ミレイの囚人 Epub所有嫌犯,包括精神異常的千金和推理作家,都有近完美的不在場證明,動機則是被過去層層隱瞞的報復。又一起因少年法的漏洞所引起的悲劇。

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